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    @CutiePie10489:  Aw 🙁 try not to get too down about it.. you never know maybe he has used this time to actually save for the ring properly? He might even have it, you never know! If it’s really upsetting you maybe you could ask him if he could take you ring shopping again, or at least say that it’s been on your mind. Sometimes these conversations have to come up.

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    @CutiePie10489:  7 months for me! It’s so hard sometimes isn’t it??

    My feelings about it go up and down, sometimes I’m super excited knowing it’s coming soon (I was given a ‘this year’ timeline) and other times I think just do it already!

    When i’m getting frustrated I just try to think about all the exciting things to come and that once it’s over that’s it! Enjoy knowing all the good stuff is ahead of you, time flies so relish every moment! (easier said that done I know.. haha first world problems!)

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    I agree with @sunshinewish15:  he might be saving for your ring (or trying to get one even better than the ones you found!) Try not to be sad! You’ll be engaged before you know it and you’ll forget all about the waiting.

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    I am really sad especially today because a coworker just got engaged. We started designing a ring in February and I have been waiting ever since. Unfortunately we have no time line so sometimes I feel like it could be another 7 years 🙁 I am embarrassed, but I was bawling on the way home from work. 

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    Try to focus on yourself in the mean time.  Start a new hobby or something.  this will keep you happy and your mind off of it.  Enjoy his while he is still your boyfriend, because later on things will move fast!

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    @Fireflysushi:  I’ve had this feeling. I can’t remember when right now, but I know I have cried on my way home, or even while at work, over the waiting. Blech. 

    @CutiePie10489:  He might be planning something extra special, you know! I got a hint from my SO that it might happen within the year, in April. Nothing yet and no signs of anything happening. Guys can be awfully good at hiding things, especially if it’s really important to do so. 🙂 And you don’t know if he bought a ring yet– maybe he is waiting for it to be custom made!

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    I often feel sad and melancholy. The closest we’ve ever been to ring shopping is walking down the ponte vecchio in italy and that was only as a tourist attraction. The idea of waiting an unknown indefinitely long time makes me sad.


    Your Boyfriend or Best Friend may still be working on it, if he’s having the ring made then that can take 6 weeks or even more and then he might have needed to save before he could buy it, or maybe he was having a bit of trouble finding something even after the shopping. So try not to give up on your hope <3 why not try waiting another 4 months (so a year in total) and then check up a little.


    It is hard, sorry you feel sad but I hope you feel better soon x

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    I am really sad especially today because a coworker just got engaged.

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    @CutiePie10489:  He’s waiting for the perfect time. Maybe he feels like his ideas need a little more oomph and he’s drawing a blank. Like when writers get writer’s block. He probably wants it to be so special and he just hasn’t gotten that emotional green light that now is the time. Try and relax, like the saying goes “A watched pot never boils”

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    I often feel sad waiting.  We haven’t gone ring shopping, we have no plan in place.  I am one of the waiting girls that is waiting for her SO to actually be ready to get married.  He isn’t ready yet.  So it can be very hard and very sad.

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    I’ve only felt sad waiting when other people who have been dating shorter than SO and I have get engaged and others are either getting married/getting pregnant/buying houses/moving on with their lives.

    This past July 4th weekend was a little difficult for me b/c my SO’s female friend who has been dating her SO shorter than my SO and I have been together got engaged. In addition to that, my ex who not only got married once since we broke up but has been dating his new SO/now fiancee way shorter than my SO and I have been together. Hell, I gave him dating advice WHILE dating my SO when he started dating his now-fiancee. So yeah, it was a little difficult as I’m feeling that even though my SO has got the ring, he’s dragging his feet.

    This year has also been kind of trying b/c I feel like everyone and their mom has been getting pregnant – no seriously. I’m not sure kids are for me, but what makes me sad is that everyone around me seems to be moving on with their lives while I’m stuck in some humiliating limbo. No one is asking me when I’m getting married, but EVERYONE has been nagging my SO, and I think that’s actually even more humiliating to me.

    I’ve been dealing with it by shopping and drinking wine, but I know that’s not healthy. :/ I’m focusing on picking up healthier methods of coping.


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    Don’t feel sad, this is a great time in your relationship!

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    The only encouragement I can offer is that you’re not the only one waiting. Just look at all of us, lol.

    I’m still waiting, and I frequently feel very sad about it. I know I’m fortunate that my SO actually has a ring–I saw it–but at the same time I just feel like it’s going to sit in it’s hiding spot forever.

    He was supposed to propose before I graduated in May, and it was so exciting because there were so many big moments at which it could have happened, and well.. that didn’t happen, obviously. I’ve pretty much stopped talking about it altogether so he doesn’t feel any pressure, but now I just feel like it’s going to be a long time–if ever–before it happens.

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    @MrsNewDay:  Any chance you’re 31? Because I’m going thru the same thing with the babies and feeling so so stuck in limbo, like the friend everyone else is waiting for to grow up…. Except the irony is that I’m the one who established a career, started a life far away from the nest, etc.  Just had setback after setback with the ‘finding the one’ part of growing up!


    And I too, the other day, was considering pulling out my credit card in order to indulge in MORE retail therapy to feel better.  Shame!

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