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They say that people who log what they eat lose more weight.  There are plenty of free sites that can help.  Myfitnesspal.cam , or self.com.  Or if you really want to go the extra mile, you can join Weight watchers (I’m a weight watcher, and have lost 35 pounds, and kept it off for a couple years).


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@msreg08:  Maybe you’ve tried this, but I’ve heard that gradually switching out junk food for healthier options goes better than going cold turkey (no pun intended). Or, giving yourself one day a week to eat what you like (in moderation) to reward yourself, and then trying to stick with your diet the rest of the week. Basically, anything you can do to make it do-able for the long run!

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Definitely find a way to track your calories.  How much and what you are eating are much more important than when you eat.  I use myfitnesspal.  It allows you to set a goal weight, and it tells you how many calories you should be consuming to reach your goal.

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Herbalife works good .. Its a healthy shake mix that you subsitute for breakfast and lunch. You can add fruits to it and what not also. 

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  What worked for me was Weight Watchers. I needed the accountability of having to show up every week to weigh in. I lost about 30 lbs in 4 months on that. What type of work outs do you do? Do you switch them up often? That was when I noticed I was losing less weight was when I was keeping everything the same for weeks on end.

  I did just switch to My Fitness Pal, since we’re trying to find some ways to save money. It is helpful that you can do this with friends. They don’t see your starting weight, but they do see how much you lose, week to week. I also like the scanner on it, too! It makes entering in items much easier :-). GOod luck with everything!

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I love MyFitnessPal for calorie counting and the support you get there is amazing!

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@msreg08:  First off, congrats on your committment to a healthy lifestyle! May I ask how long you’ve been at it? I’m not (and never have been) a fan of scales. They can be really misleading, and depeding on the time of day, time of the month, etc etc., you’ll get a different reading! Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’ve been getting stronger, the needle on that scale might not be moving as fast as you want it to. A better way might be to take some good old-fashioned measurements.

Bodies are a funny thing – you think you’re doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge! What gives? Well, your body sometimes turns into survival mode, if you’re not getting ENOUGH calories! Not eating after 6 pm isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can certainly snack on hummus and carrots, fruit, and other whole, minimally processed foods, after 6! Eat when you’re hungry – thats WHY your body is telling you “Hey, I need something!” Just be sensible! 200 calories in ice cream doesnt power your body the same way as 250 calories of a chicken breast and veggie combo. Think of food as gasoline you’re putting in your “engine.” Put crappy fuel in, you’re not going to run well!

So find a great combo of cardio (bike, elliptical, running, zumba, etc.) and work in some weights. I personally am a HUGE fan of kettlebells – go find a certified instructor and take classes. Those last 10 lbs are the worst, but good luck. Total faith in you right here!

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I was also on Weight Watchers and it helped me ALOT! Some things I picked up were, like a few said, to write down what you eat.  Everything! If you write it down you can see how much you actually consume in a day.  Every little thing adds up.  Also breakfast is extremely important, do not skip.  I found that how  I ate mattered. Meaning, eating a bigger breakfast, and a smaller dinner is what helped me lose the weight I couldn’t.  I would focus most of my points in the morning and for lunch and whatever I had left I would have for dinner.  A big thing I found out was writing things down also kept me from not eating enough.  When I was bigger, there were some days I would barely eat anything, that can be just as bad as eating way too much. (still 50 lbs down!)

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Nit eating after 6 isn’t ood or your body unless you’re getting up at 4 and having breakfast at 4:30. Eat the same amount of calories but spread out through the day— three light meals and 2or 3 snacks. Your body needs a steady stream of calories to be able to burn them efficiently.

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I just wanted to add to what some other ppl said about the scale not being the best way to judge your weight loss.  The fittest and best I’ve ever felt was one my highest numbers on the scale (although I must admit that I’ve never struggled with my weight).  I was exercising a lot and eating really healthy but I gained a ton of muscle and really enjoyed the healthy food I was eating.  Depending on what you’re doing to lose weight, you will need to keep the number in perspective.  Additionally, Weight Watchers worked really well for my mother who has struggled with her weight the majority of her adult life.  Good luck! 🙂

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Make a timeline of 5 bad things still in your diet that need to be cut out gradually. Start with the easiest.

Something like:

1. bad oils like Canola replaced with olive oil or coconut

2. high fructose corn syrup

3. enriched white wheat flour

4. enriched whole wheat flour replaced with flaxseed, coconut, almond

5. packaged food, period.

I’m doing this right now and have almost completely cut out the oil, corn syrup and packaged food in general. I no longer eat white bread or white rice. I’m also veering away from “whole wheat” bread in general and replacing with healthy proteins and fats for breakfast.

Depending on how often you consume these foods, taking them out gradually will produce a big effect on your weight. 

Whole foods is pretty much the only way to eat, I’m coming to realize. Of course, with small cheats so you don’t fall off. But being as pure as possible in food choices.

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i say ditch the scales, personally i prefer to measure my lose with a measuring tape than with scales, i was a uk size 22 (us 20) i am now a uk 14 (us 12) this has taken me about 10 months or so. i do a circut training routine twice a week for 40 minutes a time and i altered my diet well too. i do not eat bread at all, cut out chocoalte and potato chips, that kind of thing i allow myself a weekly treat which is something i would recommend. i don’t eat after 8pm but i am usually in bed by 10pm on a work night because i get up at 5 am, and i never skip breakfast. 


i will say the routine i do is very intense, but also rather adictive and a little bit crazy haha its called cave woman training 

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journal, journal, journal: i only lose weight when i’m logging what i’m eating.

also, stay away from refined carbs (white bread, white potatoes, white rice) and focus on proteins and veggies.

oh – and lots of water. and exercise.

most importantly, don’t get discouraged. just take it one day at a time – any other way is too overwhelming.

good luck 🙂



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