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Happy 1st Anniversary!


Just went on a cruise this past August and besides the normal stuff of sunscreen, medicine etc I brought these towel clips to use on deck with the loungers and they worked so well to keep our towels from blowing around in the wind.  I got them at Kohl’s but I know Bed Bath and Beyond carries them too, not sure if they are a seasonal item but you could always use some clothes pins too. We had a room with a balcony and they also came in handy to clip our suits to the chairs to dry after I rinsed them out.


What cruise line are you going on?  This past cruise was my first on Carnival and we where allowed to bring one 12 pack of pop or water per person in our carry on- on the ship.  At first I said to my Dh husband why would we do this….but it was really nice to have bottle water for the Islands and not have to pay $4.00 per bottle on the ship.  

A night light would be something great to bring, especially if you have a inside cabin.  I also brought an alarm clock that takes batteries cause I need to know what time it is at night when I wake up : ) and the only place I think you could see the time was in the phone and that was on the desk area  or when the TV was on.  


Oh another thing I brought was a water proof pouch that I used when we went snokling and it was perfect, not too big and it hung around my neck and kept all our money and Id dry as a bone, I got it on line…. I will get the link for you if you want.


Let me think if there is anything else : )  

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Warm clothes: They kept our cruise ship soooo cold. I pretty much wore a cardigan or hoodie the whole time while on board.

Alligator clips for your hair: I forgot mine at home and ended up having to buy some onboard for $14! It was incredibly windy when we were at sea and my hair was a disaster.

Alarm clock/radio: We brought our iHome so that we could listen to music on our balcony. There are no clocks in the cabin so it was nice to have that to know what time it was in the middle of the night.

Extension cord & power strip: Our cabin only had like 1 outlet and it was in a very inconvenient location. Having the extension cord and power strip were lifesavers.

Clothespins: We used them to dry our bathing suits on our balcony.

Slippers: I thought I would be fine with just my flip flops but it was chilly on our balcony at night so slippers would have come in handy.

I saw the PP posted about bringing water on board. I don’t know about Carnival but on NCL, the shipboard water was better than bottled (imo) and this is coming from someone who will ONLY drink bottled water at home. I had read about it before we left so we bought 2 kleen kanteens and brought those with us. It worked out great. We filled our bottles and kept them in the mini fridge so we always had cold water when we wanted it. With all of the luggage that we had to wrangle, I can’t imagine having to deal with a case of water, too.

Do either of you have an iPhone 4 or 4s? I bought the lifeproof case for mine before we went and it was so nice to have. It completely incases your phone and makes it entirely waterproof. Our plan was to use that for all of our underwater pictures but we didn’t end up really taking any. If you’re planning on doing some water excursions, it would definitely come in handy. During our whole sailboat rescue thing, I used my phone to record it from our balcony since DH’s would have gotten completely soaked from all of the water that was hitting us. 

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@UpstateCait: I agree I almost always wore a  sweater of some sort at dinner.  

The water was fine in the dinning room….but when we first got to our cabin I went to brush my teeth and the water was coming out green!  I was like what the heck gross, but after I ran it for a few minutes it was fine so I am not sure what that is all about.  (never happened on any other cruise I have been on) Your idea about bringing canteens is good too!

@PitBulLover: Your welcome!  If you do the water or pop thing just make sure its in your carry on that you are bringing on the ship and not your checked bag, we just got the water after we flew in to Tampa, it was very easy but then again we stayed in Clearwater for a few days ahead of our cruise so we had time to stop and pick it up.

On Carnival’s web site I believe it says weather or not you can bring a power cord or extension cord…..I know they have a something about it and them being fire hazard if they not the right kind….not sure cause I did not bring one.  

Also check with your cell phone carrier and see if you have the plan where it covers Roaming….not sure if this is the right term but ours did not so we shut them off when we left port and took them with us on land in case we had an emergency, we would have our families numbers and a means of communication.  

 If you want to have communication with friends and family while you are on board you can pay for email on the ship….or you can go to Carnivals web site and click on “Community Buzz” and then click on  ” Currently on board”  and you can email them for free and they can email you back….the only thing is everyone can see it but I found it to be no big deal, because say you want to let your family know you are ok or to check on your dog ( if you have one ; ) you can do that for free.  We went during hurricane season and a hurricane was going on but  we had the most beautiful weather cause we were following it…if that makes sense.

You have to make an account thru FUNVILLE and let your family know your user name but it is easy.  I did one a week ahead of time so I knew it worked.



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I don’t know if this is a concern of yours, but I have to iron everything I wear. I can’t stand being wrinkled, especially if you’re trying to dress up.  Cruise ships do not have irons in room and typically do not allow you to iron at all. That said, I like to sneak a cheap travel iron in and then hide it when I’m done. So far no confiscations, yet. You can get one for under $20. 

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I also recommend a hair dryer!  I didn’t bring one because I (wrongly) assumed that it would be like a hotel and there would be a hair dryer in the room, and had to go to dinner with damp hair on a few nights.  Not a big deal, but next time I will definately remember to bring my own hairdryer!!  Have fun!

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stretchy clothes. I hear they feed you a lot!

just kidding. are you going to dock in foreign countries that might have pickpocketers? I’d bring something safe to store a passport and money in. Pacsafe purses and bags help deter thiefs, and they’re less dorky than fanny packs. (they’re not super fashionable either, but I’d rather not have my passport stolen!)

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I have a friend that just left on a cruise Sunday.  She and her Darling Husband got a Dunkin’ Donuts thing of coffee (the big box with the silver bag inside…already made coffee).  They drank the coffee and then filled the bag up with rum.  It worked!  Just a hint on how to sneak alcohol on board.  🙂

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Everyone already gave great advice. My onboard advice…take advantage of FREE room service!!!!

They have items on their room service menu not available elsewhere on the ship and they are soooo good. And ordering room service breakfast to be delivered is oh so awesome.

I’m SO overdue for a cruise. Sigh. Maybe when our baby is older. 😀

What islands are you going to?

Oh! Water shoes from Target or something if you’re planning on doing any water excursions.


hahahhaha. we did that with vodka in water bottles. 😉 Ask for a little oj or coke in room service and we’re all set.

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@regberadaisy: ha! wrote that down for my honeymoon! vodka in water bottles! They didn’t check them?

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