(Closed) September 2013 Babies & Moms Part 8

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Good idea!!

How many days until due date: 25… Woah!

Do you have an induction planned: nope, no need at this point


How are you on weight gain:  9kgs at this point (approx 20 pounds)

I’m most looking forward to:  feeling these little feet and arms on the outside of my belly!!

Hardest part of this stage of  pregnancy:  some hip pain at night (better if I remember to stretch before bed), some pelvic pain if I’ve been sitting or lying funny, killer heartburn (but my tablets help), and just getting tired so easily (but I’m on maternity leave already, so at least I can rest when I need). Overall I’m doing pretty well I think!

Any signs of labor: nope!

What are you doing to prepare for labor ( primrose oil, exercise  ball, stretches…): I have started drinking red raspberry leaf tea each morning, I might get some evening primrose tablets, I do bounce on my exercise ball each day(not sure what that’s doing though…) And doing my Calm Birth meditations every couple of days. Also trying to keep exercising a tiny bit.

What is left on your to do list:  still all my packing, house tidying and post-partum supplies. Nursery and most major purchases are done.

Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share, if  you’re willing!):  pretty much, but we don’t use it to refer to her yet, and haven’t bought/made anything with the name on it – don’t want to lock it in till we meet her!

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital  (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..):  we’ll get heaps of help from our families when we need it, but feel pretty confident they won’t over stay their welcome either. Thank goodness we don’t have a spare room any more, so we won’t have to deal with house guests! Hubby is taking at least two weeks off work, and hoping to work part time for a few more when he goes back. 

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@pmerr:  OMG! So close now!!! Can’t believe it’s the home stretch! AAAAAH! I love seeing the list with some babies born already, and the rest TBD…anytime really, gave me chills!

How many days until due date: 29! Holy craaaaaaaaap……

Do you have an induction planned: No, baby will come when he’s ready

How are you on weight gain: Think I capped out around 30 lbs

I’m most looking forward to: Everything….being at home with baby; being a family with my Husband; meeting him and being a Mom; just…everything. But I’m getting scared too!

Hardest part of this stage of pregnancy: Fear of giving birth…and feeling sluggish and tired

Any signs of labor: nope none yet

What are you doing to prepare for labor ( primrose oil,  exercise  ball, stretches…): walking more; stretching; mentally trying to think positively

 What is left on your to do list: organize – I feel lost and overwhelmed

Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share,  if  you’re willing!): Yes we’re pretty sure but still keeping it to ourselves

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital   (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..): Darling Husband will take 2 weeks off work to be home, and we will have family on call, thinking about hiring a lactation consultant for home visits

Happy September everybody!!! Wishing everyone well as we prepare to meet our little ones!!!


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Wow, I love seeing the list too!!  It makes it so exciting!

How many days until due date:  24 days…

Do you have an induction planned: No.  

How are you on weight gain: 27 lbs.

I’m most looking forward to: This is a long list!  My top three: I can’t wait to hold our baby, watch my husband hold our baby, and eat sushi, lol.

Hardest part of this stage of  pregnancy: The last couple months have been rough. For the last two days, the worst is nerve problems with my right leg so that it’s painful from the hip down to the ankle.  I’ve been trying to use a heating pad, but it’s difficult to walk on and just really hurts to move.  I’ve also been having painful and often regular contractions since 32 weeks, so I hate the feeling that “this could be it!” every day.  

Any signs of labor: Since I started with false labor so early, my doctor basically told me that I could start real labor at any time or I could go past my due date.  He just doesn’t know, but I need to be ready to get to the hospital.  The baby dropped at 32 weeks as well, and he’s been lodged as far down in my pelvis as he can go ever since.  No dilation yet (as of my last appt).  It will be such a relief to reach 37 weeks on Tuesday after over a month of being worried that he’ll come too early.

What are you doing to prepare for labor ( primrose oil, exercise  ball, stretches…): I’m not too concerned with RRL tea since I’m having plenty of contractions, but I think I’d like to start primrose oil this week to start getting everything ready down there.

What is left on your to do list: I have a bunch of stuff in the laundry that I’d like to have washed (nursing nightgown, more baby clothes, swaddles, etc.).  I also want us to put the car seat in the car this week, and practice taking the infant seat part in and out.  

Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share, if  you’re willing!): Yep.  We’re going with Fredric (Freddy).

