(Closed) SAHW. How do you do it?

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I’ve actually just lost my job… well my employer no longer has any work for me so it’s the same kind of thing and I’ve been wondering what to do with my time. OH is very much a “Don’t waste you time” person and if he were on my position he would find a useful way to spend his time and try and make money. I am the complete oppisite and waste more of my time than I’d like to.

Luckily OH is in a VERY good postion work wise so we don’t have to worry for money, so I’m just going to be a full time housewife. I’m going to get the house looking as nice as I can get it. Then maybe spend time exercising because I could never find time before and I have put on weight ๐Ÿ™ I’ll also have more time to put into our evening meal with OH will love.

I guess when I start to find that I have spare time I’ll do that artwork OH wants me to do for him! And maybe I’ll get back into drawing old-school!

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I would love, LOVE to stay home!  I would work out, cook regularly, and volunteer.  I would never be bored.  

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katy13:  My situation is a little different as I am a SAHM/WAHM, so I have things to keep me busy. I posted this in another thread the other day about fitness though. I get up in the mornings and take the kids to school, do yoga, work for a few hours (a couple of days a week I have my cousins kids for a couple of hours), then the kids are home. I then cook, and spend time with my family, then I jog & work for a few more hours. I throw some house work, that the kids do not do in there too. If I were not working though, I would work out more, run a LOT of errands, crochet and sew, read, etc.

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katy13:  I was a Stay-At-Home Wife for almost 2 years and i LOVED every minute of it! I joined a womens volunteer group and got super involved in the community during that time. I also read a LOT, crafted a ton, worked on my blog, traveled, saw movies during the middle of the week at 11am, met my Darling Husband for weekly lunch dates. I also worked out with a trainer 3x/week, cooked a bunch & did lots of organizing around my house. Now I am a Stay-At-Home Mom and I wish I had done more cleaning & organizing when i had the free time. 

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katy13:  I stayed home for 2 years after I for laid off and decided to go back to school. I did have a wedding to plan and classes to study for but there were times, especially on school breaks and well before and after the wedding; that I had to make something of each day and honestly I never felt bored….on the contrary, I felt like I should be accomplishing so much but wasn’t! It’s times like those I would have major anxiety thinking of the closet I’ve been meaning to rorganize, the photos that need sorting, the wedding portraits that need framing…my ass that needs time on the elliptical, the bills that need paying, the budget that needs tweaking, the bushes that need trimming, the lawn that needs mowing, the car that needs detailing….thw linens that need folding, the recipe that needs trying! I always felt like a lazy housewife, because some days I just stayed in bed watching “snapped” while tweezing my eyebrows and painting my toes only to barley pull a steak out of the freezer and the highlight of my day would be meeting a friend for lunch. lol. 



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katy13:  put yourself on a schedule, and find hobbies you’re passionate about! set up a really sick cleaning schedule (they have them on pinterest) where you do a deep clean of a certain room each day. take time each day to go to the gym or participate in a sport that keeps you in shape. for example:


Deep clean kitchen

Go to the gym


Deep clean living room

Go grocery shopping

Go to gym


Cook dinner every night and pack your husband’s lunches?

There are a ton of ways that being a Stay-At-Home Wife can be a valuable addition to a household, as long as you aren’t sitting around watching Netflix all day. Haha!

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I LOVED being a SAHF when I quit my highly toxic job and took a few months to heal and get my life back together.  If Fiance made enough money, I would love to be a SAHW/SAHM — I have absolutely no problems keeping myself busy and happy!

Even though it’s my dream to be at home, deep down I am grateful that our situation doesn’t allow me to do that yet and as a result, I have to really focus on my career right now.  I know most of my friends who became Stay-At-Home Mom totally lost all of their ambition and drive to further their careers once they started to stay at home, and now, if they were to go back to their careers they would have to start from the bottom again.  For me, I’m glad I have to work really hard right now to pay our bills, etc.  When I look at my life as a whole, I’d rather really push myself hard now and achieve career success and then start a family knowing that I did achieve success vs. being a Stay-At-Home Mom immediately and then always regretting of what “might” have happened if I didn’t give-up my career aspirations.  I know there are many women who say you can still achieve success in your career with kids in the mix, but knowing myself, I know I’d get really distracted and want to focus 100% on our family that my career would be pushed to the backburner.

