(Closed) September 11 – Where were you when you heard?

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I was in Spanish class. Our gym teacher hadn’t told us, so we walked into Spanish and were acting like assholes. The 3 kids who didn’t come from gym were giving us strange looks. Our Spanish teacher realized we were never told and broke it to us. As a NY State school, it really hit home. We just stared at the TV for hours. Then I came home and my mom was waiting for me on the porch. She had never waited for the school bus before. That freaked me out!

I now work 2 blocks from the Capitol and half of my coworkers were there on 9/11. They still get shaken thinking about and many had flashbacks after the earthquake– keep in mind that a terroist attack is more likely at my office than an earthquake. I never got what their fear must have been like until I saw them (women in their 50s in heels and canes) sprinting out of the building with the earthquake.

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Bee Keeper

I was at work, in our breakroom. I was getting a granola bar (breakfast of champions!) out of the vending machine when I turned around and caught a glimpse of the TV across the room from me. The sound was off, but I saw the image of the first plane hitting the towers. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it must not be real. Or maybe it was a mistake. My mind couldn’t process it at all. Within a short time, the news was all over the office where I worked. (We dealt with the military a lot.) All the people in my unit gathered in that same break room together for the rest of the morning, watching the news coverage — although, at that time, no one really knew much of anything. That image: of the plane hitting the tower is ingrained in my memory. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Or how beautiful and blue the sky was that day. It seemed impossible that such a thing could be happening. Or maybe I just wished it was impossible.

At the time, my Darling Husband and I had been married for about 1.5 years or so. Because of our work, we were living in two different cities. I left work early, as did everyone else who was “non essential”. And I took the next few days off from work. I went home, grabbed some clothes and my dog, and drove right to my husband’s apartment in the other city. I just had to be with him.

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I was in third grade, so I was pretty young when it happened. I was in school a little less than ten miles from a large Army base, and most of my classmates had parents in the Army. I remember our teacher being called, and the entire school gathering in the art room to watch the news. Parents were coming to pick up their kids, and our principal was bringing them inside and not letting them leave, because the concern at that point was that there would be an attack on base. We were at school until after dark, listening to our parents and teachers explain everything as best they could. It was terrifying, and I cry every year just thinking about how awful it was sitting there knowing that so many of the adults that had been a huge part of my life were going to be getting deployed. I am so so thankful that most of them came home, and so proud of them for being brave enough to serve!

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Sugar bee
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I was in my senior year of highschool and just starting English class when my teacher told us there had been a plane crash at the WTC. She turned on the radio for us, and we heard the announcement about the second plane a few minutes later. That was when we all realized it wasn’t just a terrible accident. I remember feeling very patriotic and connected to the whole of America in the weeks afterward. I was in Florida and didn’t know anyone in NY at that time.

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I was at home before school having breakfast when my mom was on the phone talking about a terrorist attack in NYC. I was 12 and no one really explained WHAT a terrorist attack WAS, only that some planes flew into buildings and lots of people died. I don’t think I really understood what it meant or that it was an intentional act until a few years later in high school.

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Helper bee

I was in highschool I remember hearing bits and pieces of a plane flying into a building in the city. During my last class history teacher gave us the full story, telling us we deserved to know what was going on and we shouldn’t have to be shocked when we left. Turns out our school administration spread the word to keep it hush hush. I didn’t live far from NYC and many parents worked in Manhattan so I guess they were trying to prevent any panic. It wasnt until I got home and my Mom put on the news that I realized what had happened. To this day I have serious regrets, concerns, and even anger about the way my school handled it. 

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I was in second grade. I really dont remember much about that day, except that we talked about it in school for weeks after, and had an assembly. This summer, my grandma and I went to NYC and visited the museum. It was so surreal. I think the part that hit home for me the most was hearing the voicemails that people in the planes left for their loved ones. I couldn’t imagine only having a few minutes to call my fiancé and tell him how much I care about him. 

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Busy bee
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Well I work right across from the White House and down the street from the Capitol.  I was at work listening to my radio when I heard that the first plane had hit one of the towers.  When I heard the second plane had hit as well I went to our TV room.  During the broadcast they said a third plane was on its was to DC.  I ran back to my office to get my stuff and head on out because I figured that plane was coming for the White House or the Capitol.

From my window is where I saw the smoke coming from the Pentagon hit.  I flew out of the office as did everyone else.  It was pure chaos in DC and one of the most frightening days of my life ever.  

My company dealt with people who died in the Twin Towers.  It was a very sad day. 🙁


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I was getting ready for school, senior in HS. I always turn the TV on in the morning while getting ready and first image I saw was a plane hitting the building. I thought it was a movie at first. Then realized it was the news saying BREAKING NEWS. The entire day at school, in each class room, we were just watching the news. Everyone was on shock and the school seemed pretty quiet that day. 

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I was in high school.  In my first class some guys were talking about it, but it seamed like a joke.  I don’t think they even knew that it is real.  I went to my second class and everyone was standing in the English pod staring at the television.  It was right around the time the second plane hit, and the first tower fell.  We were mostly allowed to watch television that day.  I had to work that night, and there was a panic in town about gas prices going up.  So I got to watch the gas station across the street fill up faster than I ever had before.  

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Sugar bee
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i was a senior in high school. i was in the bathroom getting ready for school when i heard the phone ring. my mom answered it in her room (right across the hall). it was my uncle asking if my brother (who is in the military and was home visiting) had been called back from his leave. she hadn’t heard what happened, so my uncle told her. i saw her turn on the tv and i asked what was up and she said a plane crashed into the twin towers. at first i thought it was an accident. during the bus ride to school that’s all that people were talking about and all the teachers had tv’s/radios brought into the classrooms. we didn’t do any school work that day and i just kept thinking, ‘this can’t be real.’

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I was also a senior in high school. We were in first period (orchestra) and a friend came in and announced to the class and teacher what he had heard out in the hallway where people were gathered around a tv. This was before everyone had a smart phone so news took a bit to travel. I remember being really mad that we still had our AP history exam that day, especially since everyone rushed it to get back to the tv in the hallway.

ETA: There was some crazy mad rush for gas that day. I remember being in line with DOZENS of other cars to get gas after school.

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I was 13, at the Dentist getting a filling. They had the news on and the techs were freaking out. I didn’t really know how big of a deal it was,just some freak accident I guessed. After the appointment it was the only thing on the radio. My mom drove to pick up my sister and we went home. My mom didn’t want us to watch but when we heard my dad wasn’t coming home(military),that’s when is got real. So sad.

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Busy bee

I guess this shows how young I am, but I didn’t know it had happened until years afterward (as terrible as that sounds). I was in 4th(?) grade, and I remember that a bunch of people got called home from school and I thought that was really weird. But my parents didn’t tell me. We didn’t have internet or a televison, and my family didn’t listen to the radio. I guessed something bad had happened that day, but it wasn’t until many years later (when my family got the internet) that I googled it and learned what actually happened.

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