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital  (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..): My husband is taking a full three months of parental leave so I’ll having him around, thank goodness.  My mom is also planning to fly out after we get out of the hospital.  I’m trying very hard to prevent my Mother-In-Law from coming out too, though.  She wants to bring DH’s stepfather with her and have both of them stay at our house for a week.  I’ve been trying to explain that I’m not going to be in any kind of physical or emotional state to deal with that.  We’ve asked them to wait a few weeks before flying out, but they’re resisting, so we’ll see what happens with that!

Best of luck to everybody!!!

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@pmerr:  thanks for starting this!  I also can’t believe we are officially at baby time for everyone! Eeek! πŸ™‚

And congrats again to everyone who has already had their little ones! πŸ™‚ 

How many days until due date: 16 until OB’s date, 21 until “my” calculated due date from O date. CRAZY!!!

Do you have an induction planned: No, and I am really hoping to avoid one, but if I get to 41 weeks, I will probably want to be induced.  I don’t have any problems (thus far, knock on wood) that would necessitate an earlier delivery, so I will just keep on keeping on and hoping he decides to come on his own! πŸ™‚

How are you on weight gain: Last appointment I was up 42 pounds but I had lost a pound instead of gained. Hoping I don’t gain too much more because, jeesh! That’s a little more than I was hoping to gain already. 

Did you escape stretch marks: Despite all that weight I’ve gained, I still don’t have any on my belly…which I am completely surprised by because I have some on my hips and thighs from going through puberty, so I figured I would for sure get them.  I am still not calling it completely escaped though, I realize they could still pop up in these last few weeks. 

I’m most looking forward to: Finally seeing and meeting our little man and seeing what he looks like!  I also can’t wait to see Darling Husband with him…he is going to be the best daddy ever.  I won’t lie, I am excited to not have this GINORMOUS belly anymore either, I’m tired of struggling every day to get dressed, put on shoes, breathe, eat, lol. 

Hardest part of this stage of  pregnancy: Trying to get last-minute things accomplished when I am huge and struggle to do so…scrubbing the floor? HA! Moving heavy things around? Yeah right!  The heartburn is such a pain, too…eating is just not very enjoyable anymore (maybe why I finally lost a pound instead of gained a pound…haha!).  Also the “not knowing” of when I will go into labor kinda stinks…it’d sure be more convenient to know exactly when this little guy will arrive, but I am just trying to take it day-by-day and not get too excited yet. 

Any signs of labor: ehhh…I’ve been having BH contractions since very beginning of 3rd tri, so this isn’t really new, but they do seem to be getting more frequent and uncomfortable.  At my last appointment I was 50% effaced and a fingertip dilated, so something is going on down there, but once again, I’m not getting too excited.  

What are you doing to prepare for labor ( primrose oil, exercise  ball, stretches…): zip, zilch, nada. Too lazy to buy any of that stuff and actually do it. I am trying to just keep living my life and when it happens, it happens I guess! 

What is left on your to do list: wash all clothes/blankets, etc., I still don’t have my hospital bag packed or baby’s hospital bag packed, clean the house really well, I would really like to do a lot of freezer meals and stock up on basic essentials like toilet paper, etc. I feel as if he did come now, though, we have enough stuff accomplished that we would get by just fine.  OH WAIT I still haven’t gone and gotten my breast pump yet! Need to do that! Lol

Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share, if  you’re willing!): Carson Jacob πŸ™‚ We struggled to decide after changing our minds about our original choice, but I officially ordered a baby hat with “Carson” on it for him to wear home from the hospital with his outfit, so we better not change our minds again! πŸ˜›

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital  (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..): Darling Husband is taking 2 weeks off of work, my mom will probably come down for a few days, I have a feeling I won’t be able to get rid of Mother-In-Law…..baha πŸ˜›

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@pmerr:  Thank you so much for updating the list!

How many days until due date:
2! Almost my entire pregnancy I thought I was going to be early. Then I didn’t know. Now I’m pretty sure I’ll be late.

Do you have an induction planned:
The doc will only let me go 10 days past my due date.

How are you on weight gain: 42.5lbs. I’m 2.5lbs shy of matching my DH’s weight. Its crazy. I really thought I would max out at 30-35. I haven’t been eating a lot at all. I’ve just been eating poorly. I love carbs and sugary sweets.

I’m most looking forward to:
Everything! I’m so anxious already but so scared at the same time. I’ve always been a nervous one and this is no exception.

Hardest part of this stage of  pregnancy: Everything. LOL. The waiting game. The fears of being a mom. Sleeping sucks, I can’t get comfortable. I’ve had so many different symptoms. Right now I’m dealing with heartburn (almost all the time), mood swings, pretty bad swelling (my feet swell up so bad its hard to even stand on them), varicose veins, constipation (which has eased up the past two days thankfully), insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sore boobs (new stretch marks developing) and really bad carpal tunnel syndrome. I want to do so much but I physically can’t. So frustrated. The stretch marks on the underside of my boobs are horrendous and my linea nigra is so dark and circles around my belly button. Ok sorry for all the complaints but I am grateful to be where I am. Its just that pregnancy is crazy with all the body changes!