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katy13:  reading through your posts, I put 2 & 2 together and figure you must be living in Katy. Some things you might want to look into are volunteer opportunities. Especially in the summer, there have got to be tons of volunteer opportunities for kids activities.

If that’s not your style, there may also be museum docent at the Katy Heritage Museum.

You could also look at joining a league to play a team sport. There are plenty of them for adults, but the practices are usually in the evenings.

There are plenty of activities in downtown Houston and the museum district, so it may be good to get invovled in the arts once a week. I know the drive can be onerous, but if you don’t have to leave Katy until the mid-morning, the traffic won’t be as bad.

And making a list of things you always wanted to do/learn/experience is a place to start. If you want to learn a skill like knitting, gardening, or sewing, then there are probably resources in Katy to learn those.

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I’ll switch! There are so many things I wish I could do, but can’t because I work full time. I hate being in the workforce. I much more prefer to be on my own schedule, clean, cook, and spend time with my friends.

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I’ve become a Stay-At-Home Wife since we moved to DH’s home country for a year or two. He’s currently here with me between work missions and we’ve been spending our time exploring, sightseeing, meeting his family and going to the beach. However, at the end of May he’s going to work and I will find myself alone for 2 months in a country where I know 4 people! If I don’t sort myself out a rountine I’m going to go craaazy! So, I’m downloading free classics on my Kindle, we’ve got a running machine, I’m going to bake cakes and clean and watch the odd series. I may also look at getting some part time work that I can do from home. It’s a big change, especially as when we met I had a well paid job in Paris and we moved across the world, but it’s also a huge adventure and when Darling Husband is home we’ll hopefully be able to travel a lot and do all kinds of stuff we couldn’t do before.

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I’m never bored! I always find lots of things to do and my days usually go by super fast aha. I do an hour of pilates once my Fiance leaves for work and then shower/cool off, do dishes and/or vacuum. I water the flowers in our front garden and do little activities around the house or wedding related stuff. My Fiance comes home for lunch everyday so I make us lunch and then we hang out and eat together for an hour. Then my afternoon is usually filled with light chores and general cleaning so that I keep on top of things and chores don’t pile up. I also like to work in my new vegetable garden or take our dog for walks. Sometimes I do bigger projects around our house – I recently remodeled our basement laundry room and refinished our staircase. I have the time and it saves a ton of money DIYing it. Plus, it’s very satisfying. I also make sure that most nights our supper is ready for when my Fiance gets home. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, depending on what I’ve been doing in the afternoon, but most of the time I’m able to have it ready. Oh and I also love to bake! I feel so lucky that I have time during the day to bake cupcakes and other treats (my Fiance and his coworkers love it as well haha).

I do work on weekends, but it’s never more than 15 hours a week (it’s usually like 6-10 hours) so I consider myself a Stay-At-Home Wife for now since during the week I don’t have to work outside of the home. I have one more course left and then I finish my second university degree, but I’m waiting until after the wedding to start it (: I’ll likely be a Stay-At-Home Mom until our kids are in school as well. I just really enjoy it and my Fiance enjoys it as well because he hates doing the kinds of things that I do (mainly cleaning aha).

ETA: I’m trying to learn to sew since I got a sewing machine at my shower and I love reading during the day as well. I saw your last post and I think a puppy is a really good idea. It’s so nice having so much time to devote to training and snuggling (:

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I’m currently a stay at home wife and I spend my days studying, my evenings cooking and reading, and my weekends with my husband. It’s working for us but I’m bored out of my mind.

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Oh gosh, if I were a Stay-At-Home Wife. The things I would do. I’d have time to exercise, read, sew, scrapbook! Sounds wonderful (of course while keeping the house clean and cooking of course. This is our goal after the summer, for me to be able to stay home, or at least go down to part time. And if I do still have to work part time after this summer, then after next spring I’ll be done. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Haha. Totally just reallized that I’ve already commented on this post 3 weeks ago. That’s how tired I am… ๐Ÿ˜›

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