Second miscarriage in 8 months

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I’m so sorry bee, how devastating. 

RPL testing is typically bloodwork for you, as there are some genetic factors or blood disorders that may lead to recurrent losses. So don’t worry that they didn’t mention the tissue.

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zstbee84 :  I have a friend with borderline progesterone.  She had one miscarriage, so they put her on progesterone for her second pregnancy… and she lost that one too.  After the second one, she got pregnant again, and they put her on significantly more progesterone, and now she has a happy, healthy 2 week old!  This was all over the course of 2 years.  

I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but this really isn’t rare. 1 in 4 women have miscarriages, many recurring.  You can get through this.  I know it’s hard, but working with your doctor as much as possible will help.

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Unfortunately most doctors consider 1-2 losses fairly normal. It’s  only considered repeat pregnancy loss and “rare” after 3. Doesn’t make them any less devestating but getting testing and treatment before 3 losses can be difficult because 1-2 losses is still considered just really bad luck. 

I’ve had five losses before my current pregnancy. I’m in the home stretch of my first successful pregnancy. I spent 2.5 years pouring over any kind of research, forum, message board, etc trying to find answers. The sad truth is 50% of even recurrent losses never get an explanation. There’s just not enough research out there to provide women and families reasons and solutions. 

If your RE is willing to treat this as recurrent pregnancy loss, I’d first make sure s/he is very knowledgeable in RPL. I went through three REs before I found one that actually took the problem seriously. The rest still blew me off as a case of bad luck. One went as far as to start out the appointment saying “well the good news is at least you can get pregnant!” This was 2 weeks after a D&C for #3. I cried through most of the appointment and never went back. 

Stuff you want them to check – hormone levels, dna fragmentation on dh (normal sperm analysis doesn’t mean much because count, motility, etc isn’t an issue if you’re getting pregnant. You need to know the percentage of damaged dna that could cause chromosome issues), egg reserves (the lower the reserves the more likely to have chromosomes issues), clotting issues, immune issues, environmental issues (heavy metal, etc). If any of these are a problem, IVF doesn’t always fix them. I wasn’t jumping into IVF with the cost and mental/physical toll if we didn’t know why I kept losing pregnancies because it’s a really expensive gamble. 

Also, IVF is not a guarantee. You have other, much less expensive options you can try before IVF. We did three rounds of Femara, monitoring, trigger shot, booster shot, prednisone (I’ll get to that below), and progesterone. The 3rd (and final round we planned to try) worked. Some RE’s will also try IUI to add in the benefit of washing the sperm to help weed out some of the bad. Darling Husband dna fragmentation came back really good so medicated/timed intercourses cycles had the same odds as IUI for us so no reason to try an IUI. 

This is already so long but this is a little more what I did. I don’t know if all of this helped, if any of it helped…maybe none of it helped and we were just a case of the worst luck, but I always wanted to see what others did in case there was something I could try. First, almost all of our testing came back great. On paper we should have been popping out all kinds of kids, even with me being 37, dh was 40. Testing looked like we had the fertility of people in their 20s. My NK cells came back elevated. Not terrible, but enough to show a possible immune issue. I took prednisone for the first trimester to try and keep my immune system suppressed. The Femara was used to help boost my egg quality (and produce 2-3 follicles to increase our chances). The trigger shot was to release all follicles at the same time, the hcg booster shot was to trick my body into thinking I was pregnant at about 5dpo to ramp up my hormones naturally. My RE added progretrone just as a precaution and huge doses of methylfolate in case of an MTHFR issue. 

I didn’t just stop with what the RE added. One thing no one ever really talks about when it should be #1 is egg quality. There’s not really a test for it so I guess it gets overlooked. It’s assumed if you have a lot of eggs, they’re good, low reserves, they’re bad. That’s so not the case. There are so many factors that affect egg quality. Bad eggs can create issues with implantation, chromosomes, progesterone levels, hcg levels, etc. I really have to wonder how many of that 50% never get an answer have egg quality issues. The only time we did testing on the fetal tissue cake back as a trisomy 16, definitely a quality issue and not genetic. Egg quality can be turned around in most women though. I changed my entire life for over 6 months trying to improve my egg quality. The book It Starts With the Egg can help so much. They go into supplements that can improve egg quality, environments changes, dietary changes. I took all the supplements, I changed my diet to a lowish carb AIP paleo diet, we got rid of all chemical based products in our house (cleaning, laundry, soap, hair, makeup). I stopped using plastic bottles, containers. I did Accupuncture, lost weight, tried to manage my stress, lowered my inflammation. Does it seem extreme and overkill – maybe, but my miscarriages brought out so much anxiety in me that all the changes I made made me feel like I was at least doing my part. There was nothing to be lost by making these changes  

This is just my small novel on pregnancy loss. I hope you find some answers to yours…or at least find a solution. 

