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I run alone. It’s never freaked me out so I guess I haven’t put much thought into safety. I don’t run when it’s dark and I stick to paths that aren’t isolated, usually I run in parks. 

A lot of cities have running groups you could join if you don’t like running alone though. Check out Usually there’s a few on there.

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TheNewMrsSmith054 :  I prefer running with friends because it helps motivate me to go, and chatting while we run keeps it more interesting than running alone.  If I don’t have anyone to go with, I often listen to podcasts so I can pretend someone is talking to me about interesting things 😉  My town has a running club that has group runs where they split into groups depending on pace, and it’s really welcoming and chill.  You should see if yours has one!

I HAAAAAAAAATE running on the treadmill, aka the dreadmill.  It makes every mile feel about 10x longer.  I like trail running the best… so many things to look at and think about.

Where I live is a really safe place, so when I run I don’t bring pepper spray or anything, but I do have a small keychain one that is perfect for running alone.  I’ve brought it with me when I visit a larger city and run alone.  I slip the keychain ring around a finger and just hold it in my hand.  Better safe than sorry, right?  Something like this:

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i ran alone most of the times.  and took the dog when i did trail running. running, i either did around neighborhoods or parks with other people, i never listen to music so i was always fully aware of my surroundings.

prior to kids, i was in a triathlon club.  they always had training opportunities to bike and run.  there are also running clubs.  many local athletic shoe stores have running groups out of their stores as well.


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TheNewMrsSmith054 :  I am trying to get back into running! I run primarily alone. My Fiance has no real interest in running lol! And, a lot of my friends don’t live in the area. 

I typically only run around my neighborhood which I feel pretty safe in. I also run with my dog which for some reason also makes me feel safer! 

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Hate running with others.

I make sure I do it in a well lit place with a lot of foot traffic.

Although this means I mostly run on cement….obviously not the best for the joints.

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TheNewMrsSmith054 :  I prefer to run alone.  My friends/DH all run at different paces than I do and I prefer blasting music and focusing on the run on my own.  I feel safe running where I live, but I make sure to avoid the higher crime areas and run with bright colors/reflecting tape.  I used to be a treadmill girl, but it’s soooo much better running outside.  I find that it goes a lot faster!

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TheNewMrsSmith054 :  

I always run alone. When I try to run with other people, it’s harder to me to keep my pace where it should be and I tend to get more short of breath.

I always run outside, because I just can’t seem to ever hit my stride on a treadmill. When I’m running somewhere isolated, carry a stun gun in my flipbelt. I have this one

It’s lightweight and compact and its SUPER LOUD. It packs a decent wallop, but the noise is the most obvious deterrent. You hit the trigger and it’s going to make anyone coming at you think twice. It also has a handy dandy flashlight!

I also don’t run with earphones in. I play my music through the speaker on my phone, or I just put one ear in. It’s very important to be able to hear for your situational awareness. This is true both in the case of people possibly approaching you, but for traffic as well.

I’ve been running for years and never had anything sketchy happen, but I also tend to stay on paths that are well-traveled. As long as you stick to places where you feel comfortable, you should be fine. For an added measure of comfort, Pink Stun Gun. 🙂

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I used to run with a running group or Darling Husband. Like a PP mentioned, it’s a little easier to maintain pace when you’re on your own so if I don’t have someone who runs at my pace, I prefer alone. I stay motivated by music and by signing up for races. Most of my races I’ve trained for have been long distance and pace matters a lot in my opinion when you’re doing 15k+ runs. 

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I run alone. Trail running mostly. My favorite trail never has anyone else on it. I just tell Darling Husband and a friend where I am going so they know if I’m not back on time where to start looking. Never listen to music, just nature. I would hate to run with someone else. I feel safe alone. 

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I LOVE running alone! It’s the best IMO.  Unless you were doing something really long, I could see wanting some companionship.  I usually go alone, sometimes I take one or both of my kids in the jogging stroller if I’m up for it and they’re in a good mood.  I usually go on a popular trail by our house.  It’s a safe neighborhood and plenty of people usually on it so I feel okay.  Recently it’s been getting dark earlier and sometimes I’m out after dark so then I stay on this busy road with nice wide sidewalks and bright street lights.  I don’t run with earphones in either.  If I were in an isolated area or somewhere i felt unsafe I’d probably bring something similar to what pp have ^^

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I only run alone. 

I live in Manhattan so I mostly run in the parks when it’s light out. There are always 80 billion other people around so I’ve never felt even slightly unsafe. 

I used to run at 10 or 11 at night when we lived in Florida because it was at least somewhat cool then, but I don’t feel great about going out at night here. If I did, I’d have to run on the streets around our apartment and I hate stopping at lights. 

I cannot stand treadmills. Like, I actively despise them. I can run a few miles no problem outside but I tap out at like half a mile on a treadmill. Blech. 

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I run almost 100% outside (if I’m at the gym, I’ll do the elliptical since I HATE the treadmill). My husband and I run together (with our dog) when our schedules line up — so all of our weekend runs, and sometimes before work if I’m going in a little late. If it’s a weekday and I’m running at lunch or right after work, I’ll run alone (or with the dog if I’m leaving from home). We have some running friends that we’ll schedule group runs with occasionally but not regularly. 

I carry my phone and keys in a (super cool) running fanny pack sort of thing. I also very rarely listen to music so I’m alert and aware of what’s going on (whether that’s cars or sketchy people or whatever).

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Depends. Its best for me to run with my run team because I’m not self motivated very much. However, I do solo runs 2x a week. I keep myself safe by using common sense. I don’t run where it too isolated. I keep my wits about me, I don’t typically run with music I want to be as aware as possible. Now that its getting darker, I have a saftey reflective vest and blinky lights. 

I really dispise the dreadmill but if its raining heavily or deeply cold, I gotta do it. :/

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TheNewMrsSmith054 :  I love running and i do it with my dog. I live in a rural area so i preffer having my dog with me. There are times that i go alone and i make sure my family knows where i will be heading and my turn around point( i always text my husband or tell my kids). I have an eliptical machine but its so much better being outdoors for me. My iwatch also has the emergency SOS button. I haven’t used it( thank god) but it makes a loud noise and i belive it contacts 911 and lets them know my location and also to my contacts. I’ve tried listening to music as i run, but the earbuds never stay in my ears. I have no idea how some runners manage to keep those things in. lol

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