"Send her back!"

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Helper bee
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lauralaura123 :  Whoever made such a tasteless and racist “joke” should be banned at every social event. It is difficult to change things, but for starters, I think US citizens should cast their vote very wisely for the next presidential election.  

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I have had this said to me a number of times here in Australia. Funny thing is I am indigenous so my people have inhibated this land a hell of a lot lomger than any white person. Racists going to be racist. It is better in my opinion that they out themselves so I know who not to waste my time on. lauralaura123 :  

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Blushing bee
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I’m an immigrant too, US citizen now but honestly I don’t really get offended that easily. I think the world was so much more fun when we could still joke about stuff without getting offended. I actually enjoy jokes about stereotypes too. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

I think we’ve fallen victims to politicians twisting each other’s words to manipulate us.

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Honey bee

melihbee :  It’s not just politicians, it’s everywhere. People are looking for a reason to be offended, I see it on this site all the time. 

That being said, my family has been in the states longer than Trump’s. He’s only 2nd generation. And in my opinion only Native Americans have any right to say go back. They were here when my ancestors were German Burgermeisters, Irish big trotters and English farmers.

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Helper bee

I didn’t even vote for him… But I find the Trump is racist thing a bit off and a broken record. All the previous presidents before said they would do things about illegal immigration, they just didn’t go through with it on such a large extent. Or at all for that matter. Illegal immigrants don’t bother me as long as they live in peace with everyone around them.

But anyways… the dude was a complete jerk. They are everywhere. All countries, all races/ethnicities. I grew up being called racist crap/slurs by children who were not my ethnicity and THEY were essentially the “minority” based on the USA beliefs… but technically I was the minority in the community. No one race or nation should act like they don’t have bad apples. 

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Busy bee
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lauralaura123 :  Im so sorry you had to deal with this. As far as Im concerned the only people in the US entitled to say such a thing are Native Americans. We are ALL immigrants here – some willing and some forced.

Im a “white” American and this president and hostile views do not speak for all of us. I personally helped a syrian refuge navigate finding a place, setting up a bank account, etc when he came here. America is for everyone and anyone stating otherwise is anti-American.


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Busy bee
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Im American and I can’t even believe the nation we live in right now, it seemed to be so progressive… but having the current dictator in office really goes to show how much of this country is not progressive and doesn’t want to be, I honestly didn’t know how much hate was in country until now. Most every day I’m ashamed and can’t even watch the news, I just hope everyone doesn’t  think we’re all like that or that we all agree with this obscene person or that we all voted for him. Anyone and everyone is welcome in my home.

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Helper bee
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I think people are too easily offended.

Yeah it was a tasteless and offensive comment, but it’s bothered you so much you came here to vent about it. 

This is coming from a non US citizen living in the US. 

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Buzzing bee

do not let anyone make you feel invalidated because you’re offended. maybe it’d be something to laugh off if our current administration weren’t purposefully villainizing everyone who looks like an immigrant (read: not white). however, these sentiments can have dangerous impacts on people’s real lives. it’s not just a “joke” when it has the potential to dehumanize during a time where people are getting away with crimes against those who they seek to dehumanize.

you are not being overly-sensitive, and you’re well entitled to your feelings. 

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Bumble bee

What can we do.to change things?


I’m not an international bee, I’m a white American mutt of origins I don’t even know so you weren’t really asking me. But really voting is the most important thing.

Help register young people to vote. Help get them out to vote.  

Additionally you can donate to and or volunteer for candidates & ballot initiatives.  

Socially, white nationalists acting like white nationalists should not be welcome in civilized, polite & good company.  They should be shunned & not normalized. 

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Okay, in general I would agree with the sentiment about people being too easily offended. However, in the present political climate, I disagree. With the president himself talking about sending people back to where they came from – when that is the UNITED STATES – it isn’t funny anymore. There are people who are literally fighting for their lives here – to stay in the US, to be US citizens, to keep their families from harm. People act like they are native to the US, when they aren’t. Almost all of us are second or third or fourth generation immigrants, and if you look into the history, there were atrocities (lynchings and more) committed against not only African-Americans, but Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans and more. 

The whites in the US have always felt they were “whiter” than anyone who came after them regardless of skin color. It is absurd. Skin color and original national origin has nothing to do with being American. I find the rhetoric about “Send them back!” to be frightening and offensive, and I’m technically not even an immigrant (I am technically a second-generation German American, as my grandparents were immigrants and my father was first-generation born in the US). But when one thinks in generations, and knowing that I am only ONE removed from being threatened, it is very scary to think about. 

These “jokes” aren’t funny. They are white-supremacists masquerading as “everyday” people, making “jokes” about things that aren’t funny.

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. 

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