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🙁 I’ve not had this issue but just wanted to pop in to say I’m sorry you are going through this. I’ve had terrible back pain for years since a bad car accident so I understand what it is like to have pain all the time.  You have my sympathies and I hope it is relieved soon!

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@stillme:  Hey,  just wanted to let you know that this is EXTREMELY common in pregnancy.  I would try a chiropractor who is qualified to treat pregnant women (most are).  I myself am a chiropractic physician and have had great success with easing the pain. It is extremely safe and effective.  I am attaching a link with a little bit of info on pregnancy and chiropractic.  Hope it helps!


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@stillme:  ugh I had this without even being pregnant! It took them 6 months to diagnose it properly and then I had to get injections of steroids and anesthetic a few times. I’m not looking forward to dealing with that when I’m pregnant.

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@sit1010:  Me too, I had it as a running injury and it was horrible. I had to have a cortisone injection as well, but I doubt you can get that while pregnant. What a bummer!!

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@RunnerBride13:  no I highly doubt it. Ugh it was so awful. I slept in a recliner for months. I couldn’t lay down or sit up or do stairs or even just walk around half the time!

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See a physical therapist! There are PTs who specialize in women’s health, though any would be able to treat SI joint dysfunction. They will give you exercises, instruct you how to stand up, during pregnancy, or even get you fitted for a brace if your pain is bad enough!

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I actually just got back from seeing a physio today because I have Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, she’s shown me some exercises I need to do to strengthen muscles in that area, given me a run down of things to avoid, shown me how to sit, how to get up when in extreme pain and she also gave me an S.I belt that I have to wear tp support the joint. Im only 17 weeks and have been experiencing it for the last 2 to 3 weeks.


I would suggest going to a physio, i got my gynae to recommend one to me because I wanted one that specialises in womens health and SI joint dys.

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mine started at 12w! im almost 15 now. its been the exact same. husband carrying me out of car, from our bed to the bathroom so i can pee. its awful. ive been doing stretches for sciatica pain thru out the day, and alternating heat and cold along with a massage every 2 weeks. ive been doing well for the last week or so, thankfully! i hope it never returns.

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I’m not pregnant, but I have something very similar. Almost two years ago I slipped on ice on the sidewalk and fell, hard. My limp was incorrectly diagnosed as bursitis and I was on crutches for 5 weeks. After five weeks I still could not walk without a lot of pain, but started walking again anyway. X-rays showed that it was highly likely that I herniated the disk right above my sacrum and jammed my illium and sacrum. It took me about 10 months to start getting chiropractic care which helped a lot. However since I spent so much time on crutches (poorly adjusted ones at that) my back healed in such a way that it puts almost constant pressure on my sciatic nerve. it aches constantly and when I get tense it hurts a whole lot more. I haven’t been able to go to the chiropractor for months but when I could it really helped. Now I do stretches to help manage the pain and I’ve found that doing stairs or a steep incline on the treadmill helps strenghten that part of my back. 

I know being in constant pain can really wear you down. Hang in there, I hope you can find something that helps you.

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I am not pregnant, but I had a lot of back problems while pregnant. I ended up on restricted movement at month 4 (basically seated job and then bedrest afterwards), and then bed rest at month 8. I had back issues prior to this that they said were caused by spinal pressure from my Scoliosis. I did pt and took a lot of NSAIDs prior to the pregnancy.

After the pregnancy I found out I actually had a rare RA/AS hybrid due to a previously undiagnosed autoimmune disorder in my digestive tract. This hybrid started in my Lumbar/SI Spine. So I 100% understand spinal discomfort.

My reccomendations to you are the following: 1 find out if Lidocaine patches are safe for pregnancy or Voltaran Gel. These can really help dull your pain. 2. Make friends with your bath tub, a warm bath (or shower) can really help your back 3. Likewise a heating pad is your friend. 4 you can take tylenol during pregnancy talk to your doctor. 5 Swim, Swimming is wonderful for the back (when my joints are a mess I pull a dorey and just keep swimming when I cant run etc). 6. Accept there are days best spent on the couch, this is a really hard one for me since I am very gogogo but I’ve had to accept this.

Hopefully for you this situation is temporary.

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