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@cowgirlace:  Thanks so much for starting this!

How far along:    16 weeks today!

Total weight gain/loss:   I’ve been playing dumb and I don’t actually know!  I’ve never been a person to track my weight, so I’ve just left it up to the doctor/nurse to record and if there’s an issue they’ll let me know.  I know it’s probably not the best way…

Stretch marks:     None yet, but I already have a few from losing a lot of weight about 8 years ago

Maternity  clothes:  I finally bought some stuff this weeked.  My favourite purchase so far is the belly band and maternity panties!!

Sleep: Ever since I bought my snoogle, it’s been good.  I wake up at least once a night to pee and I get crazy dreams, but I can’t complain.

Food  cravings or aversions: No real cravings or aversions since hitting second trimester.  So I’m trying to eat a bit healthier for now. 

Gender (and/or when you will  find out if not already  listed): We *think* boy but we’ll find out May 1st.

Movement: I’ve felt some flutters here and there, but not every day. 

Diet:   I’m trying to eat healthier than I did first trimester and I am trying to add more fish to my diet.  Other than that, I do sneak in the occasional ice cream. 

What I’m loving:  I’m loving that I can finally see a bump growing.  Still not 100% sure if it’s all bump or still some bloat/ponch.

What I’m  not loving:  The wait between ultrasounds

What I  miss: Not a lot actually.  I was never a big drinker and I had some sushi a few weeks ago just to satisfy the craving. 

Favourite moment this week:  Feeling some flutters.

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How far along:  17W today!  

Total weight gain/loss: Not much-maybe 2-3lbs 

Stretch marks:  Meh. On the sides of my legs at my hips

Maternity  clothes: Yep. Not so much the shirts, but definitely need the pants. I hate the belly band!

 Sleep: Love it

 Food  cravings or aversions: Not liking milk, loving cheese. Not really having any real cravings. I’m just constantly hungry.

 Gender (and/or when you will  find out if not already  listed): Team Green!

 Movement: I’ve felt baby a couple times! 

Diet: Eat whenever I’m hungry… trying to be healthy about it

What I’m loving: Starting to see my belly 

What I’m  not loving: It’s still cold out. I want spring/summer weather! 

What I  miss: Not much right now, actually. I take that back…my back hurts too much right now.

Favourite moment this week:Feeling baby for the first time


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How far along:  17 weeks today πŸ™‚ 

Total weight gain/loss: None yet  

Stretch marks:  Had a little from my previous pregnancy on my inner thighs and a little on my sides (where love handles would be). No new ones from this pregnancy and hoping I dont get any. 

Maternity  clothes: Not yet 

 Sleep: Feels so good!! I get crazy dreams though lol 

 Food  cravings or aversions: Love water!!! Not too many cravings, yet. 

 Gender (and/or when you will  find out if not already  listed): I find out in 2 weeks!!! April 22 πŸ™‚ 

 Movement: I feel the baby atleast once a day πŸ™‚  

Diet: Try to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner… should eat healthier, but I think I’m doing ok. 

What I’m loving: That my morning sickness went away in week 14 and feeling the little kicks.  

What I’m  not loving: Being so gassy! I burp all the freaking time lol 

What I  miss: I do miss my flat tummy and being able to drink, but it is so worth it for this little one πŸ˜€ 

Favourite moment this week: Feeling the baby move alot this week. 

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How far along:    16 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  Up 5 pounds so I guess right on schedule
Stretch marks:    None yet that I can notice
Maternity clothes:  Just went out and bought a bunch for interviews and some for lounge and most importantly a new bra!!! My boobs feel so much better with one that fits. Wish it wasn’t so expensive though.
Sleep:  Need to sleep with a body pillow and have had a few sleepless nights but otherwise not bad
Food cravings or aversions:  Can’t eat nuts without feeling sick but everything else has been good. Still “craving” ice cream and cheese.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): Don’t know yet but hopefully in a month we will
Movement:  Once a week ago but nothing really since
Diet:  Trying to eat better but it’s hard sometimes. 
What I’m loving:  Starting to have a belly. My jiggle who’s turned into a rock but it’s not that big yet.
What I’m not loving:  ACNE. 
What I miss: Jimmy Johns, straight black coffee
Favourite moment this week: Finally getting to spend some time with DH!

Tomorrow we’re going in for our 16 wk appointment and we’ll schedule our u/s.

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@cowgirlace:  Thanks for starting a new thread!  Good luck with your tests!

How far along:    15 weeks today!

