Second miscarriage in 8 months

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Hugs to you. Take it easy these next few weeks and try not to look too far into the future. If you’re not up for trying again anytime soon, you don’t need to justify that choice to anyone. 

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zstbee84 :  are you going in for another ultrasound soon? I had period cramps for the majority of my pregnancy.

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zstbee84 :  when is your next ultrasound? Can you ask to be seen today, I think it’s getting close to the two week follow up. I’m sure the follow up ultrasound will give more guidance 

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Hi! This is my first post (I’m a long time lurker though) but your story reminds me so much of my own that I wanted to comment. I found out I was pregnant last August after 6 months of trying so my husband and I were very excited. We went in to our 8 week appointment only to be told that the baby’s heart rate was very low and the doctor was sure I was miscarrying. She told me to come back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound to determine if I was in fact miscarrying. In fact, she was so sure I was miscarrying that she made a comment like “if I see you again then…”

Well, I couldn’t wait the 2 weeks and made a follow up ultrasound appointment for 2 days later. It turns out, I was actually measuring at 6 weeks and a couple of days instead of the 8 weeks we all thought I was using my LMP date. The heart rate was perfectly normal for a 6 week fetus. 

I have no idea how the dates could have been off by so much, especially since I was tracking when Darling Husband and I had sex, my LMP, ovulation date (I got blaringly positive ovulation test the day after we DTD and then we didn’t have sex until the next week) etc… It just doesn’t physically seem possible! But it happened! Our healthy 20 week old daughter was born in April and is at home doing beautifully!

I say all of this to tell you to not give up hope, for some reason maybe the dates are off like mine were and you too will have a healthy baby in April!

I wish you all of the luck on Wednesday!


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zstbee84 :  There is no way for them to predict these things, especially because your baby was alive on your previous ultrasounds.  Until you see that the baby has died, there is no reason to believe your body will expel the pregnancy.  Even if your next ultrasound shows your baby no longer has a heartbeat, it is very common for women to retain the nonviable pregnancy for a long time.  If the baby is confirmed to be dead, and it takes so long that infection becomes an issue, then the doctors will do something to induce a miscarriage. (Either medication or D&C)

My two experiences:

1- Baby stopped developing at 5 weeks.  Bloodwork showed decreasing HCG.  Waited two weeks to confirm miscarriage.  Ultrasound still measured 5 weeks with no heartbeat visible.  I waited another week to miscarry naturally.  Nothing happened after a total of 3 weeks.  Ended up opting for a D&C.

2- Was temping and using OPKs.  Got a positive pregnancy test at 11 dpo.  Started bleeding significantly at 6.5 weeks.  Went in for ultrasound.  No heartbeat was visible on the ultrasound, and doctors told me to come back in 2 weeks to confirm miscarriage.  Perfect little bean was alive and well at the next scan, measuring a week behind.  

I hope your scan shows a living baby like mine did…. but if it doesn’t, I know how hard it is to play the waiting game.  I finally gave in and went for the D&C, but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to end up with two in a year. Regardless, I don’t think most doctors would induce a miscarriage or do a D&C on a baby that was last known to be alive anyway.  It sounds like your scan is coming up soon, so hopefully that will give you more answers.  If you are really struggling, maybe you could push for having the scan tomorrow instead.

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zstbee84 :  unfortunately people’s HCG levels decrease at different rates, just like they rise at different rates, so there’s no way to tell how long it will take if you do miscarry. I remember googling the same think like crazy when I went through this. With all of that said, I hope that your ultrasound Wednesday shows a healthy, thriving little bean. 

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