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lolaloveslaya:  My Mother-In-Law said to my Darling Husband: “I wish you could have giver her a bigger diamond because I know as a woman how you like to show off your ring. The reason most people wait [to get engaged] is they save up for a big diamond so they have it for the rest of their lives together.”


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thessely:  I think I have also mastered this look. I have 4 teenagers & When I give it,  things get done! Lol!  

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Depending on the person and situation, I have no issue discussing my rings, what they are or how much they cost, ’cause *eh”, whatever.

I have suggested to friends in the past who don’t care to discuss what their rings cost that when asked, simply say “Cost me saying yes to spending the rest of my life with him.”

Oh, and the next time someone makes a comment about your ring “looking fake”, go ‘” I know, RIGHT?! He did such a great job picking out an amazing stone!”  


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OP my tolerance for rudeness is pretty low. If they’re bold enough to say it to your face they need to be bold enough to suffer the consequences of what comes out of your mouth as a reaction. #1 I would’ve responded with “It’s just as real as the borrowed money your hubby used to buy yours” #2 “you wish, but let me know when your CZ arrives” and I would’ve walked off. But that’s just me. I give people exactly what they give me. You give me attitude you get one back. You give me rudeness I give you rudeness back! Btw I don’t have a problem with CZs but the manner in which it was used toward you was in a negative way. So I’d use it negatively as well. I’ve learned that when you let people slide with rude comments they usually keep making them. Especially if it’s someone you have to see regularly.

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picassokindoflove:  I actually love cz jewelry because I’m not afraid of getting robbed or losing it. And when people comment about my ring or ask if it’s fake I go on a rant “OK-OK- Hell yes it’s fake! You think I want a BLOOD DIAMOND on my finger?! You think violent abuse and exploitation of impoverished Africans actually symbolizes the pure love my fiancee has for me?! Oh yeah! I can look at it everyday on my finger ‘Thank God for killing 10 innocent people so I can have this sparkly rock! So worth it!!……….are you happy now? I believe in love not materialism. Conversation over.”

In your case I think you can rant the same thing just to shut them up, they won’t bring it up again because you made them feel bad and awkward lol. And nobody will ever try to steal it b/c they’ll think it’s fake- and when/if they later look at it investigating how “fake” it is you can just giggle at how stupid they are.

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picassokindoflove:  My comeback *I can lend you my ring so you can punch yourself in the mouth as way of testing. If it is CZ, then your teeth will remain intact.”

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I had a coworker say to me ‘but the diamond isn’t big?’ with like a question at the end. I’ve also gotten a couple of ‘ohh, it’s so … different!!’ comments. People suck. 

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My go-to for any blatant rudeness is just: “Okay,” in a bored tone. For people who are habitually rude, I’ll either say, “That’s quite a thing to say,” in a neutral tone, or ask with genuine curiosity: “What did you hope to accomplish by saying that?” I don’t like people to think they’ve gotten to me at all, even if I’m secretly steaming. 

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picassokindoflove:  Man that’s rude! People can be so judgemental over what is essentially none of theyre business and something that doesn’t even affect them.

I live in the UK where most have smaller stones and they are traditional with a lot of plain bands and round cuts. I have gotten a couple of rude comments on my ring: ‘omg! That is over the top!’ And ‘oh… It’s a heart shape… How tacky, couldn’t your fiancé afford a real diamond?’. Ha, dream on, mines beautifully cut and harder to find than your cheap knock off.

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Oh how rude!

I get a lot of comments about the fact that my ring is “only” white gold and the fact that he got it from a High Street Jewellers rather than The Jewellery Quarter about half an hour away.

First off – while I would have maybe preferred platinum, it’s hella expensive. I told him I was cool with 18K White Gold because it’s mixed with palladium so it’s still rather tough thank you very much.

Secondly – if there’s a problem with my ring, I can just pop into ANY branch of that jewellers and sort it. Big thumbs up from me!

Thirdly – It’s 1ct of diamonds spread across 3 large stones and 6 tiny ones. It looks incredibly fancy and he got it in the half price sale. No way would he have afforded it otherwise and it’s a heavier carat weight than most of my family members’ rings! (My big sis is the exception – hers is a Tiffany 1ct solitaire) 

Therefore… everyone is just jealous that I have a bitching engagement ring IMO 😛

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picassokindoflove:  people bitch about all most everything.so as long as you love it who cares. 

If your comments are from a ring less person. Then happily and sweetly ” aww but hunny whatever its made from, at least I have a ring on my finger ” 

Or aaww thanks for asking about it I love it, but errmm I didn’t know you were seeing anyone or at the proposal stage??? Then walk off


If there married be like 

Whatever my ring love that colour of ring envy doesn’t suit your complexion

Oohhh wow the green shade of jealousy really doesn’t work well with that lipstick colour hunny and walk away 


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Hahah, god, I can’t believe there are so much of these comments that it’s enough for several threads like this! It’s almost amusing reading about how many of these “my-mission-is-to-suck-the-happiness-out-of-people”-persons there is out there. I almost feel more bad about the ones making these comments than the lucky newly engaged ones that recieve them, the firsts must be really miserable with themselves.

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People only make rude comments because there jealous that they don’t have it.  Don’t let them make you feel bad.  Flaunt that ring!!

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PLEASE don’t demean yourself and your Fiance by searching for a “snappy comeback”. 

Your beat response is no response at all.

Never expect anything from a pig but a grunt.

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