run away or suicide?

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anonyyyybezzzz22 :  

I just read your enormous posts of a year ago , and I have to say OP, you seem to  have done nothing at all about sorting yourself out , seemingly preferring  to complain and whinge and make drama.

slomotion :  had it right  when she said “And for the record I hope you realize how serious suicide is and how it has torn many people’s lives apart. It’s not an after thought to add on because you are pissed off about life and aren’t taking any steps to improve it.”


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Please call the suicide prevention hotline 800-273-8255. I saw that they had a chat option online as well. Please suicide is not the answer. 

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As as Suicide Survivor, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder if I could have done something different to stop DH’s implosion and resulting suicide.  It took years of therapy to accept that it wasn’t my fault.

Don’t do that to your friends and family.  Seek help!

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anonyyyybezzzz22 :  Break up with your fiance because you don’t love him and thats obvious. Stop using him for vacations and your own comfort, thats just plain evil and shitty. Do not get involved with this new guy until you have spent a good chunk of time working on yourself or you will end up in the same situation.

Then get yourself a job if you don’t alredy have one, start saving money to move out of your parents house. Find yourself a legitimate counselor to speak to about your self esteem and depression. 

You can’t just run away and start over, this isn’t the movies and it doesn’t work like that. You are going to have to make hard decisions and go through some rough times in order to make a better life for yourself. There is no instant fix for your situation, its going to take a lot of time and hard work and uncomfortable situations to build a life you want.

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anonyyyybezzzz22 :  If you don’t want to marry your Fiance you need to break up with him – ignore the holiday. That shouldn’t even factor into it! Sort out your relationship if it isn’t making you happy. Tell your family you appriciate their support and concern but you need to be treated as an adult, disability or not and hopefully other things will flow / improve. Both of your original options are so over the top. But, as other bees have said, maybe you need to speak to someone about it if you are really feeling suicidal.

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bywater :  So sorry for your loss but thank you for sharing with the OP. Let’s hope she consider how others would be impacted by her actions if god forbid she went down that route.

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anonyyyybezzzz22 :  “What should I do to change my life and be happy?”

Dump your Fiance. Not after vacation. Do it now. Then try to find ways to start supporting yourself so eventually you aren’t so reliant on other people. Do you have a job? Also get yourself into therapy to deal with your depression and other problems. Do NOT just sit around and complain about how life sucks. Actually DO something about it. That doesn’t mean everything is going to change overnight and you’ll feel happy tomorrow. Change takes time. But you have to at least TRY. 

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You said in your previous post that your period came late, not that you had a miscarriage soI’m a bit confused here. You were fixated on getting pregnant and it seems you still are but please don’t bring a baby into this world until you have got your life sorted out. Are you still in college? In your last post you were starting your course.

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slomotion :  YES!  Exactly this!!

“And for the record I hope you realize how serious suicide is and how it has tore many people’s lives apart. It’s not an after thought to add on because you are pissed off about life and aren’t taking any steps to improve it. If you truly do feel suicidal then seek help.”

All around you gave excellent advice in this thread.

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You’re kidding me. This is the same person?? You need therapy bee

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greeneyedamber :  

You should read her post from last year

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araebo5585 :  wow…that was crazy to read. I think an administrator bee needs to step in and report her. I’m scared she might harm herself or a baby if she ends up pregnant.

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bywater :  goodness. I am so sorry. I have no advice but just wanted to say that. Hugs. G xo

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I have to be the person who points out that this person admits that they are disabled but does not tell us in what capacity. For that reason, I cannot support saying “just move out and be your own person.” For all we know you should not be on your own based on this disability. It’s highly likely that your family is “over protective” because you don’t see what is safe and unsafe because of your disability or because of the mental health issues you are clearly having. The best advice I can offer is to end both relationships, move home, listen to your family, and see a therapist. 

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