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@MsBrewer: Does it cost less to get certified at the resort?

If you need the certification for your honeymoon, it’s probably better (and maybe cheaper) to do it before you go.

Part of the scuba cert is classrom/video watching time, do you really want to sit in a classroom while on a tropical beach vacation?

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If you’re wanting to dive on the honeymoon – definitely get certified before you go!

Certification requires a chunk of classroom/book time as well as time spent working on techniques in a pool.  Then, your first few dives you don’t get to enjoy the underwater sights nearly as much because you have to demonstrate skills competency to your instructors.

You’d end up killing a large chunk of your honeymoon time doing a certification there (my certification took 3 full days between classroom, pool, and certification dives).  So if you’re looking to dive on the honeymoon and want to be able to enjoy the honeymoon time you have, get certified ahead of time!

ETA: From my experience, yes – you must be certified to go diving.

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@MsBrewer: Some resorts offer a “resort course” where you watch a 30 min video, spend 1 hr in the pool and then you can go out on a dive or two.

However, you are NOT certified by taking a resort course and you can only do instructor led open water dives at a maximum depth of 40 feet and maximum length of 1 hr (I think). So you are very limited on what you can do. Also these resort courses & dives tend to cost ~$200 per person and you don’t even walk away with a certification.

Also, not all resorts offer these courses and if you want to go dive with a smaller private company (that doesn’t do a “resort course”) you must be scuba certified before you can dive.

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My university offers scuba diving cert and I thought about doing it for the honemoon. I wonder if they require it to go scuba diving there.

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Unless you are going off scuba diving yourself it is my understanding you DO NOT need to be certified.

We did the 30min instructional video and 30 min training in a pool while we were in Grand Cayman a couple years back and went on a instructor led scuba diving adventure. ehhe. Well my husband went scuba diving. I couldn’t even get past the pool practice. I couldn’t grasp the concept of breathing through my mouth underwater!

It’s my understanding to get certified you have to dive more than one, I think it’s like 3 times at least or something like that? So it’s not like you go once and you’re certified.

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@Gerbera: You did a “resort course” which many resorts offer. However you are very limited in the types of dives you can do and you must always re-take the course prior to diving.

Once you get certified you can join other scuba trips that are independently run and not have to re-take a course every time.

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@Gerbera: “Unless you are going off scuba diving yourself it is my understanding you DO NOT need to be certified.”

Reputable scuba shops won’t rent you equipment (tanks, regulator, etc) unless you are PADI certified.

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LOL. I’m a little confused. Are you ladies interpreting that my post is saying you do not have to be certified to go off scuba diving by yourself?

When we were in the Grand Cayman we had signed up for a excursion through Carnival Cruise -and yes it was like $150 I think?-. We went to a scuba diving place, and the excursion included all the rentals. There was I think 6-8 of us? There was 1 or 2 (I forget) instructors. We watched a video. Then went into a pool with all the equipment on to get used to it. And had to get comfortable with breathing through our mouth underwater. I was unable to so opted to forfeit my fee and stay behind on the beach. My husband however did go and got a “card” that was stamped and if he so chose was able to show that card to any scuba diving certification place in the states and use that towards scuba diving certification.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I’m obvs not a scuba diver! but just wanted to offer a perspective from a more honeymoon-esque scenario than someone who is a fully certified scuba diver going on private dives.

Not knowing what OP’s Fiance has planned I’m just saying it’s possible to go scuba diving with a instructor without being certified if she did not want to go spend 2-300$ to get certified.

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@Gerbera: You can go scuba diving, but you will be extremely limited in where you go, you won’t be able to go deep without a few open water dives.

We are going to Honolulu for our honeymoon and we are getting scuba certified. I need something like 10 hours classroom time and 1 pool dive, and 2 open water dives to be able to do the dive we want, which is a shipwreck. By far the coolest thing we could do, so of course we’re going to get certified.

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First, how wonderful that your fiance’ is planning the honeymoon!  I’m sure it is somewhere lovely since he wants you both to get scuba certified.  Smile

Second, definitely get certified here!  If you choose to do it on location, you may have some limitations in terms of how far (deep) you can dive.  If you get certified here you will have more opportunity to see more diverse sea life.  AND you won’t waste your precious honeymoon time in classes!!

Lastly, I’m jealous!  We were supposed to scuba in the Cayman Islands, but my hubby ended up with a horrible ear infection on our honeymoon.  ENJOY the opportunity!!!

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$300-400 is not a bad price to get certified – that was the going rate when I did it about 5 yrs ago. Personally for me, it was nice to have the same instructors who taught me in the pool taking me out into the open water. Also, you’ll probably get at least 2 open water dives (I think you can add on more if you want) – you’ll get to see a lot but they’ll take you aside to a flat area to test you (such as removing your mask and putting it back on, getting water into the mask then getting it out). 

Depends though on how “nice” it is where you live. Even though I did my certification at my destination – it was worth it and I got to see many things. Since the skills were very fresh in my mind, I didn’t have any problems and had plenty of diving buddies (since we all did the course together). But if you are limited on the amount of time you are at your honeymoon destination, you could do the classroom and pool part at home then do the open water portion at your destination.

You can also do your advanced certification at your destination if you want to do deeper (over 18m depth) or night dives, if you finish the basic open water certification at home.

I believe that most resorts can take you out on intro dives w/o certification – but that would be limited in time and depth that they can take you into the water.

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