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I spent $1700 on the dress (that was with 10% trunk show discount), veil I picked up for $35 on the reduced rack, alterations are at least $400. $1700 is pretty standard for a dress where I’m from, it’s more expensive here than most places in the states, no David’s Bridal equivalent etc. but I went into the store saying no more than $2000 for sure. I couldn’t justify more than that. I just assume people on SYTTD are either well-off/have well-off parents or have different priorities for their money than me.  But some still make my head spin with how much they spend – I remember one lady who got Pnina’s for herself, her mum, and 2 or 3 daughters or something! They didn’t seem wealthy but I guess you never can tell!


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I wonder this for all aspects of weddings, honestly. Even $5,000 for the entire wedding seems to me like a lot of money for what is essentially a one day party. Just think of how many days you have to be at work to buy that wedding? The dress is just a drop in the bucket compared to how much everything else will cost! It all amazes me. Especially considering most weddings used to be small, simple potluck style gatherings that everyone pitched in for, and now we’re all trying to impress the butts off our guests with multiple course meals, open bars, gorgeous venues, wedding favours, the list goes on! haha 

My dress will be under $200. 

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I hate that show for the standards that they end up pushing & putting out there. I can’t stand it when someone is on the show & has a $2-3000 budget and the consultant reacts with a negative sigh or comment to Randy. They literally tell brides that you can NOT get a dress with lots of being for ‘only $2-3000’. My dress was $2000 before I had to have the chest custom to fit my larger sized bust, and my dress is a mega being dress! I’ve seen an episode where they weren’t able to show but 1 dress to a woman who wanted a ball gown because her budget was under $5000! It’s just really annoying & I just don’t understand why anyone would spend that kinda money on a dress they’re wearing for one day. I mean,  I get it that it’s their wedding dress, but to pay $10,000 or more??? I feel like it gives real people a false hope of reality and the price that should be spent on their wedding dress. It truly did that to me. They have gorgeous dresses & to be perfectly honest I do watch it because I love the beautiful dresses. But I don’t like the message that they put out there.

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chica95110:  yeah, those girls kill me. Most of the dresses they buy were over half my budget. My dress was $800 and that killed me. Personally I just wanted to go to the court house and elope, then have a BBQ after. No need for gifts or anything. I was more than willing to just buy a dress from Dillards or Macy’s lol. My veil was I think $50, I used heels I already had, and the only alterations i really had to get was getting my dress bussled which was like $40.  I dont remember how much my slip was though… i know it was for a ballgown, and IMO fairly pricey. 

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The reality is pepole come from all walks of life and have different budgets. My dress, veil shoes etc totaled about $8000. I saved for it, my mom saved for it and my dh paid for parts.

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My dress and veil were about $3500. (And they were from Kleinfeld!) I tried on everything from $800 David’s Bridal dresses to a $5,000 Monique Lhullier, and the one I liked most was the one that I got. I was lucky – my parents are pretty well-off, gave me a generous budget and I think it was totally worth it to be able to feel absolutely gorgeous on my wedding day. 

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I stopped watching that show bc it began to annoy me. I don’t get why if you walk into a store w/ a lets say $5,000 budget that means that they will show u dresses that are $5,000, not $2,000, $1,000, etc. etc. I also don’t like how when the woman tells the sales lady a number they go and bring in dresses well beyond it. That’s just rude. 


Most pple I know don’t have $10k lying around for a dress (i mean seriously, there’s so much half that could go towards), so it always makes me chuckle to see it on tv. If you make good money or saved up for it, then yes, by all means spend it on yourself bc it’s your money and you should do what you want with it.

However, I believe that what is shown on tv gives many women a false idea of what the “norm” is and hence they get disappointed at what they truly can afford at the time. I know too many pple who went into debt for weddings. Not a great way to start a life together imo.

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I love watching SYTTD. I like to see all the different styles of dresses and people’s preferences, etc.

However, I will not be getting my dress from Kleinfeld’s or other high-end bridal boutique. I don’t have the desire to wear a designer gown, and even if I did, we don’t have the money to purchase one. My mother graciously offered to pay for my wedding dress up to $500. We’re going to look at dresses next week, and we plan on going to David’s Bridal and a few consignment shops. I have about 15 dresses under $500 saved on my phone that I think are gorgeous and can’t wait to try on. 


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chica95110:    I won’t even guess what “normal” might be.  LOL   My dress was $3,000.  I haven’t had the alterations yet.

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I don’t really find that show to be any more unrealistic that most other shows on tv. It just shows a selected segment of the population – aka the well off. I generally assume the girls (or their family) have lots of money and can comfortably afford the dresses they’re buying. And I guess I have the impression that it’s a pricey salon so I would never have gone there with my $3000 budget, i was better served at other salons that weren’t so high end and pricey.

The show that I despise is Four Weddings which encourages brides to treat their wedding as a competition which is the exact opposite of how I think you should approach a wedding.

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chica95110:  When I first got engaged, my co-worker said you HAVE to watch it…

So I watched a few episodes online, and that’s all.  I found it ridiculous when girls would go in and say I have a budget of $5000 for my SECOND dress of the day (after spending $5000 on the first).  Then, the consultant brings out a $7800 dress and she buys it, saying “Oh, its okay to go a little over budget for the right dress”..ummm… an extra $3000 isn’t slighly over budget.  

I understand people come from all backgrounds and financal situations.  But when I see these spoiled girls  on the show getting $10,000 dresses paid for by their daddys because “they deserve it”, it makes me really think twice about how I will raise my kids.

That being said, I have co-workers that LOVE the show, but I know its not for me!


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$450. Veil and jewelry was borrowed. Shoes were $50. Undergarments were $75. Alterations were $100. So I spent $675 on my wedding day look. 

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I love SYTTD!  The money doesn’t phase me, but maybe that’s because I’m from the NYC area.  The thing that gets me the most are the family/friends that are so negative or make it all about themselves!  I was talking about this with one of my friends and I was like, “I can’t image any of our friends behaving that way.  These people need new friends.” and she totally agreed.

I also hate when people really don’t look good in mermaid gowns but insist on getting them because they’re “sexy.”  That shape isn’t for everyone!<br />

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Watching that show (before I was engaged/started looking for gowns) I was terrified that I’d end up in a burlap sack because I knew I couldn’t spend over $2k, and they were always so stressed out when trying to find a dress for a girl whose budget was any less than that. Then I come to find out when I started shopping that there are more than enough dresses to try on and love that cost less than $1,500. PHEW. I mean, I get that you can’t get a ballgown with a crap ton of swarovski crystals for less than that, but they just made it seem like you couldn’t find anything worth wearing under that amount.

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