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    I think seat belts save lives and thus seat belt laws save lives. Personally I think anyone who doesn’t wear a seat belt is an idiot.

    Here the driver gets fined if a passenger does not wear a selt belt. So I always make sure that all passengers have them on before I drive. If you refuse you get to leave the vehicle because I will not drive.

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    MrsYellowDaffodil:  Here the driver is legally responsible to ensure that passengers are wearing their seatbelts, so if he were a passenger in my car, he would put it on or get out of the car.

    My son actually undid his seatbelt and refused to do it back up when he was about 5. I pulled over to the side of the road and told him he would have to get out of the car and walk home. His bravado quickly changed to panic as he realized that I was serious we were visitng Grandma. He would never have been able to find his way(he didn’t need to know that never would have left a 5 yr old by the side of the road). He decided to wear his seatbelt.

    ps anyone who thinks seatbelts are not necessary is welcome to come spend a shift with me in ER.

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    I always always ALWAYS wear my seatbelt. When I was in college I rode with a friend who was going to get some chips from the gas station. We literally drove through a couple driveways to get out of their apartment complex and across the street. We went exactly half a block on the road. And when we were on our way back, my friend didn’t see an oncoming car before she turned and we were broadsided by a car going full speed. I broke my sternum and was sore for a few weeks. She was totally fine. The driver of the other car (wearing a seatbelt) was totally fine. The passenger in the other car wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and he hit the rearview mirror with his left eye. It was horrific. The EMTs sent me to the hospital in the ambulance wiht him, to be sure that I didn’t have a broken rib, so I got to see all the bloody mess and we were in the same room in the ER. I would guess he lost sight in that eye, with the amount of damage and likely had some serious scarring. All because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

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    MrsYellowDaffodil:  If you ride in my car, you wear your seatbelt. If I’m in your car I’ll suggest it but its their ass on the line if they dont and something happens. I have a zero tolerance policy about the seat belt in my family because in high school 2 girls a year older than me died because they didn’t wear it. They were in a car on a gravel road and the driver lost control, hit a culvert and launched everyone out of the car (some through the sunroof). No one had a seat belt on. I don’t mess with stuff like that. I’ll be damned if I have to bury my kids because I didn’t get them in the habit of wearing their seatbelt.

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    Always.  Even if I’m backing the car out to rearrange the car order in the driveway. 

    People not buckled in become projectiles in a crash and can kill others in the car.  If you aren’t buckled up in my car you aren’t going for a ride. 

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    I always wear my seatbelt, it’s habit ingrained into me from when I was a kid. I also make everyone in my car wear a seatbelt when I am driving.

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    Always. It is such a habit that I always put it on before the car is even in drive. Any passenger in my vehicle must wear one, too, or I won’t allow them in my car. I have children and often give their friends rides, and there could be huge liability if I did not make sure they were buckled up. Any adult who doesn’t wear one is an idiot, IMO.

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    Always. My aunt, uncle and two cousins are alive because when they got hit and their car rolled lIke 5 times they stayed in the car and instead of being dead in the road they were alive in their seats. And anyone who rides with me is wearing it. In Texas both the driver and whoever isn’t wearing a seat belt van get a ticket.  

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    MrsYellowDaffodil:  I’m with PPs here. Always, always, always. And if you are in my car your seatbelt is on it you are out. Even if I’m just rearranging cars in the driveway (or similar) I’ll put it on because it’s such a habit. 

    Last year I was in a pretty terrible car accident where the car I was in flipped twice. Luckily I had my seatbelt on because I walked out of hospital (I was taken there on a spine board as precaution) a couple hours later with a slight concussion, whiplash, and a bruised foot. Without a seatbelt I would easily have been dead. I wore my seatbelt always before that anyways but that experience really showed myself and my friends/family why it’s so important. 

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    Sometimes, I’ve been better about the last few years. When I started driving, my car didn’t even have seat belts but it was a rolling steel tank. It’s a good habit to get into, but its harder when I didn’t have a car that had them til my mid twenties. I also witnessed a traumatic incident that was caused by a seat belt as a teen, also a contributing factor to my bad habit.

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    The no seat belt thing gets my blood boiling. It’s literally the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself from death or serious injury if you got into a car accident. My fiance’s family aren’t really big into seat belts. His brother has a new car that beeps at him if his seatbelt is unbuckled, so he either turns up the radio to tune it out (which he did one time on the entire 400 mile drive to visit their fam) or buckles it and sits on it. And he is a reckless driver, so his odds of getting into a high speed accident are high. I just don’t see how that’s easier than actually wearing it.

    I had to get on my fiance’s case a ton about wearing his seatbelt (he jokingly [hopefully] would say he’d be “thrown free” from a wreck and that seatbelts cause more injuries), but now he always wears it (at least when I’m in the car). Statistics don’t lie, I just don’t get why people feel they are making a point by protesting wearing a seatbelt. You’re just hurting yourself.

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    I always wear a seatbelt. Even to move my car a short distance. I’ve never had a passenger not wear theirs, but if that happens, I will refuse to drive until they buckle up. Such a simple thing saves lives. I just think it’s stupid to refuse to wear a seatbelt.  

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