(Closed) Seamstress botched my wedding dress and it broke on my wedding day

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dianaj17 :  Why should the OP go after the shop? Umm maybe because it is the right thing to do? That this woman have consequences for lying to clients that trust her with one of the most important details of their life? The OP should be pissed off, and SHOULD be going after the shop. If not to get some peace of mind herself, but to also maybe prevent this from happening again. 

And seriously your going with the, “well people have it worse so you should shut up about your issue” tactic? WTF is that?!! There is NOTHING about the OP standing up for what is right that in any way takes away from any one else’s struggle. What is right is right period. And going around telling people to let certain wrongs happen with no consequences because there are worse things going on is literally like promoting evil in the world. 

EVERY SINGLE bad or wrong thing that happens should be stood up against because its the right thing to do, and we should all be encouraging that. IF you want to minimize your own bad experiences fine, but dont go after someone else for doing their highest sense of right.  And get out of here with your, “what about – Insert random psudo celebrity dying-” example. 

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ladyjane123 :  You’ll notice that I said repeatedly that it was a travesty, OP ABSOLUTELY should go after the shop, and that she deserved both acknowledgment and financial compensation for her hardship. At the the of the day though, it’s just a dress, and it’s just a party, and it’s important to keep all things in perspective, which is often lacking when people pour so much time and money into wedding planning (I’m including myself in this, for the record, because I’m guilty of it too). OP literally sobs over her video and made herself sick over this. Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture (which includes people who would sell their soul for this to be their biggest problem), WHILE trying to get the apology and compensation you deserve, is not a radical notion. 

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The OP has every right to lay out how this affected her. It’s relevant and will certainly be taken into account in the court case. She’s not claiming her entire life is ruined, only that her enjoyment of her wedding day and the memories of it were affected by a totally incompetent seamstress and a bridal shop that not only recommended her but provided her space and integrated service. On top of that the owner demonstrated that this was no arms length referral by the way she responded to the issues. Of course she should be held liable.

Small claims court is in all honesty probably not enough to compensate for the unprofessional results. 

I’m sure the OP does not think about this 24/7, but obviously she thinks about it when dealing with this case. IMO she’s doing a service to other brides.

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dianaj17 :  Keeping things in perspective is a decent notion. You could have simply said that. Your last paragraph was super over the top and poorly constructed. Mentioning someone dying of cancer to make your point and calling it “the pity olympics” was crude and designed to be mean. 

And great, you “hate the pity olympics”? Then don’t come on peoples posts and then complain that you had to hear about their hardship. Simple. No one made you come on here and read it. 

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The bridal shop owner seems already shady, so what happens if you win in small claims court and she doesn’t end up paying? I’m not a lawyer but I think the process of collecting is much more difficult. Hope it works out!

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You can’t. Not to mention, reporting them to the IRS is incredibly vindictive. 

Stop posting about this and let it work through the courts. You are only making yourself look bad at this point.

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Honestly bee, I get it. My stylist ruined my hair on my wedding day, and I have one wedding photo that I actually like. So it is not that I don’t understand the upset and frustration.

But you are starting to come of a bit manic, to be honest. You are writing these very long incohent posts, where you are just parroting the same points again and again and again: You were offered a 50 dollar restaurant gift card. The seamstress asked if she could remove the buttons. The shop owner didn’t respond properly to your letter. You were left crying in the parking lot. Your grandfather had pneumonia. You felt like a slob. Etc.

This is meant the best way, but try to stay objective when you are in court. Eventhough I DO understand you, it will not help your case if you seem unhinged and overly emotional, which is sadly how you are starting to come across in your posts.

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margaerybeerell :  Agreed, agreed agreed. I only have a few photos at all from my wedding because my photographer no-showed, and a vindictive asshole from my past tried to get my officiant to have the whole thing called off. I understand upsetting things happening in and around weddings, but the world really doesn’t spin off its axis and plunge into the sun if something goes wrong. You can’t pour so much energy into what went wrong that it becomes an obssession months later.

That this woman have consequences for lying to clients that trust her with one of the most important details of their life?

Holy hell this thread is getting so over the top.

OP, The dress didn’t fit great after the alterations, but it wasn’t ruined. Nor was the wedding. Shit happens, it sucks, and I’m sorry the day didn’t live up to your expectations. I hope you get your refund for the alterations and I hope the shop doesn’t work with this seamstress anymore. Beyond that … I hope you find peace and look back on your wedding fondly. You’re really starting to sound like one of those people who just keeps yelling over everyone on Judge Judy because JUSTICE!! PAIN AND SUFFERING!! Remember: in 10 years, none of this will matter, only the love you felt on that day and that you have continued to nurture in your marriage. Best of luck to you.

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