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    Bumble bee

    Though completely adorable, Samoyed’s can have a difficut personality. Like huskies, they are very independent and can be hard to train. Of course, this is all generalization and every dog is different. It all depends what kind of dog you want!

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    I grew up with one.  He was big and fluffy and I would hug all over him (I was like a tween not a toddler LoL).  He was super sweet, shy, and really gentle.  His name was Sammy.

    Hah…I even had the barbie samoyed dog πŸ™‚

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    My only experience with a Samoyed was negetive. She bit and was very poorly trained. She didn’t seem to want to listen to anyone. I would stick with a breed you know and love. Labs and German Shepherds are great dogs and adorable puppies. 

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    We have a Japanese Akita which Ive heard can be similair in temperments to samoyeds. Before we got her (shes a rescue) we got so many negative stories off people, how they are fighting dogs,need a huge amount of exercise, can have a nasty temperment etc. And we now own the sweetest,loveliest gorgeous dog ever (but Im biased πŸ˜‰ )

    Yes she has a very strong personality, shes stubborn, ignorant(when she wants to be!) and if she was ever off the lead(which we never allow) she is independant enough that she would go a-wandering.

    But she also the sweetest,gentlest, most loving and intelligent dog I know,and she can outsmart us with both paws tied behind her back lol!

    She does have some issues but Im sure this is left over from her previous owners. She hates other dogs,full stop. She also is wary of meeting new people, if they rush up to her and fuss over her she will growl but she will simply remove herself from the situation and so far has never even attempted to snap at anynone. Shes all about making noise and then running away.(big wimp!)

    In short, we have never known a dog like her and we wouldnt change her for the world.She is so well behaved!

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    and of course obligatory photo πŸ™‚ shes much prettier in real life but she hates her photo being taken,hence why shes looking at a wall!

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    interesting!  from what i read about samoyeds, they are great trainable dogs.  i would’ve gotten a samoyed instead of my shiba but i didn’t like that they were considered very barky dogs.  if you’ve had huskies before… or any well trained dog, i fail to see why you can’t appropriately train a samoyed. 

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    @NowMarriedNotHarried:  OH MY GOSH! I can’t believe anyone has anything bad to say about Sammies!!! I have a purebred Samoyed and got him from a highly regarded breeder over the other side of Aus (they are rare here) and since day 1 I have trained him, I imagine the same way you had to do with Huskies and german sheperds. Pack dogs need to be taught their place, taught patience and taught to play nicely – not to bark or bite or jump. Big dogs often don’t know how big they are. Rescue dogs – whatever the breed – are also often difficult to retrain.

    I would absolutely 100% say yes get a Sammy, they are all the best parts of a Husky magnified and in one awesome temperamented dog, I absolutely ADORE mine and we will definitely cry and cry and cry when he passes on because he is already such a huge part of our family and lives – even though he’s only 9 months old now.

    Some obligitory pictures for you to see what a good boy he is. Also I’m only a small girl, he walks so nicely with me but that was probably the hardest thing to train him to do! He sits, lays down, comes back on command, stands up, high fives, shakes paw, will “leave it” and sit down if you stand in front of something he is interested in chasing or eating. And he is sooo good with kids, so gentle, never bites, never barks and we love his Sammy singing – look it up on youtube, you will fall in love πŸ˜€

     Oh and in relation to exercise, ours is at home for about 7 hours a day alone – he is left with a lot of toys (to rip the stuffing out of 😐 ) and big big bones to munch on and about 3 days a week we take him for a big walk or chuck around the ball until he’s tired, then he is happy to just chill inside and sleep next to us. I would say though you do need an area for them where they can’t destroy too much. Ours tried escaping, digging and then eating rose plants πŸ™ Now he is in the pool area and has more than enough room to run (and he doesn’t go anywhere near the pool) and play and he loves being inside with us too.

    So, pics, without further ado. From a puppy until now. Out of order sorry, I tried!

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    Greyhounds tend to be couch potatoes, funny enough, but obviously won’t complain if taken for a run.  If you prefer hiking, I would worry a bit about their delicacy, though.  A Newfoundland might be good, too?  A big teddy bear, but I’d say able to keep up on a hike, provided it is not too hot.

    Maybe, as a white, fluffy, alternative, an American Eskimo Dog?  Just about as cute, with none of the characteristic stubborness of a sled dog.

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    Is this your first dog you will be raising by yourself as the master/ alpha?  If so, I would not recommend a Semoyed, Husky, or GSD.  Those are breeds that require an experienced handler because they are very independent and can be prone to behavioral issues if they do not have a strong experienced leader.  Any dog needs a strong leader, but I find dogs from the sporting group (retrievers, spaniels, setters) to be much easier to train and handle, especially for first time masters.

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    @NowMarriedNotHarried:  You have obviously put a lot of thought about it and I dont see any reason as to not getting a samoyed. You have experience with a similair breed (husky) and having experience with dog training is excellent! Also just wanted to add, our akita is honestly as lazy as you let her be, she loves going for walks when she on them but shes also quite happy to just chill at home and has never gotten too hyped up due to not enough exercise for the day. Plus shes just too laid back to want to run around!

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