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  • poll: Would you like a non-traditional engagement ring such as a colored diamond or a gemstone?

    Yes, I love a non-traditional engagement ring! White diamonds are so mundane.

    No, I love a traditional white diamond engagement ring!!!

    I would be happy either way! A ring is just a symbol of our committment no matter the color or size.

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    What do you need suggestions for?  Places to buy stones?  Whether or not to get a sapphire or topaz?

    I have a white sapphire stone in my ring and I love it.  But really matters is what your wife wants.  Definitely don’t try to pass the sapphire or topaz off as a diamond.  Talk to her and see if she’s willing to wait for the upgraded stone.  Maybe she’s willing to accept a tiny stone if it’s the yellow diamond?

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    I have a sapphire engagement ring and I love it. In my case, I had told my fiance that I didn’t want diamonds. Depending on your girlfriend, you may want to ask her or see if you can figure out if she wants a blue sapphire. I wouldn’t recommend surprising her with a sapphire but you can look at some gorgeous rings!

    Mine is from http://www.myjewelrysource.com and they have a lot to choose from, not only sapphires but the other gemstones you mentioned as well.

    Here’s a pic of my ring. I know you can see my camera in the shot, I was playing around and don’t have a better picture right now:

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    I have a sapphire engagement ring also.  And I totally love it!  My case is similar to mary-alice-me’s.  My (now husband) knew that I did not want to wear a diamond.

    I have a Ceylon Sapphire. The only way you are able to see blue is in natural light!  My husband also purchased the sapphire seperately and had it placed in a setting.

    Good luck!!



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    Sorry for all the added punctuation.  I have no idea why it posted that way ๐Ÿ™

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    My fiance thinks diamonds are boring.  I can’t say I agree, but he was so excited by the idea of a sapphire that I was easily convinced.  We were able to find an antique setting (something we both felt strongly about) that did not have a center stone.  So we bought a new sapphire to go in it.

    For some reason, I can’t get the pic to work, but it’s here

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    Yellow diamonds are VERY expensive. You can find loose stones online and around, though, for decent prices. Depends on what your budget is.

    I think you need to find out why she specifically wants a yellow diamond. Is it the color yellow she wants? Or is it the fact that it’s a *fancy* diamond? I wanted one until I realized it was like, double the cost of a white diamond….and I would have rather had a bigger white diamond than a smaller yellow. Just me personally. I’d find out if she’d be ok with a non-diamond ring for now. It’s the sentiment that counts I think. Otherwise, I’d say she’ll have to settle for something small with an upgrade later, which is totally ok! Something to look forward to.

    Honestly though, if she’s just set on something yellow and sparkly, you can find some awfully nice *CZ* stones (i have a 2 carat canary that looks incredible, i still cannot believe it was $20, lol) in a moderate size, maybe 1/2 carat or 1 carat and trade it in for a real one in a year. Nobody has to know if that’s something that would bother her. If that feels too "cheap", then there are lovely alternative stones out there that can still satisfy a woman’s desire for something pretty on her left hand

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    The color balance in the bkgd of this photo is kind of weird, but this is my sapphire engagement set (didn’t want a ring).  This is pretty much what the color looks like when they catch the light, though. I think that the color of sapphires gets set off better with some diamonds nearby, but my Fiance has issues with the diamond trade and I didn’t want anything too busy. Of course, I think the set is absolutely stunning. And I love the simple solitaires b/c when they do catch the light there’s nothing to detract from how beautiful these stones are.


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    Why not get the yellow sapphire set just as she would have a yellow diamond and do an upgrade later when finances allow.  Your original stone would make a lovely pendant later on.  I hadn’t seen yellow sapphires before your post, but I found this site and thought they were beautiful.  What’s important is your love and commitment.  I wouldn’t keep it a secret from her though, let her in on your plan and the two of you can decide whether or not to tell everyone.  It’s also important so that she will care for the stone appropriately.


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    I would find out why she wants the yellow diamond – but I wouldn’t just assume that she wants any yellow stone.

    I personally wanted a white diamond for my Engagement Ring because I collect gemstones and have them set into jewelry as a hobby. SO I already have several gemstone rings and I wanted a diamond rather than a stone I already have like sapphire/topaz/ruby/amethyst, etc.  

    If you want to get her a colored stone  you could always get it for her "something blue" – that’s what my husband did. He got me a London Blue Topaz with diamond accents set in white gold for my birthday right before the wedding to wear as my "something blue".  But you could do it for her as her "something new" if she wanted a yellow stone. 

    Good Luck!

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    I think its a little ironic that yellow diamonds are so costly, yet people pay big bucks to have diamonds that are colorless. If it has the slightest tinge of yellow people discard it as no good…

    I really think she’ll love whatever you can afford. Sometimes brides-to-be can get a little caught up in the excitement & anticipation… I was so selective over my e-ring but when he finally proposed I couldn’t have cared less whether it was the ring I had picked out or a ring pop!

    I’m sure she’ll love whatever you choose ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck & sorry I can’t offer more help.

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    I have a sapphire ring getting finishing touches right now! I’ve always wanted one.


    Whatever stone you get, make sure it is very hard (9 or 10 on Mohs scale). That way she can wear it every day.

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    My FH was planning on a diamond, but I said that I’d really like a sapphire. So I picked the stone, and he picked out the setting, had it engraved, etc. I LOVE what he came up with. He said he liked the setting because he thought it looked classic and wouldn’t go out of style my whole life. I tend to agree, but I’m biased ๐Ÿ™‚ I think sapphires make lovely engagement rings.

    @mary-alice-me:You have a three-stone setting, too! Yay! It’s lovely!!

    Argh, for some reason my pic won’t upload.


    Anyway, if what she wants is a yellow diamond, then a yellow sapphire or topaz is probably your best bet. But be honest about what kind of stone it is, and maybe offer to ‘upgrade’ it on your 5th anniversary if she still wants it at that time.

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    I’ve never thought about getting a non-traditional non-diamond engagement ring until my fiance popped the question with a family heirloom and it was a sapphire ring! It belonged to his beloved grandmother. He game me a choice; if I wanted my own diamond ring he’d get one, but this one meant the most to him. After I saw the ring, I was a convert. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I voted for "I would be happy either way! It’s what the ring represents that matters most."


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    I agree with the posts above – talk to her about what she REALLY wants – a bigger substitute or a yellow diamond. They are beautiful, but also VERY pricey! I got a traditional diamond (what I wanted), but my fiance sent me a million pictures and links to really understand the style I wanted (modern with a bit of vintage details), it’s okay to talk to your future wife about her likes/dislikes!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!!

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