Seamstress botched my wedding dress and it broke on my wedding day

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Helper bee
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sf618b :  I agree with you here. I also didn’t like the phrasing of “slob who walked out of the Salvation Army.” Plenty of brides are plus sized and plenty have had to buy dresses second hand. I’d like to believe that op didn’t mean anything personal by it, but still. 

That being said, I feel awful for anyone who didn’t get to feel beautiful on their wedding day and were put into a position where the outcome was out of their control. No one should have to look back on their wedding and feel awful. @OP, I’d suggest that you try to find a lawyer that offers free consultation on matters like this and see how viable the case is. It won’t be worth it to spend all the court fees if the case might go either way. This isn’t to say that I think the situation was okay, but our emotional realities sometimes just don’t matter to the law or court system, unfortunately. :/

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sarahsmiles2018 :  you can say whatever you want, but you’re backhandedly insulting other people by insinuating you looked like them. Plenty of “fat girls” look gorgeous on their wedding days. And, plenty of Salvation Army dresses probably looked better than this dress after the seamstress was done with it. Don’t bring down others in your attempt to prove your point. It’s nasty and not cute.

I wish you the best of luck in recouping costs, OP. But unfortunately, no amount of money is going to make you feel better. It happened and it is devastating. And it is clear as day that she really fucked up so I don’t know why she thinks she has a leg to stand on in defending herself. On the bright side, despite the dresses flaws, you don’t look like you are faking your happiness. Hopefully with time you will look back on your wedding day and see it as the beginning of a wonderful journey and not just how your dress looked. Right now it seems like a really really big deal, and I’m not minimizing your feelings, but in 10 years it won’t, but that’s up to you. It’s not the ring, the dress, or the wedding that makes the marriage.

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Worker bee

I am truly so sorry for what you have gone through. I am really proud of you for the weight loss and you must feel so accomplished! I hope you do 🙂 You are gorgeous and no dress should ever make you feel less beautiful than you are. I think you still look beautiful in your photos. <3 HOWEVER I’m sorry but they really did mess your dress up and there is really absolutely no excuse for that. The fact of the matter is, you paid these people for a specific service and they did not follow through with that and they were rude to you/ fighting you every step of the way when you had concerns, protests, worries, etc. They did pretty much nothing to try to rectify the situation when it became quite apparent that the dress they gave back to you was a completely different dress. They messed up here, and it speaks to their character that they are not willing to be accountable for their actions here. I think you have every right to be emotional, upset, and angry. However, I would ask yourself if it is really worth all the hardship of going to court over this. I would definitely make my true thoughts and feelings known about all of this through reviews etc. I would find every review website they are on and post a review everywhere I could. If you honestly feel you have a case with small claims and you are not worried about the money that could be lost if you lose your case- then go for it. But consider what is best for you after this upsetting experience. You have married the love of your life and this is an amazing time! I think you deserve the happiness and joy that comes with having just been married- and I think that could be ruined a bit if you are worrying yourself over a court case and legal fees etc :/ But do what you think is right! I do 100 percent agree that they really messed up your dress from how it was originally and I am truly sorry for you. <3

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OMG. I don’t have anything productive to add but just wanted to say I’m so sorry you had to go through this. It’s your one special day where your dress should fit absolutely perfect, and I totally get why this was crushing. It looks like after you lost the weight, the dress didn’t really need anything done to it other than hemming. I hope you get all your money back plus some for emotional damages. 

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any update on this? have you gone through with filing a small claim?

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i didnt read through all your responses, but with the buttons falling off the way they did, you definitely deserve your money back for the alterations. 

Although i dont understand the bunching up complaint, my wedding dress fit fine and would bunch up here and there as i sat and stood up throughout the night or moved around a ton, with a super structured dress i think thats bound to happen, but thats just my two cents. Only you can be the sole person to tell if the dress fit completely wrong on that night. 

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Blushing bee

Somehow missed the post the first time around and just read your story now. I’m sorry so this happened to you, it’s completely unacceptable what they did to your dress. I can completely understand why you would feel extra gutted and self conscious about having a dress that didn’t fit right, when you’d put in all that work to lose weight. We don’t lose our insecurities when we lose pounds, and I can get why you’d feel extra embarrased by it.

I would want to make them pay for what they’ve done – they’ve tainted your memory of the day, and that’s not something you can get back. However, someone else said on here before “letting go of a grudge is giving yourself peace” – or something like that anyway. But basically, sometimes we damage ourselves by being angry at other people, rather than impacting them.

I have recently had two experiences where I felt wholly wronged by two different companies, and both times trying to persue it just made me sadder and more exhausted. It wasn’t worth it for me, and just dragged out the pain. Worth considering anyway.

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Where did you get your dress? I see you’re a pats fan so I’m local…just wondering because I’ve head mixed reviews about the shop I purchased my dress from.  I’m sorry you went through this and to be honest I would sue the shit out of them. They had one job and they screwed it up and ruined your day. Good luck i hope it works out in your favor xo

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