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zstbee84 :  Bee, I am so sorry you are going through this. I have been in your shoes and know exactly what you are feeling right now. I had 3 missed miscarriages in a row and was so sure that I would never have a child of my own and….now I have a beautiful 6 month old!  I had  so many dark days during my RPL journey. I remember reading the same statistic of 1-2% that you are talking about and feeling so angry and defeated. The more open I became about my journey, the more I met other women who also had RPL so although not common, I dont think it is as uncommon as some numbers say. Each of those women also went on to have their rainbow babies!! I made the mistake of having two D&C’s back to back for my first two losses and regretted it immensely as I had cervical scarring. I thought for sure that was the end of my TTC journey, but we were able to remove the scarring and eventually carry a child to tern. I think it is smart of you to not want another D&C at this point. I agree with PP’s, ask your doctor about testing the tissue as this could tell you if there was a chromosome issue. For my 3rd loss, I opted not to do a D&C and brought in the tissue that I passed at home. If you havent already had an entire RPL work-up, advocate for yourself and push for one. You may want to consider finding a doctor that specializes in RPL. See if you can find any in your area.

Please hang in there, you are not alone.

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zstbee84 :  I am so so sorry you are going through this. I can’t even imagine how heartbroken you must be feeling. I don’t have any advice to give, but just wanted to send you big hugs. xo

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zstbee84 :  I may be sensitive here because I was told that my daughter was likely a second miscarriage when she was not.  But are your doctors absolutely certain this is a miscarriage?  I have been following your story, and you were less than 6 weeks pregnant 6 days ago.  Isn’t a heartbeat of 100 normal-ish for 6 weeks?  You had an ultrasound less than 2 weeks ago where your pregnancy was measuring normally with no visible fetal pole yet, and it has clearly progressed since then.  So how are you measuring two weeks behind?  Maybe I’m being stupid, but these results confuse me.

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pearlrose :  I’m seconding your question, unless there are other reasons for them to suspect a miscarriage

Op is it possible that for some reason they thought you should have been 8 weeks pregnant when you went in for the scan but the baby was measuring at six weeks? I’m echoing what pp is questioning because if you are only six or seven weeks pregnant, measuring two weeks behind would be four or five weeks. Which is when you had your scan about a week ago when they saw the yolk sac and now they see a heartbeat

I have fingers and toes crossed that pp is correct and that there has been some kind of mix up with the scan

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I second the two PPs… this makes no sense and you clearly need new doctors if what you are saying is true. 

First of all, if you were measuring 2 weeks behind (at 4/5 weeks), there would be NO heartbeat. 

Second, a HB of 100 at 6 weeks pregnant is totally normal. My doctor wanted to see it above 80. At my 6w3d appointment, the HB was only 90. I am currently 16w. 

I would NOT stop meds if I were you and go back for a rescan. After that, find a different doctor. This is bizarre. 

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zstbee84 :  Wait, you’re only 6+5 weeks pregnant right now? 100BPM is actually good for that stage, and if baby were measuring 2 weeks behind then you wouldn’t be able to see the heartbeat at all. I would demand a rescan and keep taking your meds for now. 

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zstbee84 :  Okay bee. I get it. Early pregnancy is STRESSFUL. But honestly a lot of what you’re telling us doesn’t make sense. You’re barely pregnant right now, so if they saw a heartbeat then there is no way you are 2 weeks behind. Two weeks behind would be like your last ultrasound was. 

Echoing the others don’t stop your medicine, and see a different doctor. 

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I don’t have any advice but I’m so sorry Bee. Thinking of you <3

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Bee, I’m so sorry. Hoping this isn’t in fact another loss. Just popping in to say that I had two losses back to back and the doctors wouldn’t do any testing on the tissue, even after a D&C because it was only my second loss. If I had a third miscarriage, than they would test. They also chalked it up to bad luck on my part. With the first, I spotted and it was a blighted ovum (I MC’d naturally), the second was a MMC at 8.5 weeks and I got a D&C. Despite the progesterone supplements with the second, I still lost the babe. I did get my rainbow baby after the second loss while taking clomid – I think it just helped me produce a better quality egg. I’m now 31 weeks pregnant with our second with no losses in between and no fertility meds. Just wanted to let you know that althought it may feel hopeless at this point, there’s still a great chance for you and your rainbow. Sending you loving and healing vibes.

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