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My number 1 advice would be to find a 5k race that is good timing for your couch to 5k program.  The thing about races is that they’re actually really fun, and they will give you an incentive to keep up with your program.  With regard to shin splints, I think the most important thing is to just start small and walk whenever you’re feeling winded.  I think a lot of new runners think they’re supposed to be doing like 7 minute miles the whole time but that’s not actually necessary and you will feel much sorer.  Just run as slowly as humanly possible, and walk for a minute every time you start to get winded.

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@edgebee:  Fully recommend the couch to 5K app!!  I second another PP whom stated sign up for a race the weekend after the 9-week program. It definitely keeps you motivated!! 

From there, STICK to it.  It has you running 3 days/week, which is great.  However, I wanted to run more, so I went out on the other 2 or 3 days/week and used a running app:  MaymyRun.  I did not overdo it on those days, meaning I ran what I could, and walked as well.  I just knew I wanted to build endurance.

I also added in side exercies as well, at home, which I thnk helped my overall speed/endurance.  Squats, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.  I always do those before I run.

After completing the program, and then some, I have ran in 4 races, with my times improving in each.  And, I still go out approximately 5 days per week.  Some for distance training (up to 5 miles!!), and some for speed (running as fast as I can for as long as I can…about 1 mile).

My sister, an avid runner, said it best ‘anyone can run.  it is a mental game.  when you think you are about ‘to die’, there is a very high chance you are not about to die, so you have to tell yourself to keep going.’ 

There are days when it is hard, really hard, so I go thru a mental checklist in my mind:

Do my feet HURT?!  Nope.  Do my legs HURT? Nope.  Am I cramping? NOPE.  Is my head playing a game with me?  YES!  Because usually those are my answers.  So,I keep going.  In those moments where I answer yes, I stop.  Your body tells you when you need a break, just listen to it.

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Bumble bee

@edgebee:  I’m with you!! I picked up running last year. I did two 5Ks so far and, although I’m slow, they are so much fun! And my time improved by 4 minutes this year after doing C25K!

As far as shin splints, I was worried too. Just research some great stretches and do dynamic stretching before running and static stretching afterwards. I find if I forget to stretch I get pretty sore.

For YEARS I’ve tried to “become a runner” and I could never run more than 5 minutes consecutively, I hated it and it was boring and I always felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I wondered how other people at the gym (and races) could POSSIBLY run for so long! With C25K I improved gradually and now I LOVE running and run at least 25 minutes consecutively. (I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a big deal for me, especially being heavier.)

Even on my rest days now I’m a little sad I can’t go run because C25K helped me to truly enjoy it!

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I don’t have any ‘training strategies’, I just put my shoes on and start running, and if you run a few times a week you will find that you will be increasing how long you run for a little each week. You get fit really fast. 

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Commenting to follow, as I’m also ‘becoming a runner’ Smile

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I hate running – but I want to love running – joining in as I also want to ‘become a runner’

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I’m going to echo ThreeMeers about making sure you have proper form.  I’d even go so far as to look into proper walking form, because walking habits can be carried over into running.  I highly recommend the book “Walk Yourself Well”, because it goes over what proper walking gait should look like.  I’ve had shin, knee, and ankle issues the last few months from running improperly, and many of the problems with my running form could be traced to my walking gait (I walk swayed back and duckfooted, and would run similarly).


Since you know you’re prone to shin splints, you definitely need to slowly build up, and when stuff starts hurting, stop!  Ice and rest it.  Also be sure that when you run your abs are engaged and your center of gravity’s forward – if your center of gravity is further back, your shins and knees are landing in front of your body and absorbing most of the impact when you land.  You may also want to look into strengthening your Tibialis anteriors – these are the muscles around your shins which, if underdeveloped or weak, can lead to shin splints.

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@edgebee:  I started running about 9 months ago. I started out super slow on the treadmill then worked my way up to running outside as I find it can be alot harder because the pavement. My goal is to run a 10km one day and I’m slowly geting there. I plan to run a 5km in October juse to see what an event is live before I attempt a 10km event. The main thing that keeps me motiveted in my running is I have the Nike app on my ipod touch and it lets you choose how long you want to run for based off time or distance. You listen to your music and run and when you hit .5km and 1km points a little voice lets you know where you are at (you can change it to miles also) I couldnt do my running without my ipod. I used the think the idea of running was horrid but now I love it so much and I want to run everyday when its nice out!!!!

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