(Closed) September 11th, 2001 — Where were you?

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Senior year in highschool. Went to the choir room for guitar class and saw some of my fellow students gathered around the tv that they brought out of the closet.

At the time, only one tower had been hit. We were all talking about what a horrible accident it was. And one person kept saying it was an attack, but most of us were in total denial of that… then the second one hit and changed our minds.

We kept the tv on for the whole class. When I was in the hallway aferwards, I saw one of the teachers crying and freaking out. I was told by another student that her son works in the towers (he lived).

I had to go to a doctor’s appointment after that class. At the doctor’s office, the tv was showing exactly the same thing. When my appointment finished, I walked back into the lobby just in time to see one of the towers collapse. I didn’t find out if it was the first or the second one that I saw (judging by timelines, i think it was the second). when i got home there were no towers

I remember seeing the gas stations more full than I’ve ever seen them on my way home. Cars lining up just to get to a pump.

I informed my mother that I wouldn’t be going back to school that day. She let me stay home. I watched the news and cried basically all day. I remember a minor panic attack when I saw the pentagon footage because my highschool BFF’s mom worked there (she’s fine).

A lot of military vehicles drove by my house. I remember seeing a lot of military stuff that week. I grew up in Tomah, WI and it’s next to Fort McCoy (biggest military base in WI, i believe).

On Thursday, I skipped the last half of school to go to my church for a prayer service. Nobody got in trouble for absences that week.

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I was in my senior year of HS in first period Physics. Our Biology teacher came in and took our Physics teacher aside and told him. He then told the class “Oh so yeah I guess some people are like attacking NY and stuff, crashing planes into buildings and such….but that’s not as important as today’s lesson…so lets get on with it…” – I don’t think he realized the severity of it at this point and it was just in general his personality.

After that first class of the day we just watched on TV and talked about it in all of our classes. I think it had a huge impact on a lot of students being our senior year. Some who had talked of joining the military decided not to while more so it seemed a lot of people decided to join after this happened.

My Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time – his parents were in FL and were supposed to fly back that day. Since they weren’t able to get a flight anytime soon, and rental cars were booked solid – they ended up buying a used car to drive back to WI in so they could get home.

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I was in my 11th grade chemistry class. I remember there being an announcement and then a TV was brought in so that we could see the coverage. I lived 35 minutes from DC so it was definitely scary. Everyone’s parents started to come to pull them out of school right away.

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I was in 6th grade. That morning while the towers were being hit we were watching Monarch Butterflies hatch. Our school went on lockdown and wouldn’t let us outside even though it was a nice day. As students we knew something was up, but we didn’t know what. At the end of the day they gathered us in our homerooms and told us what happened to prepare us for what was going to be on TV when we got home. I rode the bus home and watched the news by myself until my parents got home.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

At school, which is where I stayed. I am Canadian and didn’t know anyone working in the States at the time. It was tragic of course but not enough for my parents to let us come home.

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Helper bee

I remember walking into my choir class my sophomore year in high school and watching it all unfold on the TV. We didn’t do anything in that class except watch what was happening. I remember the halls being very quiet during the passing periods. 

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My goodness I feel old.

I was at work. Work that I’d only just returned to after giving birth to my second child. I remember that my boss and I, who sat across the cubby hall from me, listened to competing country music stations and hers reported the news first, mine came on a few minutes later reporting, and then pretty much all work just stopped. The TV in the president’s office came on, and the upper management spent most of the day watching it.

I went home that day and simply cried. I didn’t know anyone, but I was terrified for my children and my family. 

I couldn’t watch the footage, I still have problems watching it, but I feel for all those who lost someone that day. It was a horrible tragedy.

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Bee Keeper

9th grade 1st period class– we were being reprimanded for being assholes to the substitute teacher when another teacher came in the room and asked to turn on the TV. We all just sat their watching it and people started crying/sitting in shock. No one knew it was really an attack until the Pentagon.


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I was in 8th grade… Mr. Quigley’s class. I remember we walked into the class and he was studying intently something on his computer. The class was just talking at first, and then as the minutes wore on they got rowdier and rowdier because he was literally entranced at his computer. Finally he stood up and said “Everyone, you need to sit down, I have something very important to tell you”, almost nobody heard or payed attention. He said it again and I remember vividly at that moment one girl still chasing another girl down an aisle with a marker and the girl being chased shrieking and giggling, and finally he YELLED. “SIT DOWN NOW DAMMIT! THIS IS IMPORTANT!”

It shocked the whole class and everyone fell stone silent. I remember thinking at that exact moment something horrible had happened for him to react that way. He told us. Later our principal came on the PA system and was giving instructions for those students whos parents were coming to pick them up. We live in south central PA, and PA is where the plane supposedly headed for the white house went down. So some parents were picking their kids up. We also lived in Carlisle at the time, and we have a large military base there too, so I think parents were extra worried.

It was horrifying. My mom’s work let out because the company she was working for had offices in the towers. I could be wrong but I believe they lost people that day.

I also remember a few days later when we were driving in the car, we were listening to the radio and it came on that we were officially going to war. The radio played “God Bless the USA” and we got chills….

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I was in English class in sophomore year of high school.  I went to a Catholic high school with strict no cell phone policies where most of the parents of the kids that attended commuted into NYC for work.  There was no real official announcement, just whispers of what was going on in that class.  The teacher didn’t address it.  During class change my locker neighbor told me he had heard that a tower had fallen and I thought he was crazy.  Turns out he wasn’t.  It wasn’t until around 10 oclock that school officials were finally starting to acknowledge that something was going on and allowed us all to make cell phone calls openly.  By that time the cell networks were overloaded and it was hard to get through to anyone.  I was finally able to call home and my mother hadn’t been in contact with my dad in the city.  Normally we wouldn’t have been worried, but my dad had been renewing some professional certifications that required him to take classes all over the city so we had no idea where he was.  Around lunch parents came to pick up a majority of kids at school.  Luckily my mom was working from home that day and was able to pick my brother and I up.  I hadn’t seen any news coverage of what was going on until after I got home from school and only then was the full gravity of the situation apparent.  We finally heard from my dad around 4 oclock and everything was ok.  I wish my school had handled things differently, because the withholding of information was bullshit and not everyones families ened up being ok.  For weeks afterwards we could smell the burning from the WTC site.

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At my desk, working, as usual with the news on in the background.  I went into & stayed in denial for the longest time.

When the first plane hit, I just assumed it was a stray private plane off course & a terrible accident.  I just went on checking emails.

It wasn’t until the news anchor actually said we were under attack that I finally caught on & started to accept reality.

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I was in mY senior year of hs! First period accounting. We heard a plane crashed into the WTC. We all immediately ran to the other side of the school bc you could see the towers from our school. We saw everything. It was terrible. Many of my friends and teachers had loved ones in the towers so the mood at school ws just panic. We were lost and didn’t know what to do. It was so scary. They allowed us to go home and be w our families. I will never forget that day.

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