Ruptured Ovarian Cyst…advice please

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Honey bee
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Hi Bee.

i had the same thing happen many years ago although they couldn’t tell me how big the cyst that ruptured was. The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t had any children but I hope giving birth is less pain than that. It truly felt like I was dying. And the side effects were horrible. 

So same advice, I went on BC after that to prevent more. I think it did prevent more cysts for sure. I was on the pill for 5 years and then it really started to effect my emotional state. I was crying randomly and getting super angry and I didn’t feel like myself. And trigger warning……./ At one point I felt so uncomfortable with my clothes on that I thought about jumping out of a window, completely and utterly irrational and yet it felt so palpable and I was convinced that was the only way…. I decided to call my obgyn I told her my symptoms and she told me to stop it and see if my state improved. It did and so I haven’t been back on BC ever since.

I go for annual ultrasounds to check for cysts and knock on wood have only had one that I know of which was small and went away. I’m not sure what advice to give you and I don’t mean to scare you re: BC I just wanted to give you my experience. 

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Buzzing bee

I’ve had one cyst.

It was discovered after my second spell of inexplicable pelvic pain (to the point of not being able to walk, only barely able to crawl, and very slowly at that, nearly passing out from the effort.)

The first spell slackened off after about an hour, so I figured it was a fluke and didn’t go to a doctor. The second spell introduced a pattern though, and it did NOT slacken off. So I crawled to my roommate’s room and asked her to take me to the ER.

They found an 11CM (not mm) cyst. 11 x 7 to be exact.

To this day, we are not sure where the pain came from because it didn’t rupture during either spell.

When I had surgery to remove it, the doctor said it had grown considerably.

ALL that to say, I had a pretty massive cyst, and incredible pain, but I never once considered going back on BC. I’ve been off BC for almost a decade now, and I never plan on going back on it. 

My surgery was over a year ago, and I don’t have any new cysts. And to my knowledge, that was my first one. So unless they start popping up left and right AND causing me considerable pain, no thanks to BC.

You can certainly request doing annual ultrasounds to check if you’d rather not go on BC.

I get that this was likely a traumatic experience for you, I know it was for me and I didn’t even have a rupture! But don’t let it scare you into doing something you really do not want to do. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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DoubleD :  I had several ruptured cysts ( the worst pain) and my doc put my on BC pill, which did work. It sucks but it worked for me. It also stopped the hemorrhaging, which was causing me to feel weak and tired.

im so sorry you’re going through this! 

Cheekie0077 :  I relate as I had a scary first month on my BC, I am pretty even keeled but wow that month I felt like a monster was living in me! So glad you got yours sorted and they haven’t come back. 

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Blushing bee
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DoubleD :  When I was in college I had a cyst that bled into itself and rupture. Some of the worst pain I have ever been in. I literally dragged myself from my bed to the bathtub to curl in the fetal position while it filled with hot water.

This was pre Obamacare and I went off BC for a couple of months because I could not afford it. My gyno recommended to stay on BC but go to Planned Parenthood for generic/cheaper pills. The BC I had the least issues with was Nuvaring. For the first year I would get crazy mood swings but I never gained any weight. Pills always made me sick and gain water weight during the placebo week.

I have been off BC for over a year now after 11 years on it and thankfully have not had painful cysts.

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Busy bee

I had the same thing happen a few years ago. I went to the ER because I thought I had appendicitis. The doctors told me cysts are actually very common but usually they dissolve on their own rather than bursting and causing pain. He said if it’s just a one time thing he wouldn’t really worry about. I wasn’t on bc then and I’m not now and I’ve never had another cyst that I know about again

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Bumble bee
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DoubleD :  I’ve tried to come off birth control pills and each time I’ve ended up in hospital with ruptured cysts! So I’d say yes, it is good at preventing them. No issues with weight gain here. 

