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@SomedayHisBride:  I used to write fan fiction in high school. A couple of friends knew about it but I haven’t touched pen to paper in about four years now. I want to get back into it; I’ve been really depressed and just in a rut lately and I miss writing. There is definitely something therapeutic about seeing words flow into the page, even if you aren’t writing about yourself directly, but I would be so embarrassed if anyone found out, even SO. :/ 


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@SomedayHisBride:  You know, I’m happy that you posted this, and I hope some of the bees that aren’t exactly taken with you read this and warm to you some.  I know this isn’t the point to your post, but after watching you take flack on the ring boards, I was wondering if you had some sort of perfectionistic anxiety thing going on.  It sounds like you have been put in a place in life where you have been expected to be perfect, and torn down at any point that you ever appear less than that perfect standard you keep trying to be…  It’s a closed circuit:  you’re criticized for not being perfect, so you try and act perfect, which only sets people off with criticism when you appear/try to appear flawless.  

Oddly enough, I think you came onto these boards with a mixed sense of who you are/want to be…  You want this idealized, “perfect” stone, so you’re still trying to achieve perfection; yet, you don’t hide the flaw of what appears to be a superficial quality by making a stone so important to you.  You could hide how much you want something that shouldn’t really matter like many other bees, and avoid blatant statements that you know will bring criticism (and thus, stain that perfect image).  You could still try and appear perfect on here, but you don’t.  To me, when you post things that I think you know will inflame people (although I don’t think that is your goal, at least I hope not), you do it anyway because this is an outlet to be the real you that has this inflamitory/imperfect side that may not get aired out in real life (because doing so would require showing the desire to be perfect in order to protect yourself from others, which is a double flaw by admitting outsiders influence your preferences).  I could be wrong, but to me, your posts never seem like you are trying to get attention from comments that get you flamed, nor do you seem to be a mean person just trying to irritate; really, I think you’re just in need of a place to say, “this me, take it as you will”… I may be totally off-base, but it seems to fit.

Do you think the need to appear perfect is why you have the e-ring standards that you do?


To answer your question: no, I don’t have any completely hidden hobbies.


Sorry again if this is totally impolite of me, but I don’t like watching people beat up on you, and I think it’d help if people knew more than just your ring preferences.

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@SomedayHisBride:  (Somewhat off-topic) if you have anxiety issues, why is it that you’re allowing your family to push you to wait until the fall to announce your engagement?  I think you’re putting yourself in an awful situation since you are causing yourself more anxiety and stress than you need to, I’m sure your family only wants you to be happy and if they do have negative reactions at least you won’t have all these emotions bottled up inside for so many months (or just elope?).  You need to be true to yourself and your feelings in order to become truly happy and relaxed.    

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@SomedayHisBride:  I make little stuffed animals from felt. It’s not something I do every day, but I do it periodically. I give them as gifts usually, but I’ve sold some & kept others. It’s not really a “secret” but it’s not something you’d probably guess about me!

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@SomedayHisBride:  I hate typing on my phone, unfortunately, andmy SO would probably wonder about the app since we both use it to play games. It doesn’t help that we’ve had previous issueswith keeping things we shouldn’t have kept from each other. They’re resolved now but I’m worried about the effect a password protected app would have. And I don’t want him to want to read my stuff (which he would want to, trying to take an interest in what I do, which is sweet but I want this just for me). 

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None of my hobbies are secret..

My passion is fine dining. I love everything to do with going out for an extravagant meal, some people would find what I spend on food downright disgusting but it brings me so much joy. I also love cooking nice meals and creating cocktails at home for my Fiance and I, whenever we go out I ‘journal’ about my meal.. what tastes I like, new flavors or ingredients I tried, what was in my cocktails, tasting notes on the wine we had..

My ‘maybe it will come true/ maybe it won’t dream.. either way I like thinking about it for fun’ is to own a high end cocktail bar so I call these creepy food journals my research.. That would be my most unexpected hobby, considering most people I talk to get the impression I don’t even cook.

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I’ve got a lousy singing voice but I sing a lot anyway. Only those who love me most are subjected to this joyous but cacophonous noise.

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Throwing knives.

My brother got Fiance some throwing knives for Christmas or his birthday or something, and one day I said I finally wanted to try. I’m the best knife thrower that I know, but I don’t tell anyone because I still can’t throw from far away. I started out using a hard wooden target and my aim is really good and I stick most of the knives…when I googled it I read that most people start off with cardboard or other soft targets…pretty proud of myself.

I also keep a journal that is 99% poetry.

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I do research/investigate missing people. A cool web site is “Charley Project” if you are ever bored!

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