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Sugar bee
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Biggest saver for me has always been grocery shopping.  Always having food in the house cuts down on last minute “there’s nothing to  eat ,let’s order out” costs, and taking leftovers for lunch saves at least $10.00 a day.  I’ve also gone so far at to take my car off the road and ride my bike/walk for 6 months to save the insurance cost.

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Buzzing bee

When I was working I saved money by simply bringing my lunch. I worked in SF so even fast food was crazy expensive and I could easily drop $10 on one meal if I wasn’t careful. Also, I switched from soda to water since it’s good for you and free. That move alone saved me $10 a month with adds up to $120 a year! Crazy isn’t? And I used public transporation as much as possible to get to work, which saved me on gas, bridge toll, and parking. 

I also try to wait until things are on sale and I do clip the occasional coupon. Nothing like the extreme couponers. Even if I only save a couple bucks I think it’s a success. And planning meals has been a boon for my wallet. Sure I might spend a bit more upfront going grocery shopping but knowing what I’ll be eating each night keeps me from going out. 

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Busy bee
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I Sounds really stupid but we throw all of our change into a big empty jar – anything that isn’t a note goes in and when the jar is full we bag it and take it into the bank and it goes right into our savings account you’d be amazed how much it builds up – last ‘jar empty’ we had over £200! You don’t miss the money but it’s a little boost to your savings every now and then ๐Ÿ™‚

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Helper bee

I stopped shopping retail. I buy my clothes off of Ebay vs new in the store. For example one pair of jeans @ Abercrombie cost like 50.00 I got a pair of gently used A&F Jeans, 2 A&F shorts & 1 pair of Hollister Jeans from Ebay all for 10.00 (shipping included).


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Sugar bee

My coffee maker is my biggest $ saver. At 4 bucks a pop at starbucks!? No thanks. I have the equivalent of 2 grande coffees every day for $15 a month. Not too shabby.

Cooking dinner and packing my lunch is the next. My guy and I are foodies and our biggest weakness is getting too lazy to make dinner and going out and dropping $100+ on dinner that night. Yeah. Not smart. We agreed to only go out to eat 3 times a month and cook the rest of the time. It’s helped. I also don’t remember the last time I bought lunch. I ALWAYS pack my lunch.

Clothes – if I don’t NEED it, I don’t buy it. Period. Even if it’s beautiful and a great deal. Cause even if it’s marked down from $50 to $20, that’s still $20 I don’t have to spend.

Before my guy got his way and got dish tv, I saved tv money by having netflix.

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Busy bee
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I bring my lunch to work everyday! I also budget using Mint.com.  It tracks where and what you’re spending and you can even use it to set savings goals.  I also ONLY buy clothes on sale and I don’t use credit cards. I’ve stopped having a weekly starbucks and only have starbucks like every other week or so.

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Bee Keeper
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we have a money box for all our coins to go into – one for aussie gold coins $1 and $2 and another one for only silver coins.  the gold coin money box has about $4K when filled and the silver one about $400 by memory

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Bumble bee
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I cut out meat when I was saving to go overseas… I was earning next to nothing and living by myself so I thought it was something simple to do! Im not advocating you go fully vegetarian (I certainly didn’t!) but a lot of people do ‘meat free Monday’ which (if your meat prices are like the meat prices here!) means you could save $10 pw on that one bit of meat.

I also stopped getting my hair done… I dyed it back to its natural colour and left it for the year. I think that was probably a big saver for me!

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Bumble bee
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We try not to eat out evry much….and I do my own pedicures.

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Blushing bee
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my fi and i play this game every week while grocery shopping:

when we’re standing in the checkout line, we make a guess as to how much the total cost will be.  whoever loses has to put the difference between their guess and actual cost into savings. (on top of whatever we were already going to contribute that week)

it’s playful and fun.  especially since i’ve won the past 3 weeks in a row haha


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Bumble bee

I had my cell phone company turn off my line’s texting capabilities.  I cannot send or receive texts.  It only saves me $5-10 a month, depending on the text plan I could choose, but with the taxes and fees, it’s a bit more.  I know it’s only a few $, but it helps!  Also, SO and I have the same cell company, so we can talk cell to cell for free!

@misskittykakes:  I’ve started doing my own mani/pedis too!

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