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Darling Husband just picked up a bartending job for some extra income. My skills would pay well only for a day corporate job so any night time work I did when Darling Husband was home wouldn’t pay much. I do know of some SAHM’s that watch other family members kids for some extra income, not much but even if it pays for food shopping it’s a plus. 

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I meant to respond to this earlier, and Dirty Delete woke up, so I forgot!  I’m sorry.

I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom, and we don’t do anything for extra income.  Basically for us, there is a lot of sacrifice.  During our lowest point, we made it work on 35k a year.  We lived in a nice place, had a working car, and we were still able to go out to dinner, movies once in awhile, stuff like that.  My kid always had everything she needed, and my pets always had plenty of food and all the appropriate health care.

Now, we’re making much, much more than that.  But I don’t know if I would say Darling Husband gets paid “really well” in the grand scheme of things.  We now both have cars.  We have a house-we’re able to take vacations (short, local ones.)  Everyone still has everything they need and some things they want.  We don’t use credit cards though, so sometimes we have to wait/save for bigger purchases.  

For us, it’s about priorities.  Did I get the new Iphone?  No.  Do I have a smartphone that I like just fine?  Yes.  Did I get a new car?  No.  Did I get a car in fantastic condition with lowish miles that was safe for me and the kids? Yes.  It’s just stuff like that.

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I’m dreading going back to work and would love to hear some suggestions on this topic as well! I plan to return to work (if I have to) the beginning of Jan. 2013. 

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I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom. We have three beautiful boys, 4,2 and 11 months. The oldest is in preschool and I’m t home with the younger two. Fiance doesn’t make a whole lot of money, but we are just getting by. I always wanted to make/sell jewelry and other things at craft fairs but some things “take money to make money”.

I can relate to a PP where we do make sacrifices. If I went back to work, all of my income, if not more, would be going to a sitter. We’re lucky we pay only $55/month for our oldest to go to preschool!

We don’t have the “newest” or “lasted” fashion/trend things, but we have everything we need and are a pretty happy family 🙂

If you are able to stay home with your baby, I would highly reccomend it! It goes by way too fast!

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I am a Stay-At-Home Mom. It can sometimes be a struggle because our health  insurance frankly sucks. I would say all of our struggling comes from that. I do a lot of crazy things to save money. I only grocery shop once a month and that saves us around $300. I hang all the laundry. Not using a dryer saves us $100 a month. I shop at thrift stores and yard sales for baby/toddler clothes because lets face it some sizes they wear like 6 weeks! I grow a lot of our vegetables and can/freeze them. It is a very relaxing hobby :D. I sew and upcycle alot. This is another reason I yard sale. I love unique one of a kind things so upcycling has become my new hobby. I try to combine trips to town because gas prices have gotten ridiculous. I don’t have the latest and greatest anything  except kids which was a trade off I was totally willing to make.

If we are really in a pinch he picks up OT or I work hospice or home healthcare for a season. When my babies were small I even took them with me to care for the elderly. It was a private gig and the old people LOVED it!

I know there are a ton of things I do to save money but didn’t want to write a novel so if I can help or encourage you feel free to PM me 😀

Babies grow up much to fast so enjoy them!

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Darling Husband and I are currently in the talks of what to do once LO is born. Daycare around here is $1200-$1500 for an infant, and most only want full time. With my leftover salary, I’ve told Darling Husband it may just not be worth it. We could easily get by with his salary, but would definitely have to make an adjustment in the way we eat out (which is changing anyway after LO is born) and some other lifestyle changes.

One thing I am considering is doing some at home support work if I do become a Stay-At-Home Mom. Darling Husband and I are both in the IT field and currently work full time for different companies. He also has a business on the side doing work. The thought would be that I could do some of the work during the day from home. I would only have to do around 8 hours a week to make what I make full time now, but would have to find the people. I’d just need to find someone that would be available to watch LO if I had to go to a client site here and there (say something isn’t fixable remotely).

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I am kinda a stay at home mom I do not work but I am going to school (lucky pell grants and oregon opportunity grant is enough to pay for school while I am Community College)

But I make our own laundry soap it takes about 30ish minutes 3 or 4 times a year I make it 5 gallons at a time and it saves (for our family of 4) about 165 dollars a year!

On top of the laundry soap I make most of my own cleaning products (you can find a million different kinds of home made cleaning products on pinterest)

I cook from scratch (I am still new to this) But I did not realize how much money was being spent for convience. Example the only baked good I buy is bread (well and sometimes bagels) I make everything else myself!

On thing that saves us LOTS of money this time of year is we christmas shop the whole year. If I find something on clearance and it would be great for someone we already have to buy for I pick it up! We are about 95% done already and we have gotten everyone GREAT gifts and have not spent more than $15 on any one (Other than our kids)

No credit cards if we cant buy it yet we save up for it. Sometimes it takes a LOT longer but a lot of the time I realize I don’t want/need it anyways.


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The best plan Ive heard, which doesnt work for you since youre already on maternity leave, is to start living off one salary while youre pregnant. That way you have eextra savings AND youre already used to living off one salary so it doesnt seem shocking when you quit.


I am self employed, and have to say if youre interested in learning more about working for yourself, to read the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. Its a very good read about how to use talents you have to start a business without a lot of startup money.

