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Bumble bee
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Thought provoking.  I guess, I only say it when I’m really feeling it.  I don’t hang up the phone every time with an I love you or even at night.  Sometimes though, we’ll be in a lovey dovey mood and say it back and forth all day.  

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Busy bee
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We say it whenever we part (in person, on the phone, etc). I’m a very mushy type of person and he genuinely can appreciate the love we share. Life is too short.

To me it doesn’t lose meaning because everytime I say it, I mean it.

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Busy bee
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Good question! I’ve been in relationships where we said it every 10 minutes, and other where it was only said once a week. I think my fiance and I have found a happy medium. We say it a few times a day, but we do mean it every time we say it. It hasn’t just become another greeting like “hello” or “goodbye”.

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Bumble bee
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I agree with Nexus. It’s what I was trying to say but she said it a lot more clearly.

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Busy bee
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We say it back and forth all day long. When we are in a place we cannot say it out loud, we squeeze each others hand three times for “I love you” and the other one squeezes twice for “me too”. I think it depends on the couple. That is just who we are. I mean it everytime I say it and I think he does too. We say it everytime we hang up the phone (what if it is the last phone call? I want it to be the last words he hears from me). But just because you don’t say it does not mean you don’t love the person as much. My FH does not bring me flowers randomly but I know he loves me because he tells me. Everyday. Maybe even 30 times a day.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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We say it a lot, definitely at least 5 times a day.  Always in the morning before we leave for work.

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Buzzing bee

We say it anytime we are leaving each other for any reason. If we are finishing up our phone/text conversation we will also say it.

A lot of the time during the evening, we will be sitting in the same room but doing our own thing (TV, homework, internet stuff, sports, etc.). Every once in a while one of us will break the silence with an “I love you.” Its nice because often I will be so lost in what I am doing I will forget he is sitting there with me and it is a quick reminder that we are still thinking of each other 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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We don’t say it all that much, maybe once a day, and I’m happy that way–in my last relationship my ex used it as a crutch because we didn’t really have anything else to say to each other. With my SO and I, “I love you” is heartfelt and special, not a space filler. I feel very much loved even though he doesn’t say it all the time. He doesn’t need to tell me constantly because he shows me. 🙂

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Busy bee
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We say it all the time…although not always those exact words.  We often mash up Korean/English together and/or take and English or Korean concept and make our own form of I love you.  I feel super dorky even explaining this…but in Korean a cow is a ‘so’.  Fiance was born in the year of the ox, so this is an important animal to us.  Therefore…in English, a cow says ‘moo’….so we often say ‘I love you MOO much’ or ‘I MOO love you.’  (hangs head in shame at the dorkiness of it all…)

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Sugar Beekeeper
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In my last relationship we said it all.the.time. and it did kind of bother me. We would say it when we had nothing else to say, whenever there was a lull in conversation– which was a lot. It was embarrassing to talk to him on the phone in front of other ppl bc it would be like: 

how are you?

good. you?



love you..

love you too.

so um… 


love you

love you too


with my Fiance we don’t say it much… maybe a few times/week…. but it makes it better when we do because i know it isn’t just words. 🙂

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Bumble bee
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Only like a million times a day. I think we even say it to each other when one of us leaves the room LOL.

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Sugar bee
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we say it a lot, but there is lots of heart behind each time it is said =)

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

We say it a lot. Probably between 5-10 times a day on a weekday, much more on the weekend when we are together all day long. I don’t feel that saying it this often “waters down” the meaning in any way.

This is actually something that came up when we met with our minister. He asked us why we were marrying one another and one of the things The Guy said (among many others, which made me burst into tears…good tears!) is that I’m very affectionate and it was kind of foreign to him at first since he grew up in a family that didn’t say I love you often (my family says I love you ALL the time, and we hug and kiss on the cheek a lot too…possibly a European thing!). He said that since he’s been with me I made him realize how important it is to say I love you and he says it to his parents now too, which is something he hadn’t previously done.

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