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Worker bee
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I had one rupture when I was 12 and another in high school. It is a very traumatic, intense pain. Birth control did not help mine. I’m off birth control as well to stop putting hormones in my body. I recommend reading Period Repair Manila by Lara Briden and Taking Jarge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I practice the fertility awareness method of birth control now as outlined in Taking Charge, no it isn’t the rhythm method. As Lara Briden says in her book, birth control pills aren’t solving your issues. They are only masking/suppressing them. I suggest reading those books and taking steps outlined there to truly heal your problems. It has been wonderful for me. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I was on birth control pills for 14 years, from age 12 to 26, and this method has changed my life. 

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Bumble bee
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DoubleD :  I have PCOS and have had multiple cysts burst.  The pain is unreal! 

Regardless, for multiple reasons I refuse to ever be on hormonal BC again.  

I haven’t had one for 3 years, if this is your first one I wouldn’t go on BC for the sole reason of trying to prevent them. 

I would suggest getting an ultrasound to check you don’t have poly cysts (doesn’t necessarily mean the syndrome), as that would increase the chance of have another one burst.  It’s normal to have one or two I believe, since that is how you release an egg, but if you have heaps that can be abnormal. 

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Busy bee

I experienced my first ruptured ovarian cyst at 20. I had to eventually switch from a monophasic BCP to triphasic to keep from getting them. I took BCP until I was ready to have kids, had two kids, and I’m back on BCP purely to keep my cysts at bay – they began recurring when my younger child was 4 (I breastfed until he was 22 months, so it took a while for my hormones go back to “normal”)  

FWIW, I went completely natural with both births. A ruptured cyst is way worse – which is why I stay on the pill. 

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Honey bee
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DoubleD :  I’ve had this happen to me too. I woke up one morning hopped in the shower and experienced to most horrific pain. I couldn’t walk and if I tried to straighten myself up, I’d just pass out. I basically had to stay curled up in a ball. My parent’s took me to the ER. They ruled out a burst appendix and found a ruptured cyst.

I had that happen one more time in the last ten years and only made an interesting connection the other day thanks to a bee who posted on the same topic asking about having to go on BC. Ive tried HBC a few times in my life but I’ve ended up with terrible side effects on them. Each time I had a cyst rupture it was 3 cycles after I’d gone of HBC. I haven’t been on HBC in years and I’ve had no issues with cysts since. So I wonder if it’s my body trying to go back to its normal cycle after HBC and it has a freak out 😕

A lot of Doctors quickly prescribe HBC after one cyst rupture as a reflex/preventative measure but I sometimes wonder if its too quick to jump on the ‘You’ll continue having this issue’ bandwagon. It could be just a once off. If you go on HBC you’ll never know if it is really an issue for you or just an unfortunate once off. 

I’m not saying yay or nay to HBC. You do what you feel is best for you.  

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Honey bee
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BalletParker :  wow this thread has opened my eyes to how many people don’t like or have had ad adverse reaction on BC. Unfortunately for many of us BC is the only option and our only hope at feeling normal so we deal with the other side effects because the other options are worse. I’m glad to hear that it worked for you and helped with your pain 💕

DoubleD :  it’s definitely not the norm to have serious emotional stuff happen on BC but I will say I was taking the BC pill Yaz which had all kinds of controversy with it and hundreds of lawsuits because of blood clots. I think that particular BC was just not good. 

psyche1978 :  I’ve wondered this for many years. The pain you experience with a ruptured cyst is so horrible and unexplainable to those who have not gone through it. Ive always wondered if child birth is more/less painful (I’m sure it depends on the circumstance and tolerance too) but I’m kind of happy to hear that a ruptured cyst was worse! The cramps I get every month from my period alone are enough to make someone want to die so I wonder too if child birth is going to be a piece of cake after what I’ve experienxed? Haha


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Buzzing bee
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DoubleD :  Have you been diagnosed with PCOS? I don’t have the symptom of cysts with my PCOS, but I dealt with the painful, irregular periods, weight gain, and hormone imbalance. I’m on Metformin now. It regulated my periods, my periods are no longer painful, and it’s not quite as difficult to lose weight. I still deal with the side effects of the hormone imbalance, but overall I’ve experienced in an improvement in daily life. 

Maybe ask your doctor to look into PCOS and treatment for that, rather than BC?

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