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i’m a Stay-At-Home Mom and i am also a licensed cosmetologist and i am WSI certified to teach swim lessons to all ages… also my mom and i are certified to teach CPR classes so i do all of the above for extra $$$

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Right now I work part time, and Darling Husband has a good job. We make sure to live on *less* than his job alone, so that when/if I do get pregnant we don’t have to worry about me working. (It’s all about adjusting your lifestyle- we could have a MUCH bigger mortgage than we have now, but since it’s more important that we save money and live on only one income, we have a relatively small house, and we don’t go out to eat much or go to movies or do very many other “extra” things that would raise our living expenses.)

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I’m planning to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. We’re very lucky in that Darling Husband has a wonderful job in tech, and the market for tech employees is super hot in our region so his salary and benefits are very very good.

It would be much easier for us if I was bringing in money, of course.We’re very strict about retirement and college fund savings, and we put the max allowed in those accounts each year. Not to mention we’re just wrapping up a massive home remodel and will have another one to do in the next few years (we have to add bedrooms to stay in this house if we want more than one child, and we do, and moving after putting 3 years and lots of money and love into this house isn’t our ideal choice…besides, buying a bigger house in our area would cost as much if not more than remodeling ours, :/).

Here are some major things we’re doing:

  • Cut back on travel out of state, and letting deals dictate travel dates/locations when possible when we do take trips
  • Cook in bulk, freeze extra portions (we invested about $100 in a vacuum seal machine and it has paid back bigtime in food lasting longer and not having to buy a ton of gladware to store frozen food in)
  • Cut back on the coffee shop
  • Use dryell sheets instead of dry cleaning each time I wear something
  • Work for trade for things we pay for now, like a leadership development program we’re both in and my gym (which is a small local business). If there are local businesses you deal with often enough to know the owners a bit, it’s worth asking if they’re open to a trade…they can be cash strapped and paying somebody in service/goods vs. money might be attractive to them…even a local bakery or wine shop or something!
  • Asking friends for hand-me-down baby clothes and gear, returning any special items to them once my LO has outgrown them. I just take a permanent pen and write their initials on the back of a tag or somewhere else inconspicuous (I ask them before doing this, of course!)
  • Joining one or two moms groups to see if I can make some new friends who can help watch each other’s kids on occasion, or maybe a nanny-share since I don’t need full-time care but having somebody to watch LO for a few hours here and there would be nice.
  • Try to work for trade at the school when the kids get to that age (we’re going private as the public schools, except for the high school, in our area are not good).

And, like a PP said, thrift/consignment stores are always good, and take your own outgrown baby clothes and gear to consignment! Even if it’s just latte money (a term I heard the owner of one shop toss out to a mom leaving a batch of items with her) it’s a nice extra few bucks.

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I have a friend that works part time at a store they frequent. She works one night a week and one weekend day. This way she earns a little bit of money, but more importantly she gets a discount to save money on stuff they need to buy. 

And because of her hours her kids get to stay with her husband so there is no need of daycare.

I also know someone else that works at a daycare so her kids can attend for free. It doesnt pay much, but she can earn money and be with her kids as well.

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I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom and we certainly don’t make ‘so much’.My boyfriend works 2 jobs, a M-F 9-5 and he serves Friday and Saturday nights for extra cash. He works hard but it’s worth it.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? Me and my bf have taken his “Financial Peace Univeristy” classes and they’re an awesome way to get you and you SO talking about money, budgeting, etc. It’s an investment at first ($150 for class and materials for both) but worth it. Don’t want to shell out the cash? Buy his book Financial Peace Revisited. Awesome stuff!
  • I’ll agree with the others.. it’s more about sacrifice than anything else. Cut back on date nights, eating out etc. When you do go out use deals like Groupons, Living Social, ScoutMob (my fav) Sweet Jack, Amazon Local etc to save money. Plus you get to experience new places and things! 
  • Buy bulk. Diapers, food, toilet paper, whatever works for your family. Make Costco your new best friend, or someone with a Costco card. 😉
  • Couponing.. if there is a brand that you use a lot of email the company a lot of companies will send you coupons just for sending an email (Huggies will!) clip coupons in the Sunday paper, or look on your grocery stores website and see if they offer coupons on your loyalty card. (I shop at Kroger, add coupons to my card and then save money on gas! love it!) Have a Publix near you? Join thier baby club. Big coupons. Anywhere you shop often make sure you sign up for coupons. I do this for Target, Carter’s etc. Sure you get some junk mail but it’s worth it. Also like them on Facebook.. they post coupons on there too. 
  • Emeals.com – it gives you a shopping list for the week and recipes to go along it is formulated for specific diets, need (gluten free etc) and for family size. It lays out everything and makes sure you use the ingredients economically all week. Theres a groupon for this RIGHT NOW!

Something I have done lately to make some extra shopping/ pedicure money for myself are focus groups. It’s in consistent but every once in a while to get 100 bucks is nice. I’ve done two in the last week. One for 2 hours I went and talked about lotion.. got a 100 bucks. The other I taste tested coffee for 30 minutes.. got 40 bucks! Easy money! Google focus groups in your city.. they’ll have you join a data base and send you screener surverys every few days/ weeks to see if you’re the kind of person they want.

Good luck!



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