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@FutureMrs.tSa:  There is a set of parents at my daughters swimming lessons that are SO FUCKING ANNOYING!!!! The instructors tell the parents to basically sit down and shut the fuck up because it’s distracting to the kids. What do these assholes do the whole time? They stand up (we all sit on this deck thing before the pool) and they scream at their child! If he didn’t dive good enough, they are like “COME ON SKYLAR! DIVE RIGHT!” if the instructor is like “come on, let’s swim to the end of the pool. You can do it. No floaters” and the kid is like “No, I’m scared. I don’t want to. Can I do it half and half?” and the instructor is ready to let him do it, but here come the assholes. “NO SKYLAR! LISTEN TO HIM! SWIM TO THE END! YOU CAN DO IT! AWE COME ON SKYLAR! STOP WHINING! JUST DO IT!!!”

Last week I was so close to snapping! He dove into the pool, but did a belly flop instead and his dad was like “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!”


I swear I won’t be able to hold it in this week. These are the asshole parents in my school district that I will have to deal with for the next 14 years! I HATE PUSHY ASS PARENTS!

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i dont feel the  need right now, but i know the feeling! i think it was in the days before my wedding or shortly after when i had to move all my focus onto finishing my internship, i got overwhelemed and i found when i was alone driving, i could BLAST music and scream at the same time.  it helped.

actually, i think i remember doing that the day i left for Jamaica, i had a million errands, including, but not limited to picking up my dress and packing!

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Oh, sorry that wasn’t wedding related. ha ha ha. Seriously parents…stop being so damn annoying. No one likes you.

I swear I’m going to snap this week. I already feel it. I already hear her annoying voice screaming at her kid to do better.

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Ooof those parents sound like …..they are losing the parents of the year contest. Knowing how underhanded I can be I would probably just start yelling encouragement at Skyler. Tell him how awesome he’s doing and praising his accomplishments. 🙂 

I have some stuff to scream about, but I am too sleepy to scream. So…all I will do is a feeble “rawr”.

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@Tunacupcakes: Ugh! They are the type of parents that have their special snowflake enrolled into everything and probably do the same thing there! I remember when I played soccer in high school, a girl on my team had parents like that. If she missed a goal or didn’t defend, they would seriously pull her aside at half time and would be like “what’s going on? Why are you playing like shit? We know you can do better! Start making those goals! You are better than this!”

Uh…WTF!? I don’t know why parents think they are helping when they are like that.
Mr. Tattoo says to watch my mouth because we don’t want to get the little one kicked out of lessons for me fighting these two. Like seriously, you don’t know how close I come to flipping out on them every week. EVERY.WEEK.

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I have 3 exams wednesday and one thursday and then the week after i have 5 more so AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH safjsdlkfjsldjfdssdfj.

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I just want to be OVER this stupid virus…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I know there are much sicker people in this world and I should be grateful for my generally good health, but, fever, muscle aches, and headache since Friday = annoying.
And I feel REALLY bad for Darling Husband…I was feeling better yesterday, and thought I was over it, and…probably gave it to him with some of our activities.  Embarassed

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I’ll join in, although like Miss Tattoo my scream-worthy issues are not wedding related.

Basically I’m pretty darn good at my job, and have been finding myself with a lot of extra time because I can do my regular work in a snap. So recently they gave me some new tasks that my co-workers used to do to reduce their workload and give me something to fill my time with.

Well. I keep finding out, day after day, that my co-workers were less than on top of things, and a bunch of what they taught me about their tasks is either outdated or flat-out wrong. So now I’m running around cleaning up their mess! I’ve wasted a bunch of time entering unnecessary information that one co-worker thought was still needed, and I’m chasing down FOUR MONTHS’ worth of invoices for which my other co-worker thought the client was tax-exempt but in reality they weren’t.

Add that to the fact that a major company we deal with has changed their policies but their rep is totally useless about communicating anything to me about it, and it’s been a shit couple of weeks.


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sounds like friends of my hubby – her son (his step son) had to see a doctor by the time he was 12 due to stress and was working his way up to an ulcer by the pressure put on him to be the best at everything.  hes a good kid but sheesh, we are not suppose to be the best of everything!

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@Miss Tattoo: I laughed really hard about “Skylar” and his parents. Thanks for that… Just tell her to face the music…Skylar stinks at swimming and she needs a new hobby. Or have her drink beet juice…I heard on the radio today that it causes temporary voice paralysis?

My scream is wedding related. This is for the countless hours spent last night and this past weekend sitting on the couch with Fiance talking our guest list to death and still are nowhere near a conclustion:


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oh I’ll join…. This is for everytime I ask Fiance what he thinks of this or does he like that for the wedding, and the only answer I seem to get is, yeah sure, and a shoulder shrug… like really?!?!?!?! That is the only answer you can give me????


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Darling Husband and I had to babysit last night–they’re good kids, but very rambunctious. Luckily they listened and were helpful and went to bed on time–but their parents didn’t come back till almost 1 am. I had to work today! I am NOT FUNCTIONAL if I don’t sleep!! I was already tired yesterday–I fell asleep at my desk a bunch of times–and still got 6 hours to go today!!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! my mom and VERY preggo sister are driving me insane. somedays I would like to hit them with a bus (hypothetically of course) I want to have a VERY small wedding and my mom is all about big and flashy and expensive everything i hate it. I mean i love that stuff. but in clothes and jewerly. NOT for my wedding.. urghh and my sister is like insane.. every since she got pregnant shes become like the evil witch of the west.. im just hoping she’ll pop any minute (due august 8)  and she’ll be nice again.. =(


on side note.(www.minted.com) has 9.95$ on piority international shipping till august 31st! its my favorite stationary site i wish this sale was on sooner before i made my own invites.

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Wedding planning….(doing most of it next week; it’s a destination wedding). a final next Tuesday. my puppy has surgery on monday. It’s my birthday and I always have bad periods…guess who started her period today, on their birthday? yup…this girl. Have to go have shots done today and a physical (still on my birthday). I’m at work and have to go to class later (birthday) lol and I’m about to move out of my parent’s house for the first time and start nursing school (in 3 weeks) and I’m going out of town next week! 





Okay. I’m done 🙂 Thank you for this thread! Amazingness. 

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