(Closed) Scarred for life? Cheating father and trust issues with Men.

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Blondie-I have not experienced this specific issue, but my childhood was very rough at times so I understand what you are saying. I would consider going to counseling to work through some of these trust issues and problems with men. It may help you and help your relationship. I don’t think there is any shame in counseling and I seen a couple of counselors to work through my childhood experiences.

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My dad cheated on my mom when I was eight, and got engaged to the woman (never married – she actually passed away). She did remarry eventually though, while my mom has remained single with various boyfriends.

Because of that, I think to think that people have to earn my trust before I give it to them, and the hubs has definitely done that. There’s never been a moment where I’ve felt jealous or untrusting around him. I’ve kind of let that part of me go with him.

If you’re still feeling these emotions, I would suggest the possibility of therapy. Sometimes just talking about it, and finding ways to deal with it help tremendously 🙂 Or, just ask yourself, “Has H every given me a reason to doubt him?” If not, try to let it go.

I hope that helps a little!

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I’m so sorry this has happened to you! I have also had to deal with trust issues (not in cheating but prior abusive relationship had me pretty emtionally beat up). Luckily I found an amazing man now! But it’s totally understandable for you to have these haunting fears. And it’s not your fault. Maybe a counselor can help-it’s worth a shot and you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My mom always said when you think about the past or have these fears make yourself think of something else. Don’t let your mind wander on the ‘what ifs’ The basis of a relationship is trust and you can’t build upon something without trust. For you trust is a difficult concept with what you’ve experienced but always try to keep it in perspective. Your fiance has done nothing to break that so trust in him. Sometimes you HAVE to let go and just trust someone. Marriage is a leap of faith. And that faith means giving yourself to someone else with all your heart.

Good luck dear.

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i can’t identify exactly, but I can empathize with similar feelings.  I am a lot more guarded and private (though outgoing and all that) in my home life, and that’s a direct result of my childhood. I was just talking last night to Darling Husband about what would happen if we moved back home, and how we’d have people over all the time (parents, sister, etc) b/c that’s just the norm there. Thing is, my house was so tense, and we never had guests. No drop ins, ever, and hardly any scheduled guests. I have to remember to be more open and less guarded with my Darling Husband who comes from a very normal open and loving family. If you are conscious of the issue, it’s easier to tackle. Good luck! I hope you work it out soon – your Darling Husband sounds like a great guy.

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Mamma Mills knows best! No one could possibly blame you for getting scared at times but try to let the sadness of your past not dictate the happiness in your future. You deserve the best future and your man sounds great. Keep looking forward girl!

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@Blondiebee: Hi ! I understand how you feel. Two things that help me.

1. all men are not cheaters I know this to be fact.

2. anyone can change at any time


There is always risk involved in marriage. You just have to be strong enough to handle and confront anything that comes your way. As far as jealousy I have sort of learned that it pushes men away more so don’t indulge. If you truly have a justified reason to be jealous try to talk calmy and rationally about what makes you feel that way. Jealousy is actually a mechanism that happens so you can protect your relationship from someone getting in between you to. But irrational fear is not good and you need to work on calming yourself down. Work out take a walk and work off the steam. Never accuse unless you are sure of what you are saying because the truth always reveals itself.



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I’m a lot like you. My dad was my world, and when I was eleven we find out that he had cheated on my mom with her best friends. They got divorced when I was thirteen- mom didn’t want to, dad sent her the papers in the mail, without even talking to her about it. I lived with my mom and she would cry constantly and tell me to never trust a man and to only marry for money, It was traumatizing, and now I’m jealous (though I try to work on it) and insecure, and always afraid of being cheated on. I know H won’t cheat on me, but I can’t help but think “what if”. 🙁 I hate it.

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My Dad cheated repeatedly too. My parents stayed together, but I can’t say it’s a healed or happy marriage.

Then I had a incident that really shook my trust to the foundation. I met someone through work and worked with him on an off for several years. Then we started dating long distance, but he was in town ever other week–he was divorced with 2 kids. After several months I moved and the relationship sorta petered out. Suddenly, I get a phone call from HIS WIFE! Whaaa? I thought he was divorced. Come to find out he was married with 3 kids–Seriously *everything* he told me was a lie–where he went to college, things he did with the kids on the weekend, business trips he went on.

I was shocked and felt so gullible. My head was reeling for months. Then I had an epiphany—I didn’t do anything wrong; there is nothing wrong with trusting people. He was the bad guy. I wasn’t going to live my life with him hanging over all my relationships. So I made the decision at that moment, to start trusting people. But I wouldn’t be able to do that without 2 things…

  1. …the ability to listen to and trust my instincts. Knowing when it’s my gut vs. my fear talking.
  2. …the knowledge that if the worst happens, I will survive. I don’t live in fear (what if he cheats?), because if he does, I will survive.

Go to therapy. Deal with your anger and hurt from your Dad. This will help you distinguish better whether your instinct is talking or your fear is talking. It will also help you develop coping mechanisms so that if the worst happens, you know you will be strong enough to survive.


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