(Closed) Rude Ring Comments…What Have People Said to You?

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I’m always really shocked by these threads.  I’ve never encourtered such rude comments.  I really don’t know how I would respond if someone was to saying something along those lines to me.

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j9marie :  Likewise… where do these people come from?  If anyone is making fun of my ring, I don’t know a thing about it.  And, 
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freckledfrida :  it’s a silver 3-stone with an aquamarine center and much, much smaller than is standard around the U.S.  Oh well, fun to read about as long as it’s not happening to me.  Some of these people really have nerve!

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I quite like the pale blue it is very pretty with the  halo I love halos ..  My ring has a halo ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t get the hate with colored diamonds… Like hello .. Anyway it is your ring you love it end of story ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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lediskogirl :  haha I’ve had the same thing actually! I had a friend once say “it’s pretty but I wouldn’t want a ring like yours – it’s too blingy”. I actually asked “so do you want me to tell your boyfriend that for you? I don’t understand” 

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My now – fiancé owned a store that sometimes had diamonds in inventory, so he knew a great deal (way more than me!!!) about them. My male coworker (who is a horrible human) said when I got engaged that ‘obviously your boyfriend spent too much time on your ring based on how nice it is- what a waste of time. I just bought the first one I saw, it’s really NOT that important’ in a super snotty tone.

Like he couldn’t find anything rude to say about my ring other than that he thought it was too nice and my fiancé wasted his life on it…. Oy. I’ve always felt bad for his fiancée for his many comments like this! Haha

yes, fiancé did did spend a lot of time picking out the diamonds- but there a only 3! Haha

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OP, your ring is super pretty!

I’ve had a lot of less than nice comments about my ring because I worked in customer service at a retail store, so my hands were always very visible. I had a lot of nice comments too, but the bad ones do stick in your head.

My ring is a diamond in a cushion halo, and I’ve had several people ask if it was real. The worst I had was when I was helping 2 older women. I was on the phone with our credit getting the customer’s card number for her. Her friend saw my ring and said, “Oh, look at her ring! It’s beautiful!” then the other woman looks at my ring and says, “Yes, it’s pretty, IF it’s real.” I’m not saying anything at this time since I’m on the phone, and the woman continues saying, “Nope, I don’t think it’s real. I bet anything it’s not real.” I’m basically holding in a rage at this point because I can’t believe how rude the woman is being. I get off the phone and the woman says to me, “That’s a pretty ring, is it real?” And I basically just give her a very straight faced, “Yes, it’s my engagement ring.” She then takes my hand and says, “Are you sure? I’m usually so good at telling. I guess my eyes aren’t working well today. Are you sure it’s real?”. I just didn’t answer at that point and was staring at her. Her friend was finally like, “Harriet, stop…”. It was so rude and awkward. Even if it wasn’t a diamond, that doesn’t make it any less real anyway.

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freckledfrida :  your ring is so gorgeous! I haven’t had any really bad comments but I have had my diamond described as “little” by two women with engagement rings under half a carat. They said “aww it’s a little diamond” when they saw it. My ring is two carats so I was bemused but didn’t take offence.

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I don’t have my ring yet (it is currently in production) but this thread makes me wonder how many comments I will get about my peachy morganite. It is larger than I originally pictured myself wearing (my promise ring that Fiance gave me when we were teenagers doesn’t even have a stone and is very dainty) but I fell completely in love with it. My morganite will probably fall into the “is it real?” category ๐Ÿ˜‚

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For the posters who keep getting told “I’d never want a ring like that” or “its too flashy”, obviously, those women feel insecure about their own ring. 

Smalltown, your ring is gorgeous. Give the small minded no attention.

For the OP, Your ring is absolutely gorgeous. I almost went aquamarine, but the neon pinks are just too delicious to me. 

There is definitely a theme of jealousy and bitchiness surrounding rings. A lot of loathing for gemstones that aren’t diamonds, rings that are either “too plain” or “too flashy”.  It’s all just materialistic jealousy nonsense. The fact that these people made it so far with so little tact, and haven’t been slapped back into reality, is beyond me. You’d think somebody at some point would’ve snapped, and they’d have learned not to be so snotty.

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Some of the annoying comments that I’ve encountered were as follows….

1) “If you don’t mind me asking, how much did he spend?” – I don’t know her that well. We were both bridesmaids for another friend’s wedding.

2) “How much did he spend again?” – I never told anyone the price to begin with. Don’t assume I told you in the past and will tell you again.

3) “My boyfriend and I were looking at stones and I like X size, and cost X amount for these specs. How much did he spend on yours?” – Just because you tell me what the specs and price of what you’re looking at, doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you. Why is there a need for people to know? So they can compare and tell other people they know?

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I think the weirdest thing I’ve heard was “It doesn’t look that expensive, are you sure it’s an engagement ring?” My ring is a garnet stone with two cat figurines surrounding it. My fiance and I have three cats and we love them and the ring is more perfect than I’ve ever imagined! People will always have weird shit to say!

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I don’t think aquamarine is unusual at all! It’s a beautiful stone, and one of my favorites!! I actually bought myself an aquamarine solitare after my divorce when I was going through a rough time emotionally as an engagement ring to myself, ’cause who really needs a man to buy themselves jewelry. ๐Ÿ˜›

I am going with Moissanite for my engagement ring to my current boyfriend and I am totally prepared for people to question whether it’s “real” or not. I have no issues telling people the truth, and honestly, I don’t care. Moissanite is a beautiful stone in and of itself and if anyone has anything negative to say, it just shows more about their character, jealousy, unhappiness, etc than it does about my ring. Why are women so mean to each other sometimes?

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I love Aquas! ย This isn’t my engagement ring but a ring my BF bought me to express his love. I had a girl at work blandly say “oh wow, that’s a honker” ย I wondered for a moment, “WTF does that mean?” but whatevs. Guess I like honkin’ rings! ย Lol.

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