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@BagsnBooks:  Exactly my point. No one knows how they will react to something like this until, God forbid, it happens to them. Especially something like losing a child. One of the other parents, I believe it was Mrs. Pozner, recently spoke about how the grief she feels over losing her son hits her very randomly and unexpectedly. It comes in waves. One of her daughters doesn’t want to listen to music in the car because it makes her sad. My mom can’t talk about her sister, who committed suicide almost 20 years ago, without tearing up yet their father has no trouble talking about her whatsoever (and when his kids made him see a counselor after she died, the counselor said he would be just fine since he was an emotionally strong person).

There’s no way to know how someone will react to something like this.

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Oh good lord, every time something tragic happens, the loonies crawl out of their makeshift bomb shelters and shout “conspiracy”! It happened with WWII concentration camps, 9/11, etc. Usually those people’s opinions don’t get very far, but thanks to the interwebz we can now all enjoy a bit of “bananas” with our breakfast.

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We will never know if it was or wasn’t, but there was lying from people and newscasters and some of it is plausible, especially with them putting a ban on assault rifles, but we will never know. They are even taking down some videos on YouTube, so that makes you wonder too!

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@mlford0531:  No. There is no reasonable dispute of the basic facts: that a lone gunman murdered 20 students and 6 staff.

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@Treejewel19:  OK I got a bit carried away. I got very emotional as I imagined what the families must be going through. I still think, when grieving families are involved, that it is insensitive when people post these things without checking some basic facts.

But I went too far using the words “stupid” and “idiotic”. That was unhelpful and a little mean to you, and I apologise for using those words.

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Anybody who thinks this is a hoax needs their head examined. That is incredibly effed up to say.

I know lots of people will get up in arms about gun control but there’s no conspiracy. America are FINALLY having talks about gun control (for those not in the know, gun control does NOT mean “omggg they’re taking my gunnnzzz!!!11” it means CONTROL) after a tragedy. This is a good thing. It’s awful those kids died, but you know what, it wasn’t the government.


There’s a brief de-bunking of the ‘hoax’ for anyone interested: link


For what it’s worth, gun control was introduced to my country when I was young and lo and behold, the government didn’t become a dictatorship, we’re a totally free country (freer than the USA actually) and it’s been over 16 years since a shooting spree. NATION-wide.

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What is sick to me in doing some of my own research is that these poor famiies are being harrased by people thinking this is fake. How horrible.

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I never said that I believed either way. I don’t believe it was set up by the government. I do believe the government and the media used the tradegy to their advantage. I do believe Emilee Parker pictures were debunked. I do believe children died.

I still have questions about there being a single shooter. Why the entire neighborhood did not know Adam Lanza or his mother. Why he was driving a felon’s vehicle (Rhodia, I think was his name)

It is very plausible that I have a difficult time coming to terms with this because I have a teenage son with autism. I could very well see how my son could be conned into doing something (it was always a fear of mine that he could be involved say in a theft and not realize he was the lookout guy for example) but I do not believe that he could go into a building and kill others without prompting. This story makes me think about that and it’s uncomfortable for me to think about. It is one of the reasons I do not have guns in my home and that I am uncomfortable with my son being around guns (as well as a gun tradegy that I went through as a child witnessing my own cousin getting shot in the head accidently.)

I find it horrible that people are harrassing these families. I pray that the families find peace and healing.

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I am by no means the type of person who usually jumps to the conclusion that things are all a conspiracy. But, after watching alot of video and seeing a lot of things NOT add up I am just left somewhat confused. It is easy to say that it is cruel and stupid to say that it is a set-up, but until you’ve actually done some research I think it is just as silly to think there is no way that it could be. It is important to question the world around you. People who become too comfortable with this world we live in are the reason why bad people are able to achieve bad things. I surely hope it ISN’T a setup, because that would be devestating. But I am aware that there is plenty of deception in this thing we call life.

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@jadealexaellis:  Please do the research you’re talking about doing. You will see everything in that video has been debunked. Of course media will put their spin on things, we all know that’s how the media works, but to claim a set up is pretty preposterous unless you have more than a few youtube videos to back you up.

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I don’t doubt that there was a shooter that went in the school and killed those kids. With that said i HIGHLY doubt everything we are hearing on the news about it is accurate. It is all a little too convenient and i honestly wouldn’t put it past certain members of our government. However to say it never happened is a little too far fetched and unrealistic to me. However it most certainly was spun and carried on and on to draw up fear in the people and get support for his already planned upcoming gun control bills.

With that said – I do believe the media is telling us that there was an AR-15 used in the shooting just because thats the gun that obama has deemed “scary” and has been wanting to ban it. I’ve heard MANY newsreports saying their was only handguns and an AR was left in the trunk – to another saying only handguns and a shotgun was found in the trunk and no sign of any AR at the scene at all. Lets face it – Obama knows that he can’t get rid of handguns (hello second ammendment ring a bell?!) however there was an assault weapon ban in the past  (which did nothing and thats why they let it expire) so by letting the public think there was an AR at the scene simply makes people go all nuts and say those guns are evil and all that. When in reality its a SEMI-automatic gun just like any handgun is. And they are NOT used by military (we’d lose every war if they were).


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I do not believe the shooting was a hoax.  However, the media puts their own spin on things to make something more or less than what it really is.  Also people talk before anything is really released officially so rumors get spread and then proven false and people are like “But the news said this was true but now the police say this is true?!?! OMG its a conspiracy”  You can’t believe everything you hear or see or read in or on the news or websites or any media for that matter.


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@Kate0558:  I hope you put tinfoil all around your computer as you typed this – otherwise Obama and the rest of hoaxers might be monitoring you! 

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It is sad to think this could possibly be a hoax.  But there are many interesting things out there on why people think it is a hoax.  I never have looked into any of this stuff before but I did google Sandy Hook Hoax earlier this week and they do present many interesting facts and inconsistencies. 

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