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  • poll: How should we sit at the reception?
    At a sweetheart table : (41 votes)
    55 %
    At a round table for 10 people : (10 votes)
    14 %
    At a large head table with our wedding party and their dates : (23 votes)
    31 %
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    I also hate being the center of attention, but we had the same issue with wanting our bridal party to sit with dates so there wasn’t room at a normal table for us all. We went with a sweetheart table, and I loved it! We didn’t sit in the front of the room for all to see, just kind of off to the side. It was nice b/c with all the hectic crazyness going on, we had a few minutes to just sit and eat dinner together.

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    We had a sweetheart table and never sat at it!!! We were up and around greeting guests, dancing, etc the whole night. We had our Bridal Party sit with SO at a round table next to us (8). The only time we sat there was for dinner and the toasts. I did not feel in a fishbowl at all. For us it was the best solution.

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    We are doing the large table with the wedding party and their dates.  Like another poster mentioned, we’ll also situate everyone around the table that way everyone can socialize with each other.  I’ve never been a fan of the sweatheart table.  I see the reception as a time to enjoy my time with family and friends.  We have the rest of our lives to be “alone.”  I want to be where the party is at!!!  ha ha

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    i voted head table…. i think you should put 2 rectangular tables together, but not in the traditional fashion where everyone faces one direction.  instead make it like an oversized square table…. this is what my friend did at her wedding. you and your Fiance can sit at one end together facing the rest of the room and the wedding party & their dates  sit on the other 3 sides of the “square” around you.Depending on how big these tables are you can even put Maid/Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid or Best Man next to you at the head of the table. The rest of your guests will still be able to see you during toasts etc, and your wedding party will be able to have nice conversation space during the meal.  

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    i’m surprised this option has gotten the least votes, but we sat at a normal table–with our parents, our best man and his gf, and moh and her bf. i thought it was perfect. that way we had a few quiet minutes to eat with our favorite people before mingling with the rest of the guests. the rest of our wedding party sat with their dates at other tables, seated with their other friends. i thought it was perfect. i’m not a fan of the traditional head table, and honestly, i just don’t like the idea of a sweetheart table–the reason to have a wedding imo is to celebrate with all the people you love, if you wanted to be alone, why not just elope? i can see it making sense if there are complicated family issues, like divorced parents who can’t stand to be at the same table (my bro and sil had that issue) but for us, we wanted to spend a few special moments with the people we love most (aside from each other 😉 )

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    I did what

    @bells: is doing, and I hope it works for you, hon, cos it didn’t work for us! The Best Man was all offended on behalf of my two bridesmaids and the two groomsmen that they weren’t sitting at the top table, and a mess in table alignment – totally my fault, I didn’t explain it clearly when I was delegating – meant the family tables got split up wrong and bms weren’t sitting with their partners. We had all rectangular tables, though, so it was easier to run tables together to suit different groups, so they did work it out, but I did have one bm sniping at me about it.

    I wholeheartedly recommend that you go for the sweetheart table if you can convince himself. It’s pretty much my biggest regret that I didn’t push for it – there would’ve been no family drama if I had, but of course the reason I didn’t was to avoid family drama!

    It’ll give you a few quiet minutes to eat together – the only alone time we got all night was the first dance, and you’re really the centre of atention for that!

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    we’re doing a sweetheart table. Fiance also doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but the way I see it, and from what i’ve heard/noticed from other weddings, we won’t be sitting much. you sit to eat, but you have to eat first and kinda fast so you can get up and start saying hello to everyone! and, we plan on dancing most of the night anyway. You’re going to be the center of attention whether you’re at a small table or not. it’s your wedding!

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    We struggled with this for a while. I was opposed to a head table from the beginning. I don’t like people staring at me (especially while eating!) and thought that splitting dates was rude.

     I wasn’t for the sweetheart table setup because I wanted to be with our best friends while we ate and I would have lots of “alone” time with my Fiance after the big day. We only get married once and wanted to make the most out of it!

     I was really struggling with it when I stumbled upon the King’s Table option. It is perfect for us! We are putting a long table in the middle of the room (vertically, not horizontally like a traditional head table). The Bridal Party and their dates will sit on both sides. Mr.Beach and I will sit at the head of the table, side by side. This way the entire room has a good view of us but we aren’t “on display” at the front of the room. Also having people on both sides of the table makes it more like a regular dinner than a head table. 

    **Ignore the second part of the picture….the first shows what our Kings table will look like.

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    we’re going through this debate at the moment, Fiance and I would like a sweetheart table, so we can get some quiet time just us, even if its only for a few minutes!- but my Parents and future In-Laws want us all to be on a table together as it is our two families combining, not just us! its a tricky one, we havent come to any concrete arrangements yet!

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    Another advantage of the sweetheart table (my vote and what we’re doing) is that, should you and/or your new husband decide to get up during the meal — restroom, greet a guest, talk to the DJ or DOC, whatever — you won’t be ignoring the guests seated at your table. It’s got to be a little frustrating for the wedding party or parents seated with the bride and groom when they’re always getting interrupted for whatever reason, and almost defeats the purpose of sitting with anyon in the first place.

    You cna always situate the small sweetheart table in a location of your choosing, and that can be a little more privately and out of the way if you’d like. You don’t have to sit in the middle of the dance floor or anything! 😀

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