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We are not married yet, but have been openly talking about it for some time now. Being together for going on 6 years we have had a lot of rude comments pre engagement like;<br />‘Maybe he is just not that in to you’ (maybe if you were a bit more original I would have care about your opinion!)<br />‘…living in sin…’ (This coming from a gambler and might I add, if he knew the Bible at all he would know that the Bible never refers to a marriage as a huge party etc.)<br />‘If he loved you enough bla bla bla…’ (From a divorcee)<br />‘Doesn’t he have money for a ring?’ (We have money, we also have a plan so mind your own business!)<br />Well that is just a few. I have to say the price questions really annoy me! If the price and size of a ring matters then maybe the marriage is not a good idea, but hey that is just me. I can only imagine once we are engage what the comments will be, you see I have decided on a stoneless ring…

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Future Brother-In-Law said “that’s gay”

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Let’s see… 

“Wow!  You’re having such a big wedding!”  (We had 120 people.  Not intimate but not that large IMO) 

“Why would you want to get married?”  (From a coworker in the middle of a nasty divorce) 

“I can’t believe your parents will pay that much!” (I brought this one on… she asked my budget and I didn’t politely demure.  The budget was $10,000 FYI, and we actually spent $8500)

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kikilo:  My husband has a very close friend whose wife has been…I’m sorry but there’s no better word than bitchy, toward me since he and I broke up for a spell while dating.  I have no idea why, neither of us did anything to harm the other, we remained friends and got back together shortly after.  Anyway the first time I saw her after getting engaged she said absolutely nothing.  No congratulations or anything, crickets.  Of course this is the same chick who told me 27 times during my difficult pregnancy how much she loved being pregnant, how little weight she gained, and how she left the hospital in her pre-pregnancy clothes.  Good for her, I gained 40 lbs and spent a good deal of time throwing up, but I had twins lady, you try exercising with two people sucker-punching your uterus.

My brother shot me a winner too, he told me I should lose my e-ring so Darling Husband would have to buy me a “real” one.  My e-ring is a very small diamond that belonged to his grandmother.  But I didn’t mind his comment because we’re super-close and have that kind of relationship, and I’m not insecure about my ring, so I just smacked him upside the head and that was that 🙂

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kikilo:  some of these are just rich… people get so strange about engagements.

& mine is maybe more weird than rude… but still, i was at a holiday party FI’s dad hosted for friends near their shore house. and one of the neighbor’s wives (who i later realized was just a weirdo) started off congratulating me, then immediately asking me if i had a sister for her son (who currently had a gf of like a year or something) because her son needed to settle down, then transitioning into telling me “i shouldn’t get myself into things if i don’t know what i am getting myself into” and “not to rush into anything” and all types of weird stuff like that… i was just like uhhhhhh… ummm…. what do you even say to that?! aside from, “yeah, excuse me, i need to go get some more booze to continue with this convo” anndddddd to top it off, she kept finding me  and repeating this stuff!! …i could not get away from her… for the record, Fiance dated for 1.5 years before he proposed anddd we are having a 2 year engagement, not that she even asked about any of that stuff before she started bestowing her wisdom… 

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How about no comment whatsoever? We were staying with my DHs best friend and family for the weekend do that he could propose at a particular place they live close to. We got back to house and if course I stuck out my hand and said “We’re engaged!”…her response was something like “oh!”…no congrats or anything. However, she is an odd Duck. she doesn’t travel often with her family…hubs will take kids on vacation and she will stay home. At our wedding, Brother-In-Law said hello, how are you…and her response was to make a face and walk away. But again, no one was offended because that is her “Normal”.

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kikilo:  FI’s brother asked him if we were “fucking with him” (his words not mine)  about our engagement and we should have postponed our engagement till after his wedding which is in april to please his Fiancee.. And FI’s brother’s fiancee said our engagement would “ruin the superbowl” because we would be getting people congratualting us and she didn’t want to hear it. I forgot to mention they asked my not to mention anything about my wedding or the wedding plans I have on facebook as they want people to only focus on their wedding!

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“you’re going to lose some weight for the wedding…right?” – How about you worry about you and I’ll worry about me! the nerve…

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kikilo:  I got Pretty Womaned at a dress shop.

My budget was ~1500. I was looking at ~1000 dresses and the sales woman told me that I should be looking at dresses in my price range so that I didn’t get my hopes up about something I couldn’t afford. Granted, I don’t dress the classiest, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have money.

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Commenting on my ring: “Ohh… that’s…. cute. You’re planning on getting a bigger diamond for an anniversary or something, right?” Ummmm…. nope, I quite like my small diamond ( .75 ct.). I get “the pity look” a lot! What people don’t realize is that I never wear jewelry, prefer (and told Fiance before engagement) a less in-your-face diamond and told him if he ever spent 5k on a ring, I’d kill him. My ring is just my style! Not because he’s broke and I dream of a bigger diamond someday!

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  • Wedding: February 2015

My Fiance has this friend-girl who is sort of obsessed with him and has ALWAYS had a thing for him. She’s no threat to me since, um, she’s kind of homely. We make fun of her a lot mostly because she’s FI’s best friend’s sister. She’s known Fiance for a long time (longer than we’ve been toghether) and as soon as we announced our engagement on Facebook she texted him “Wow, I can’t believe you’ve moved on so soon from your ex-wife, isn’t that a little odd?” Umm, Fiance has been divorced for over 4 years and we’ve been together for nearly 3. This chick is a bit deluded, I’d say.

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shazzshazshz:  still continued to ask if I was still engaged ? But, I only worked their maybe a couple weeks more


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As soon as I announced the engagement, someone asked “Is he American?” (I’m not!). When I confirmed, she said “the answer to all your problems!”. Uhhhhh… WHAT? WTF! And what problems? Is not being an American a problem? Not in my book…

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When I told my mom, she said “Like for real, with a ring?” When I said yes, I got, “Oh, cool” and she proceeded to talk about her plans with her boyfriend… Thanks mom, I know you have been waiting for your wedding #5, but can you at least hide your jealousy and fake happiness for me. It’s not like I’m rushing into it, we’ve been living together for 7 years. 

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I showed my engagement ring to my mom and she just said “oh”. I think she was jealous that my ring was bigger than hers. The rest if the family was thrilled.

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