(Closed) Rude Ring Comments…What Have People Said to You?

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Blushing bee
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ocienna :  Your engagement photographer had the cheek to say that! Outrageous!!!

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Buzzing bee
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Not sure this story belongs here but I’ll tell it anyway. I had a boyfriend when I was 19 who was in his 30s. He was way too old for me. I broke up with him but we continued to talk for a while afterwards. He met a girl and proposed after a week of dating her. He sent me pictures of a ridiculous massive diamond ring which cost tens of thousands. I simply said it was beautiful, and he said “yeah and it could have been yours”. I thought that was incredibly rude. To me and his fiancée, who married and then divorced him. 

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  • Wedding: May 2017

One of my fiance’s friends asked me how much he paid for my ring (right in front of him too). Luckily his girlfriend told him how rude it was to ask such a question!

Also a coworker once said “Wow, much bigger than I expected. CZ right? You two can’t afford a diamond that size!”

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“Your ring is on the small side, it’s not really a big ring.”

“Wow, your ring is blinding, you should give it back and have him get you an even bigger blinding ring.” 

….  WTF

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My rude ring comments actually came from professional jewelers. Which made it sting more….. I went in for a  prong tightening, and he starts shaking my ring pretty violently, and says “this is just a CZ”. One it’s not a CZ, but if it was….why does it matter!! By the way when I told him it was a diamond, he proceeded to tell me they had much better prices for diamonds and that I should have checked with him, that my Daussi custom setting was made incorrectly, and that it would be $80 for tightening a prong, which is a service many jelewers give for free.

then there is the lady who always insists I have a 1 carat diamond everytime I visit the store.  I correct her everytime….but “she doesn’t see it” as she says. And of course there is nothing wrong with the size of a one carat diamond, but my hubby paid for a two carats not one! Made me super insecure, like I had man hands.

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Helper bee

1judejude :  My e-ring is going to be yellow gold also (an heirloom from my SO’s family) and I am so nervous about that!  I don’t have it yet, but I when I told someone about it and that it was gold, her response was “ugh, no!”.  😬😬😬

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Bumble bee
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After I was engaged to my ex I showed someone at my school (where I was teaching) my ring. She said, “aw, how cute.” I remember thinking, “wtf?!” It was a .88 Solitaire from Tiffany & Co.  maybe not huge but definitely not smalll! (Or cheap!)

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My best friend has said several times before how she “isn’t particularly fond of” my ring because “it looks like fake cheap costume jewelry, and not a real engagement ring”. Ugh thanks? I love how she follows up with “I mean, you make it work, but anyone else with a ring like that looks tacky”, Gee – that completely wiped away her previous comment and made everything better, didn’t it? I tease her all the time because instead of a ring, her husband gave her an “engagement baby” ha – at least I have a ring. In all honesty, I do love mine quite a bit. It’s a two carat black diamond. It really suits my personality and its different from the sea of white diamonds so many people have. Sometimes her backhanded comments get to me, but at the end of the day I still love my ring.

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lauranatorhawkins :  Haha, I know! She was absolutely lovely otherwise and the photos turned out great, but that comment took me by surprise.

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Helper bee
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Not that long ago, my Mother-In-Law and I were looking at some pretty CZ rings in a gift shop and she said something about diamonds being overrated. I replied, “Yes, some can be just as satisfied with another stone.” She looked down at my hand and said, “Well, you have to actually have a diamond first in order to know if they’re overrated.” The weird thing is, I DO have a diamond, it’s just not very big. She wears a band without stones. Gratuitous ring pic included!


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Buzzing bee

Rude ring comments came from this site. SHocking right? yeah not so much…. I was told my ring was made with an inferior stone and it looked cheap because I have a blue diamond. 

Thats why I stay outta the ring forums most of the time, unless its…vintage talk, what looks good with this..

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Bumble bee
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anniemiller13 :  I love your set!! Very unique and simple!

VictorianChick :  I’ve seen a lot of catty, rude comments here, as well. I absolutely adore my moissanite ring, but have seen comments that Moissy isn’t “real” and that the size I chose is gaudy and looks like costume jewelry.

Interestingly, everyone in my life has told me how gorgeous it is. When I’ve clarified that it is moissy (if they call it a diamond) people don’t even care and tell me how amazing it is. The gal that works at the coffee shop in my building was staring at it the other day and then said “your ring is sooo sparkly!!” In awe. That made me feel pretty good.

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I had to laugh when I posted my ring here on the bee, within the same page, I hate princess double halos, they obviously had it set like that to make the ring look bigger….. I just thought really, get a life 

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Honey bee
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I’ve had my ring for two weeks (my solitaire reset to three stone) and already have gotten these two lovely comments:

From the guy and the nail salon, doing my nails: “How much did that cost?”

From my twin sister: “I would be embarrassed to wear something like that.” Implying that it is too big and that she is less materialistic and shallow. (She won’t even wear a ring)

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It’s drool-worthy!! So beautiful! I have a small, 0.75ct morganite set in rose gold. The emerald cut makes it appear even smaller than it is.. People constantly suggest that I “upgrade later” and comment that it’s “an adorable little thing” or suggest that he “should have spent more” (how rude).. I think it’s timeless & beautiful.. Screw em’! You have a fabulous ring! 

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