(Closed) runner bees – comeback from injury and still complete goal race?

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I have overcome an injury, but I wasn’t running any time soon :/  I’d check with a PT or sports med specialist before tackling your marathon, since your particular injury could be exacerbated by the intense mileage you’ll need to pile on to be prepared.  Is it an option to drop to a half marathon instead, or defer to next year?

Here’s my comeback story anyway, it’s actually kinda cool 🙂

I did my first ever half marathon in August of 2010.  August 28th, actually.  I had trained hard, run a lot of miles, and felt ready.  I finished, and didn’t have a terrible time at all!  That was also the day MrDane proposed to me, so I was feeling nothing but elation!  I was so satisfied to have completed such a major running goal, and I was over the moon with joy that the man I love wanted to marry me 🙂

Throughout that weekend I had a terrible pinching pain in the front of my right hip flexor/hip area.  I couldn’t do a straight leg raise without significant pain.  I figured, “well duh, I just ran 13 miles!  Of COURSE I’m sore!”  This went on for over a week, so I made a trip to the doctor.  I was told I likely tore a muscle (it was a hilly course) and he gave me some pain killers.  I felt fine, as long as I took the meds.

I took the pain killers for about 2-3 weeks, but then ran out of them.  The pain came back worse than it had been before, so they sent me to physical therapy.  This was probably around Halloween.  I went to PT weekly until about Thanksgiving, but wasn’t making any progress at all.  At that point I had stopped running but was still doing yoga, weightlifting, and lots of spin class & swimming.

I had a follow up appointment with the doctor who suggested I have an MRI to make sure I didn’t tear my labrum.  I had the MRI on December 10th, 2010.

Turns out I had a fracture in my femoral neck!  HOLY SHIT!  I NEARLY BROKE MY LEG!!!!  I was on crutches with NO weight bearing at all for 6 weeks, then another 6 weeks of very limited “toe walking” at which point I was allowed to swim if I didn’t do any kicking at all.

I got off crutches about a week before St Pats in 2011.  I couldn’t do any high impact activity just yet, but I was allowed to go back to spin class and start actually swimming again.  Slowly, I added back in yoga & weightlifting, and that summer (June-ish) I was cleared to start jogging a little.

My first jog was less than 2 miles, and I had to stop and walk several times.  I got home, sat in my living room floor, and bawled like a baby.  I thought I was never going to be able to run distance ever again.

I worked hard, I started over, and I worked my way back and did a half marathon that November and a full marathon in March of ’12.  I went from crutches to marathon in 53 weeks.  It was not easy, it sucked SO BAD, but I wanted it, I needed it.  I did it, and you can too 🙂

I was actually signed up for a November marathon this year, but we were successful in TTC right away, so I dropped to the half marathon and did that at 19 weeks pregnant.  I had to modify my stride and obviously jogged much more slowly, but it was so satisfying to finish that goal.

Listen to the doctors, and drop down or defer if you need to.  Trust me- if I had been more adamant about my follow ups and the pain I had, they could have caught my injury sooner and it wouldn’t have been so severe.

Sorry I wrote a novel, I do hope there are paragraphs!  Good luck!!!

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@mrstilly:  Have you heard of the Galloway method?  I know a lot of people who use it, it’s the run-walk thing.  That way, you can complete more miles without actually running all of them.  As for proper training, I’d make sure you follow all the “running rules” like the 10% rule when ramping up mileage, still build in drop-down weeks, incorporate strangth & cross training into your routine, stuff like that.

Are you on a training team?  I was able to modify my training plan with my coaches when I became pregnant… it was wonderful to have that as an option.

As far as bare bones training plans… do one day of weight training, one day of cross training (spin or swimming were my faves) and three runs a week.  Of those three runs, one should be speed work/hills/intervals/fartlek, one should be half the distance of your long run, and the third would be the long run itself.  Maybe add in a yoga the day after your long run to make sure things stay balanced, centered, and loose.  I don’t know how reasonable that is.  It’s closer to what I did to train for half marathons; for full marathons I ran 4 days a week, sometimes 5 depending on the weekly mileage.

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@mrstilly:  So glad you’re back running again!  I think the marathon, if you run/walk, is totally doable.  Even though you weren’t running, you were working out and I’m sure still maintained a good level of running fitness.  It probably won’t be your best time ever, but I think finishing is feasible.  I’ve been dealing with the same thing, although I wasn’t out of commission for as long as you were; I’ve been out the last 3 weeks due to crazy allergies (kept getting hives on my feet = OUCH!).  Finally figured out what I was allergic to (i.e. my pre-run food, my long-run food, my post-race food, OMG) and am on the mend.  My goal race was a 50M in April, and I’ve cut it back to a 50k with a healthy amount of walking planned.  You can do it! 

ETA: Penciled it out, and it’s completely workable! If you up your LR’s by 2 each week, starting at 4m this week, you’ll be up to speed in no time; you could fit in two 20’s (week 9, 10), a 22 (week 11), even another 20 or 22 in week 12, and then two full weeks of tapering.  You’ve even got enough wiggle room in case you have to dial it back a little.

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