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Please dont question yourself about this. You cant bring her back, and all these “what ifs” are just going to rip you up inside. Just take comfort in knowing that she’s resting and is in peace. 

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She was 15 and I’m sure she lived a happy life with you, try not to regret this because you have no idea what the alternative might have been. Once a major organ goes, things tend to deteriorate fast. She would have been very unhappy with a feeding tube and might only have lasted a short while longer anyway. If they actually said they were unsure it would work, that probably indicates the odds were 50/50, not that great.

Try not to beat yourself up over this, losing a pet is horrible but I think you did the right thing.

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Bumble bee

I think you did the right thing. She seems to have been suffering. We had a rabbit that became lethargic for no apparent reason. Comes to find out his back legs were broken! Its still a mystery to this day. he had other issues too, but he seemed so sad and I just couldn’t bare the state he was in. Of course there were therpays, medications, and lots of patiece, but he was just in pain . We decided to put him down. I felt terrible and wanted to change my mind, but it got better. I since bought two cats and i feel much better. It’s really hard to go through and I’m very sorrry. Your cat loves you though, for not letting her suffer anymore. You made a very tough and wise decision. 


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I felt the same way after I put my Golden Retriever to sleep last month. He was 12 and I had him since he was 6 weeks. I felt tremendous guilt afterwards and kept second guessing my decision. I finally had to realize that it was the right decision, although the most difficult.  He was in pain and his quality of life was suffering. No animal should suffer…you did the right thing for your sweet girl.

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I am so sorry. Making that decision can be so hard. You did the right thing. It is an amazing kindness to relieive the suffering of your beloved pet. I know your heart is breaking, but you will get through this and slowly you will come to realize it was for the best. Remember the good times and feel proud of yourself for providing such a good life for kitty. *Hugs* Hang in there.

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I think that if the vet had been optimistic about the therapy, they would have encouraged you to pursue it.  At her age and with multiple health issues, I think you made the right decision.  Try not to beat yourself up over it.  Hospitalizing her probably would have just stressed her out and prolonged her suffering.

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When you have to make a decision like the one you did, your always going to second guess yourself. DONT. Would you really of wanted her to suffer through a feeding tube and not feeling well, all bc you want more time with her?.. Im not saying that to be mean but thats what got me through putting our pup down… You needed to do what was best for her.. as hard as it was.. Shes no longer suffering. Stay strong!

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Do not question yourself – You gave your sweet kitty one last beautiful act of mercy. You put her to rest. She wouldn’t have to worry about painful therapy, or worst-case scenario, a feeding tube stuck in her. She won’t have to worry about these treatments not working and she would have suffered all the while.

You are a beautiful soul as was your pet. I’ve been there a thousand times over. Putting a pet down, even when facing absolute dire situations, is never, ever and easy decision.

Be gentle with yourself — you did the right thing, and kitty isn’t upset. She knows what you did was merciful, and done out of kindness and love. It’s very raw now, so it’s normal to second guess, but if your vet was unsure treatment would work, there’s a very real possibility she would have endured pain and stress just to end up being put down.

All of my hugs to you. Kitty is waiting for you, with my many pets and rescue animals at Rainbow Bridge. They’re happy and healthy there.

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Sugar bee

I think you made the right decision, too. It is so easy to start with the “what if” game after something like this, but in the end all life has to end and you helped her avoid lots of pain and suffering. Just remember, there is the what if you did pursue therapy and she got worse and worse for months and you couldn’t give her up and in the end she died in much more pain and having gone through that for so long. From what the doctor said, that is very likely what you avoided. 

FWIW, we put our aggressive dog down last year. She was only 5 years old and the picture of health physically. It tore me up for a few days because I would think “if only I tried harder”…”if only I spent more time with her a day”. In the end though, she was dangerous to me, my husband and anyone who came in contact with her and there was only so much I could do for her. You have to grieve and it is okay to miss her, but at some point you (and I did) will have to just say enough to letting yourself carry on those trains of thought.

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I am so sorry to hear about your kitty.  It truly sounds like you made the right decision even though that decision was very difficult.  Its very obvious that you loved her very much and I think you did what was best for her.  As a fellow kitty-mommy, keeping you in my thoughts!

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@MsSven:  Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry you are having these regrets. I really do think it’s better for you kitty to be spared treatments.

I am a generation older than you, I’ve had lots and ltos of pets (we take in older animals) and we do rescue, and for me, my regrets tend to be: why didn’t we euthanize them sooner? I regret them going through things that had I been more cognizant, they would not have had to. Animals (and cats) are good at hiding pain, it’s a biological defense mechanism.


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@MsSven:  I just put my sweet kitty to sleep a couple months ago.  I know how you feel.   I still sometimes feel guilty.   I know I made the right choice, so that isn’t the issue but I just feel terrible About it still.   She was 14, she had diabetes, pancreatitis, recurring UTIs, and lastly we discovered she had cancer in her mouth that we could do nothing about.   

What you are experiencing is just part of the grieving process.   It is never an easy decision to put your beloved pet to sleep, but you know when the time comes to do it.   You would never have put your kitty to sleep if you didn’t think it was the right decision.  

Age is a huge factor for an animal as well.   you may have decided to treat her liver and even if that worked, she’s 15,  and there would have been more problems to follow most likely.  

You did what was best for your baby, trust me.    I know just what you are going through

Im so sorry for your loss.

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