(Closed) Scariest stage of pregnancy for you personally??

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Helper bee

Once you become a mom, you never stop worrying. 🙂

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Bumble bee
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@love108:  Yes, I live in Iceland. I have no idea what my secret is. My sister is pregnant now and she is a bundle of nerves, so it’s not location…

I guess I’m a pretty carefree and laid-back person in general, which my sister definitely isn’t. It’s probably just that.

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Sugar bee
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Unfortunately my whole pregnancy was scary. The first trimester was scary because of the risk of miscarriage, and I also had random spotting until week 17.

Then at week 22 I ended up in hospital, in pain and thought I was in premature labor. It turned out in the end that I had hydronephrosis (my uterus was pressing on my ureter so my right kidney couldn’t drain). It was insanely painful and could have caused a lot of damage, so for the rest of my pregnancy I needed a stent in my ureter. I also needed to get it replaced 2 times while I was pregnant. It was terrifying to get surgery while pregnant 🙁

Then in my final weeks I was diagnosed with IUGR, which was also scary.

Labor was VERY welcome, and I was SO happy to have a completely healthy baby girl in the end!

Pregnancy is so unpredictable. I was a very healthy person before I got pregnant, I never expected to have so many issues along the way! I still loved being pregnant though. It was amazing!

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Bumble bee
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I have to say that I’ve pretty much been scared the entire pregnancy.  It’s been for different reasons, and I’ve tried so hard to not worry constantly, but I really just want her to be healthy and this we won’t know for sure until she’s here.  But I agree that from what I’ve heard, “mommy-worry” never really does go away.  I get that.

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Honey bee
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With my first I was never scared about anything but this time the whole last month has been scary since baby is still breech and I have no idea what will happen.

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Busy bee
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I’m only 25 weeks today, but for me the scariest time was the first trimester until I felt the baby move at 19 weeks. Now if I start having fears, I can just lay down and feel the baby move. That reassures me that he’s still okay.

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Buzzing bee
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So far I really haven’t been too worried about pregnancy.  (Currently 18 weeks.)  I thought I would be more worried but I’ll take it!  I think a large part is because while I’ve wrapped my head around the fact we’re having a baby, I haven’t yet connected to it as an individual.  I’m expecting that’ll happen once I feel movement or the anatomy scan but for now I’m just waiting.  

However, I am still scared of something happening when they’re a kid.  It’s not something that really gets to me but little flashes come up every now and again.  

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Helper bee
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I think I have been worried/scared throughout the whole pregnancy.  The first trimester because I was so worried about miscarriage and then in the second I was worried until I started feeling her and now that I have 10 weeks to go, I am terrified that something will happen to her at this point.  Especially on days when she isn’t as active and I dont feel her very much!  I am just being a worrywort but it will kill me now if something were to happen to her.

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Busy bee
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The first point was getting past the point that I had a MC, then I thought that I could breath, Till I had preterm labor, they were able to stop things… the worst was when they told me that I was carrying to small and that they might have to take my son early, cuz they feared i was harming him.. So had u/s every week till I delivered

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Buzzing bee
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I would have to say the scariest part for me was everything before week 10. I was terrified and counting down the days to “safety.” It took a while for my dh and I to get pregnant and I would have been beyond devastated if things didn’t turn out well! After the first trimester I calmed down quite a bit!

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Busy bee
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The first trimeste is the scariesr: I kept having pain in my side….and also at one point I thought I miscarried. Also, whenever I would have a miscarriage nightmare(I had 2 or 3).

2nd trimester:I’m a teacher and a ball hit my abdomen on the side…..luckily the ultrasound showed everything was fine still.

3rd timester: I am just worried of her coming early.

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Bee Keeper
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Definitely the 1st trimester. Since I’d had a miscarriage before, then having a low beta at the beginning and then having a RED bleeding scare, too! The 1st trimester was the scariest time in my life!!! I enjoy the 2nd trimester much, much more!!

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Busy bee
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Of course there’s always an underlying fear of SOMEthing bad happening but I’ve stayed pretty calm every since my 10 week ultrasound.  My lack of symptoms and history of spotting had me pretty convinced I’d go in for my u/s and there’d be no baby.  I promised Darling Husband that I’d be more “normal” after that and have been pretty relaxed.  Bad things happen but worrying won’t prevent them, so my mantra has been to worry when there’s something to worry about!

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Bee Keeper

Definitely the weeks leading up to our 7 week ultrasound. Those were by far the scariest for us b/c we had 2 previous miscarriages. Even the appointment, I was a total wreck. Our very first appointment with our first pregnancy was the most horrible experience ever b/c of the news of a weak heartbeat. So we were a wreck until the doctor turned the U/S monitor and we saw a super strong heart beat! 

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Busy bee
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First trimester!  With our first, I bled every thirty seconds (or at least it felt like that) and I was so sick, I was pretty sure that all of my throwing up was going to hurt the kids.

The last two trimesters were a cake walk, even though I got put on bedrest for the third trimester with both of the girls.  Boooo!

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