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I feel ya! My wedding is still 5 months out and I’m having a hard time between work, planning, and everything else, and I’m not in school so I sympathize with how hard this is for you.  I just keep separating everything.  I really like to organize things so I have a bunch of checklists of stuff to do, then I put it in priority order and then focus on work Monday through Friday and planning/wedding stuff Friday-Sunday.  I don’t schedule any weekday appointments and am planning on making full use of any holiday breaks to get a lot of wedding stuff done. That’s what I did with summer break and we’re off for 3 weeks for christmas so hopefully I’ll get a lot done then. 

I think you need to take a step back from everything and try to prioritize what you can.  You’ll feel better if you get little things done instead of looking at the overhwelming big picture.

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@ThePrincessMaggie: Im in school too, and planning a wedding and cooking 3 meals a day, cleaning, running errands for Fiance who’s working two jobs. Last week was an exam week, and also marked 9 months before the wedding….no venue, no invites, nothing done yet and no help. I was overwhelmed, sleep deprived and cried 5 or more times and though I’m releived I did well on those exams, I know it’s only going to get harder as I still have 7 more weeks to go. I just look to support in everyone I can, even people at school in similar predicaments. Fiance would love to help me study and plan but he jsut can’t…since he works nearly 80 hours per week. My parents always say they will help but they blow me off. Hell, just last week I was in tears over a homework assignment, my stepdad who’s a super smart and educated person offered to look, I sent it off to him and never heard back. My mother said she would go with me to look at invites and register for gifts in the morning, but she won’t take my calls tonight to confirm. In the end I know I have to figure it out one way or another. I wish I had made more out of the time I had on my summer break (which was only 5 weeks as I did summer school)….anyway, I feel you. Ur not alone!

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I understand how your feeling. I am in school FT working FT as a daycare director, and planning a wedding. Its definitly overwhelming and right now i’m finding it hard to motivate myself for school. I do alot of self care practices and i am working on my time managment skills becaus ei have always been a procrastinator… good luck to us.

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I was you last spring semester. I work full time (7-3) and go to school full time (2 nights 6-830, sat 9-3 and online classes). I got married on June 3 of this year and the months leading up to it were a nightmare, I didn’t have a life, seriously! I was either at work, at school, doing homework or doing wedding stuff (I also did a lot of DIY projects). Also, aside from working, I plan my daycare’s summer camp program every year, so I was busy with that the 2 months before our wedding so I was super stressed. After our wedding I didn’t even want to look at a single thing wedding related, I was just so happy it was over (kinda depressing). I wish I was able to enjoy the whole planning process more, but the only way to do that was if I were to wait until after I graduated. I can’t really offer any specific advice, but just know there will be an end to all of this madness and your wedding will be amazing! You will most likely not have much of a life, you will get in fights with your Fiance because of stress and you’ll lose out on a lot of sleep. Ask your bridesmaids for some help with your DIY projects, thats what I did for my pomanders and boy did they help out a ton! Without their help, the pomanders probably wouldn’t have gotten done. Good luck with everything and try to enjoy the wedding planning!

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I am always so impressed at all of the things the Bees here do. One of my classmates got married last year and his fiancee TOOK A YEAR OFF to plan the wedding after she finished undergrad. Now, the girl is never actually intending to work, she was a PR major whose parents finacned her to open a jewelry line…but I still couldn’t help think “Um, really, many women can plan a wedding and work”…but as my mother says, must be nice to have money.

I do an 80+ hour week with school, plus the job hunt, plus the wedding planning. There are days I just want to cry. I find the best way to combat that is to schedule fun things not related to wedding or work. Like grab a drink with the girls, or just curl up with a movie and some soup. I am part of a competitive karaoke group. It’s two hours a week and screaming Marilyn Manson at the top of my lungs really takes the edge off 🙂

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Wow, you are busy! Make sure to set aside some time for you. Even if it is just a few minutes to sit in the quiet and do your nails.

Also I’m sure there are a few things wedding wise that you could cut out. Smaller things. Trust me there are many things that peopel will not even notice if you don’t have. Don’t stress yourself out over these

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@ThePrincessMaggie: I feel you ): My wedding is in 6 months and honestly, nothing has been done. We’ve done lots of research but the fact is we live in TN but our wedding is in NY, so things are hard to plan without being able to see places & people in person. Plus school, work and life – I have not had a chance to breathe! Before school started last fall, the wedding felt far, far away. But once classes ended, I suddenly feel we are out of time. All I can say is: good luck, and I feel ya!

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