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Busy bee
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@sailor:  If it was planned, I’d probably tell people we were trying for a puppy.


I LOVE this and am totally stealing it!

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Helper bee
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It’s hard to narrow it down to one.

So far, I’ve had:

“Wow! You’re huge! What are you growing in there….an alien?” – Coworker

Upon hearing I’m pregnant, another coworker said, “Oh, that’s the reason for a shotgun wedding. Gotcha.” Nevermind the fact that I got engaged April 2011, spent the year planning and married July 2012. Ya, shotgun my ass.

“What is planned?”

“Are you sure you’re not carrying twins?”

“How much weight have you gained so far?”…I hardly knew the guy who asked me that. I told him it’s never ok to ask a lady her weight, let alone when she’s pregnant…and that I’m right on schedule thankyouverymuch.

Also, an astounding number of people have felt the need to point out that I was pregnant at our wedding. So? Big deal? I conceived about 1 week before. But somehow people think it’s appropriate to have a laugh over that. It’s no ones business at all.

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Bumble bee
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@dynamic_duo:  “are you taking your prenatal vitamins” 

Ughhh! My older sister asked me that too and I was livid. Of course I am! I was when we were ttc. When I said something about it they told me not to be so critical…what?

Oh, then I was drinking a glass of juice and my sister asked, “Isn’t that forbidden or something?”

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Helper bee
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“Oh, you’re pregnant?  I was wondering… I had noticed you were getting a little chunky.”


Note that this was after I had LOST weight due to not being able to keep anything down/no appetite, AND it was said by a guy who weighs at least 100 pounds more than me!

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Blushing bee
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@greenviolets:  I get the twins one a lot too, since I was about 5 months :-/ I usually get it right after I tell them my due date and they’re obviously shocked there’s only one in there given how big my belly is – I’m having a boy and carrying really high and forward, he’s like a little torpedo in there pushing out my tummy.

I’m trying to find the strength to come up with a kind way to tell them it can be hurtful to comment on the size of a pregnant woman – be it to say she’s big or small – and they should probably just avoid it and say she looks great, or is glowing.

The only time I gave leeway was when a friend asked, “And there’s only one in there, right?” We hadn’t seen him since I got pregnant, and his wife had twins recently so he’s very twin centered. I just didn’t get the feeling he was commenting on my size, he was more interested in the general topic of twins.

All of these negative comments suck when you already are dealing with major body changes. I try to go to my gym regularly since the ladies there are super nice and always say really positive things – it balances out the idiots!

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I seriosuly am not bothered by these types of questions or comments. People are curious. They ask weird shit. Subjects that are usually taboo suddenly aren’t… which really only mirrors the same phaenomenon at home… suddenly, I’m talking to my husband about poop problems and peeing in my pants and the consistency of my throw up, etc. 

The only thing that bothers me is when people start telling me what choices I should make about things like epidurals and circumcision and the like and when they do so in an extrememly judgmental or domineering way. My mother is the person most guilty of this. Advice and perspective is great… that’s not what I’m talking about.

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Helper bee
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I’ve gotten the “was it planned?” question. It makes me want to strangle the asker. 

Yes, it was planned. Unlike your ugly fuxking face. 

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“I felt GREAT when I was pregnant, what’s wrong with you?”

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Bumble bee

@mrsSonthebeach:  Yeah I feel the same way. It takes a lot to actually strike a nerve with me, and someone asking if I am hoping for a boy/girl or if it was planned doesn’t really bother me, haha. Now some of the rude comments about my skin breaking out or me being fat might really bother me, lol. Luckily, noone has said anything rude yet, although I am only 8weeks and we have only told close family and friends. A few asked if it was planned, but I feel like that is a reasonable question because neither of us told when we started trying and we got pregnant the first cycle trying.

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Bumble bee
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@mrsmjm:  It’s so funny to posted this today because I got my rudest comment yet today.

Today a coworker that I don’t even know says “You’re still hanging around!!  How much longer?” I reply – 2 months.  She says, ” Oh!, did they give you a weight? I said, yeah, he is 3lbs 2oz right now.  Then she says, “No, the weight they think he will be. What, 12lbs?” I just told her the doctors said he was in the average range and walked away in shock.  

This lady thinks I’m going to have a 12lb baby!  Maybe I will but keep it to yourself.  Ugh!!  I guess this kinda goes along with the twins comments. So rude!! 


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Busy bee
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Thankfully, I haven’t gotten any rude comments yet. That’s probably because only family and close friends know. I’m sure we’ll get the “was it planned” question as soon as others find out.

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Busy bee
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@Sugaree:  Hey, we’re in the same boat! 🙂 I’ll be 14-15 weeks when we get married, and it definitely WAS planned.

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Sugar bee
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I was lucky, I didn’t really get any rude comments. I think the worst was DH’s grandmother telling me all the extra weight looked good on me.

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Busy bee
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I truely believe that people just want to be connected with pregnant women and willl say anything to be able to strike up a conversation.  What sane person would think it was appropriate to say these things?!

My boss told me I looked “extra” pregnant the other day.  Thanks, but the only way to look extra pregnant is to look extra big =)

I can’t belive it’s only been mentioned once, but I get “will you breastfeed” a lot.  My mom is a lactation consultant so I’m not offended by the comment, but it boggles my mind that any stranger would truely CARE if I breastfeed or not.  Totally not anyone’s business.

I also had a bizarre encounter with a woman who asked if I’d be going the “bad mom” route and giving my baby a pacifier…. WTH?

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