Ruined wedding dress on day of wedding

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: September 2015 - Hotel Ballroom

I was paranoid about my dress too! I had a Tide-to-Go pen and sewing kit handy…luckily I didn’t need them!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2016 - Ed Oliver Golf Club, Wilmington, DE

My maid of honor carried a tide to go pen and a sewing kit the entire day. I was paranoid. When we were putting my dress on, the corset broke in one spot.. I heard a pop, my one bridesmaid went oh no and the other went don’t worry! They managed to fix it up and I totally forgot until the next day. I also had the usual dirty bottom even after the bustle, and people stepping on me all night. 

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Bumble bee

So my dress had 1 1/2 foot train. We did our ceremony outside & photos near the lake. So, my train was super dirty near the reception time, muddy, grass and just dust all over it. My veil was also as long as my train and it was all dirty near the edges of it too. Nothing horrible really happened, near the end of the night I spilt red wine down the side of my dress, but it’s said to be good luck in my culture lol.

After I sent it to the cleaners it looks like new.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: December 2016

Hah! My dress is wretched after our wedding. And it was all totally worth it. We literally went hiking and climbing rocks for our portraits so it got mud and snow and pine needles all over it. Then like 5 seconds before our ceremony Darling Husband spilled an entire cup of coffee on me! It bounced off my hip and spilled all down the side of my dress. We just artfully creased it so nobody could see, no biggie. My ceremony was in a wheat field so it got wheat stuck to it. There are a couple spots of enchilada sauce on it from the dinner. I could not possibly care less. My dress was beautiful but inexpensive because I bought it consignment. My wedding was a freaking blast. My photos are incredible. A dress is just a thing. The memories of that day are priceless. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2008

My dress’s organza overlay got torn in multiple places while dancing. It was bustled but I had kicked off my painful heels in favor of flip flops so it was dragging a bit. My uncle and my bestie stepped on the front hem and the bustle respectively. Uncle laughed and said it isn’t truly a wedding until the bride is wrecked and helped me hide the huge tear under the drape by tying the dragging fabric shreds into a knot. Bestie looked horrified then burst into tears because nothing could be done.

It actually didn’t bother me until I went to get the dress cleaned, repaired, and preserved and was refused service due to the extent of the damage. If Dear Daughter wants it, which is unlikely because styles change, I think it would be wearable again if I removed the entire overlay, but that’s where most of the skirt decorations are. Part of me is sad that I didn’t invest in a higher quality dress, but that particular dress really spoke to me with its pink flowers.

Two of my friends have great wedding night stories where their dresses were literally ripped off of them by their over-eager husbands, haha! Another friend got into such a vicious cake smashing fight with her Darling Husband that her dress bodice was smeared with chocolate cake by the end of it. 

I wouldn’t worry too much. I mean your dress will only be worn once… 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

It rained on my wedding day…like poured cats and dogs..all morning and into the afternoon.

I was a little bummed that we couldn’t go to our original photo site and get the outdoorsy shots with the beautiful backdrops.  We ended up at city hall where other photogs were fighting for spots for their clients.

Ten minutes before we had to leave for our venue, it finally stopped and we were able to go outside and walk around the garden a bit.

My dress had a cathedral train and even though it was bustled, the bottom was totally ruined and caked with mud and dirt.  

LOL…SMH..I had plans to have it preserved and months later, I’ve yet to have it cleaned!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2016

Our wedding was an outdoor party…i ended up barefoot. Had grass stains all over and it ripped because I got caught on something …then jumped in the pool…BEST day ever !!

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Helper bee

One of my friends dropped a tube of RED lipstick down the front of her satin ball gown right before her ceremony. Fortunately, she was on Xanax so it didn’t seem to truly bother her, but if it was me, I would have died.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2014

myardley :  I drank a little too much and had my gay best friends carry me through a rainforest so the next day there were mossy tendrils, a giant green leaf print and miscellaneous green rainforest splodges that the dry cleaner looked at in horror. It couldn’t be saved but it served its purpose!!! I got over it, lol. 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: August 2015

White chalk.  I got a small grass stain on my dress during pictures (pre ceremony) and my friend had a piece of chalk in her “emergency” bag.  It covered up the stain immediately.  I don’t know if it would cover up a red wine stain, and I doubt it would, but it worked perfectly for my needs.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2016

45 minutes before the ceremony I had my Maid/Matron of Honor zip me into my dress…but I never should have asked my Maid/Matron of Honor because she came over and quickly pulled up the zipper like she was zipping up a coat. The only problem was my dress was thick lace and very fitted and the zipper busted right off the track. Luckily, my other friend came to the rescue- she had to cut the inside seam of my dress, pulled out the zipper, cut the zipper to get it back on the track, and then sewed me into the dress. I was 10 minutes late for the ceremony, and my friend told me that the dress probably won’t hold for a very long because we only had cheap, thin thread from the hotel sewing kit.  At this point, I was so stressed out I was just like “get me down the aisle, I’ve got to get married in this dress before the seam busts!” I was so scared to take a deep breath, but after we got all our pictures I didn’t care.  I had a cocktail dress as a back up, but luckily my dress made it the entire night!  I had to be cut out of it at the end of the evening, but we made it! Now my dress doesn’t zip at all and the zipper is all cut up, but oh well.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2017

chigirl217bride :  Hmmm. Thatxis not a bad idea at all. Now im paranoid.. thinking maybe  i should have a backup dress.

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