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It really seems to depend on what works for the baby/parents. Both my older brothers have babies and they are wildly different. One brother has his child on a schedule and refuses to deviate unless absolutely necessary and has a pretty strict feeding schedule. My other brother is much more laid back and has more “time frames” as to when baby naps/goes to bed for the night. He feeds the baby when he is clearly hungry.

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I don’t adhere to a time schedule, so to speak.  We do have a routine though.  She wakes up on her own (usually, unless I have to take her to the sitter’s house).  She is awake, alert, and playful for a little while then she starts to get hungry.  She eats.  She plays a while.  She starts to get sleepy.  She sleeps a while.  She wakes up.  Rinse & repeat.

Sometimes she naps for 30 minutes, other times she will sleep for 3 hours.  I do try to make sure she eats during the day so she will not wake up hungry all night.  (I pump exclusively, and prep 6 bottles of 4.5-5oz each bottle, so ~30oz total per day)… if she is sleeping at 6pm and has been for 2 hours, I will wake her up to make sure she gets that final feeding before going down for the night.

Dirty Delete is 4 1/2 months old and sleeps (usually) from about 8/8:30pm until about 6am.  I don’t feel the need to force an overly strict schedule on her since her natural one is working for me 🙂

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@abc123joanna:  A basic schedule is good once the baby is a few months old because it gives you a routine to follow so you can get things done.  Just realize that a minor snafu can throw you off course.  I doubt that your SIL is dead on schedule every minute of every day.  Also, some babies thrive with a schedule while others are more chaotic.  Don’t try to force a schedule but do try to get into some sort of routine so you can retain some sanity on days that things get crazy.

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I think it really varies person to person. We know of women that were type-A(s) pre-baby and that extended into when they had a baby. They are the same ones who are able to schedule everything and do all the things they say you won’t have time to do (e.g. clean, shower) when you have a NB. It also depends on their parenting philosophy as well. Some are more into child-led parenting and will follow the child’s schedule. Others want to establish a working schedule for the whole family.

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I’m just planning to follow a schedule of baby’s needs as they arise. Some things will fall into a routine though like a bath before bed and hopefully a few other things. A little bit of routine is good for them, but a super rigid routine is not something that I want to do.

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I adhere to a schedule with my three and I have since only having one.  The girls especially (they are 14 months apart) needed a schedule to keep them happy and me sane.  Most kids like knowing what to expect and when.  I didn’t cancel our lives just we didn’t have lunch 20 minutes late or anything, but we have a strict bed time and keep our meals/snacks scheduled and with the school year, things are broken up into one hour segments of time as we homeschool for this year.  Life happens though.

My son is a month old, so I realize it’ll be a few months before I can really get him on a schedule.  

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@abc123joanna:  Have you read Happiest Baby on the Block? I just finished it and it is mostly about soothing techniques but it touches on scheduling and I plan to try to use what I learned.

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I tried to get my little one on a schedule and it helped make sure there were no tired and cranky tantrums and saved my sanity. While it sounds strict, it actually helps make the day run very smoothly and lets me enjoy together time while getting stuff done around the house. And yup, baby in bed by 8.

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I think it all depends on the baby and the parents.  My little guy is on more of a “time frame” sort of schedule.

He usally wakes himself up babbling anywhere from 7am – 8 am.  We let him play for a bit then feed within 30 min of waking up.  He plays some more then naps.  He may or may not eat before that nap.  Play, eat, nap, etc.  He eats dinner at 6ish (fruit or veggie puree) then gets his bedtime bottle between 7 (if he’s losing it) and 7:45 (if he’s not).  Bedtime is between 7 and 8.

The only thing I’m really strict about is feeding every 3 hours when we can.  I won’t wake him from a nap to feed him, but will feed him immediately after.  He has always been on the skinny side, so that’s why I’m a bit obsessive about it.

As for changing the bib right when it’s spit up on, again that is different for everyone.  I prefer to just use a judgement call.  Can it be wiped clean?  Then it stays!  Was it a major chunky spit up?  It goes!  I hate the smell of spit up, so I tend to change it more often than not.

Once your LO gets here, you will figure out what works best for you and your family.

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I wasn’t too strict with my babies at that age….but once they get older, yes.  It’s best to stick to a schedule so they can get used to rooutines.

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