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i am doing a seating chart for the very same reason.   mostly at weddings its like the parting of the waves……all the grooms family  vs  the brides family ,  and they tend not to mix with each other.

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yeah i also have the same ideas as you,  i have thought of a couple of my friends with a couple of FIs friends,  but in the knowledge that these people would probably be comfortable in each others company.

i wouldnt purposely just split people up for the sake of making them mingle,  like putting 70 year old moaning auntie maud with a 25 year old courting couple…..aint gonna work !   LOL

i think putting the parents and grandparents together the way you explain,  is a great way to get them to mingle,  they have a link with you two,  but also they would probably very comfortable with someone their own age ….i think it would work out very well.

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Thats exactly what I am planning to do. People can talk with people their own age. Some people on these boards complain about sitting away from their parents but if you are old enough, 16+ I would sit them with others their own age. Some people are so afraid to socialize though its really quite funny.

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I’m working on that idea as well, doing table numbers and grouping people together. I plan on seating my mom and brother with his parents and grandparents, etc. Plus his aunts and cousins with my aunts and cousins. His friends with my friends, etc. etc. Then when it comes to other people who aren’t part of our families like my mothers co-workers and so forth, well seat them together. Not a huge deal really, but I think that the way our families and everything are it shouldn’t be too hard for us to group people together. lol

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One of our drafts of seating (which would have been final if people didn’t suck and RSVP more than 2 weeks after the deadline!) had my parents with his mom and sister… and mixed some of our cousins. 

For the most part though, each table is a ‘comfortable’ group with one another, though we don’t really have my side and his side of the room, or I’d be wayyy outnumbered.  We put my parents table closest to us, then his mom and sister, the table that has most of his groomsmen and our officiant, then his dad and sorta branched out from there.

One of the things to remember is not every table has to have the same number of people at it.  My tables max out at 12, I shot for 10 at each, but I have some 9s, some 11s, one 12 but it’s got a lot of kids, and an 8 or 2. 

After a lot of changes there’s only one ‘weird’ table that mixed some people I probably wouldn’t have if I had an alternative.

Good luck!!!

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We did ours differently…my immediate family has a table (mom, dad, brother, grandma, grandpa, uncle, uncle’s gf, cousin, cousin). FI’s mom has a table (his parents are divorced) with her, her husband, FI’s stepbrothers, FI’s maternal grandfather, FMIL’s brother and his wife. Then Future Father-In-Law has a table going along the same lines. Then we just have joint friends so we’re sitting friends together (they aren’t really just mine or just his). We’ll be sitting bridal party SOs together (not enough room at the head table).
Basically we’re seating each other together by groups. We though about mingling them (my parents with his parents, etc.) but this just worked better for us. I really think it depends on your families!

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Not messing with a good thing, his and her sides…no one is forced to have dinner conversation with ppl they do not know.

Dinner is over ppl get up, drink, dance, mingle and regardless if you stick them with strangers they will jump up like a bat out of hell after dinner and go dance, drink and mingle with family.

If ppl want to socialize with the other side awesome, we are all for it but we are not going to force it by sticking ppl at tables where they don’t know anyone. Being the same age or age group does not guarantee they get along. I went to one event where the hosts decided to “mix it up”, I was bored through out dinner (I am very social but again that does not mean I am interested in every person in the world, lol) and could not wait to be near ppl I knew, extended family I wanted to catch up with and cousins who due to tight schedules haven’t been able to get together alot.

Maybe it is a culture thing, our (mine and my fiance’s) families would FLIP if we put ppl together based on age and “they should get along”

Perhaps ask family for some input (not that it is their choice but more opinions means more ways to look at it)

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