Any signs of labor: On Friday, I felt the most pressure I have all pregnancy and yesterday I had the constant urge to pee. I also had what I think are mild cramps or strong BH since they feel like period cramps. Other than that, I’m 100% effaced and 1cm dilated as per my 39th week appointment. Hanging in there. No mucus plug that I noticed (I’ve been checking everytime I pee for weeks). 

What are you doing to prepare for labor ( primrose oil, exercise  ball, stretches…): I wasn’t going to do anything but now I feel like I might need to. Going to try to go for long walks with Darling Husband this week if nothing progresses I might do the raspberry tea leaf tea.

What is left on your to do list: My lists are were insane. I made lists for what was left to buy, what was left to do, what was left to take care of. I think I’ve overwhelmed myself since as soon as I felt ahead, I realized I had more stuff I needed to get/do. I felt like I couldn’t catch up. I’ve concluded that I won’t ever be “ready” and actually feel more at ease now. Who cares if its not perfect. I do need to make some padsicles though. lol.

Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share, if  you’re willing!): We haven’t talk about names since week 36 so we are left with a list and hope to make the final call at the hospital.

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital  (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..): My Mom, Darling Husband and Mother-In-Law all offered to take a week off and use their vacation times. I’m hoping to take my Mom and DH’s help first and then call in Mother-In-Law for the following week depending how it goes. I really feel like I will need more help with chores and housework than baby raising and hope that Mom and Mother-In-Law understand this isn’t the time for them to be “parents” again. All in all, my focus is on hopefully delivering the LO soon so I’ll cross those other hurdles when I need to.

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Congrats and good luck to all of the September mamas, from a former sept turned jan 14 mama!!  I’m so excited for all of you! πŸ™‚

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Yeehaw babies bein’ born!! πŸ˜€

just a note to the Mama’s with OBs, one of the most natural ways to “induce” labour, even though it doesn’t techinically induce, just helps things move along, is called a membrance sweep. Midwives do it, so I would think that Doctors would too (not sure why they are most likely to use drugs to induce). So ask about the sweep!

I’m strongly considering getting one done at my appt this week- I’m just so ready to meet our little guy and the anticipation is hard. I wanted to let him choose his own birthday, but at the same time I don’t want to run into any of the complications that typically come up when you go past your due date (since we are having a home birth)

anyway, will let y’all know how it goes! good luck to everyone on this sacred journey!!

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@mtnhoney:  I have heard those hurt like crazy, so I am way too much of a wimp to even ask! Haha!  If you get it done, let us know how it goes! 

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@cowgirlace:  oh, really? I know four women who did it and their responses were either they felt nothing to it felt like a pap smear (since they touch your cervix)

yes, I will report back! haha…

whatever anyone can do to avoid induction by Pit, do! I’m sure I don’t need to go on about how that usually turns into a cascade of undesireable interventions. but you know, I’m all for birthing being a natural process.

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Fun! Can’t believe we’re all having babies now! 

How many days until due date: My adjusted due date came and went on the 28th, so I’m being induced tomorrow! 

Do you have an induction planned: Yep, 8am tomorrow morning! Really nervous it’ll fail after like 4 days of attempts and end up in a c-section… but hoping it goes super quick and without pitocin. They won’t let me go past 38 weeks.

How are you on weight gain: 30 pounds up. πŸ™ 

I’m most looking forward to: Having babies in my arms this week! 

Hardest part of this stage of  pregnancy: I’m massive, which makes sleep really uncomfortable.

Any signs of labor: Loads of braxton hicks, and when I went in for a preliminary sweep on Friday, the midwife said I was softening really nicely and that the presenting twin was super low. 

What are you doing to prepare for labor ( primrose oil, exercise  ball, stretches…): Walking a LOT to help ripen things as much as possible.

What is left on your to do list: Just pack the rest of my bag for tomorrow. 

Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share, if  you’re willing!): Philippa Winter and Vivienne Gray.

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital  (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..): My parents are both here, which is awesome. Mom is doing all the cooking and cleaning for the next 3 weeks. Yay!

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@cowgirlace:  I just had one and it was fine! Less uncomfortable than a pap smear. Would definitely recommend it as it does help ripen things. Next step for me is the prostaglandin pessary tomorrow.

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