Total weight gain/loss:  4 pounds (sigh)

Stretch marks:    I honestly haven’t looked too closely, but I don’t think so.
Maternity clothes: my regular clothes are getting rather tight…
Sleep: This hasn’t been too bad except needing to get up in the middle of the night regularly to use the restroom…
Food cravings or aversions: nothing really.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed):  April 17 (hopefully!)
Movement: a few flutters I believe

Diet:  I thought I was eating well until my appointment this morning where I found out I gained a pound in 4 days…. hopefully, different scales since a different office (today was for my thyroid levels compared to my OB last week). 
What I’m loving:  My hubby – I am aware this is cheesy… he just has been really great, and I am very thankful.
What I’m not loving:  the lack of sushi, wine, and advil, and the sudden rise in weight rather quickly.

What I miss:  sushi, wine, and advil
Favourite moment this week:  My boss just took me to lunch and for a pedicure today since we had a big case settle.  I’m really going to miss working for her.  πŸ™‚

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How far along: 16w5d     

Total weight gain/loss:   +3.5 lbs.

Stretch marks:   already had some from being overweight but no new ones!  

Maternity  clothes:  still in my same tops, but bought maternity dress pants, shorts, and jeans all from Motherhood Maternity because they have plus size maternity clothes for short people

Sleep:  terrible…I just ordered the Snoogle mini and hope it will help.  I am a stomach sleeper.

Food  cravings or aversions:  All I want is snowcones!  Recently, grilled chicken has been off my list.  I hope that I start liking it again soon.

Gender (and/or when you will  find out if not already  listed):  Team green!  Crazy to think that we would find out in 3.5 weeks if we were finding out!

Movement: I am pretty sure it is the baby I am feeling every day…but it is high–like at my belly button.  I have a short torso, though.  It feels like bubbles popping in my belly.  I only feel it when I lie down.  I still question myself as to whether or not it is gas.  My placenta is posterior, and my doc said he wouldn’t be surprised if I started feeling movement at 14-16 weeks.

Diet: I haven’t been as good as I should be, but I am not being totally horrible either.  Dinner is hard for me.  I seem to do fine the rest of the day.  I have to work on my water intake!  

What I’m loving:   My belly has popped, and my husband knocks on my tummy and talks to baby.

What I’m  not loving:  I still feel pretty wiped out.  I am having a hard time being patient, because I just want it to be September already! 

What I  miss: Red wine, comfortable sleeping

Favourite moment this week: One of my students said he thought I would be a great mom because I am understanding, strict enough, and funny.  πŸ™‚


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Roll Call!
How far along:  15w,4d   


Total weight gain/loss:  My weight is pretty much the same.  I check periodically, and it hasn’t gone up.  I shouldn’t really be gaining yet anyway, so trying to control that.    


Stretch marks: Haven’t really grown yet, but I am noticing my belly a little more.  


Maternity clothes: My mom bought me a dress a couple weeks ago and I got a few shirts.  Not wearing any of it yet.  Still fitting into most of my clothes.  


Sleep: Sleeping fine, except the pregnancy dreams are getting more and more sinister and scary.  Two nights ago I dreamed my husband cheated on me, in front of me, with a friend because I told him I didn’t want him playing beer pong for 5 hours.  Last night I had a dream we went for a check-up and the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat but didn’t care.  So we went on our own for an ultrasound and they decided to take the baby out and see how it was doing.  After that, they realized that the baby was too big to put back in (6lbs), but since I was not even 16 weeks, it wouldn’t make it.  So I had to say goodbye.  It was such a scary dream.


Food cravings or aversions: The other night I wanted a coffee milkshake really badly.  Otherwise mostly milk and breakfast foods are still key.  


Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed):   I’ve had two dreams so far that the baby is a boy.  Team Green though.  It’ll be fun to see if the dreams were true.


Movement: Not yet, but I keep waiting!!


Diet:  Trying to watch what I eat and not have too much junk.  But enjoying the junk somewhat since after the baby comes, I’m going on a hardcore diet to lose pre and post baby weight.  I want to look great for BIL’s wedding next July.  


What I’m loving:  More attention from my husband and just generally feeling like I’m doing something amazing.


What I’m not loving:  Nothing too bad right now.  Maybe road rage and short temper.


What I miss:  Turkey sandwiches, tuna fish, meat cooked medium.  Not a big drinker or sushi eater, so no loss there.  


Favorite moment this week:  The coffee milkshake was a pretty big deal, not going to lie.  Close second was finally cleaning the entire house and feeling like I accomplished something.  Hopefully it stays clean for awhile so I don’t have to do it again anytime soon.




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How far along:  19 weeks tomorrow!

Total weight gain/loss: About 5lbs. 

Stretch marks: So far so good.  Hopefully it stays that way.

Maternity  clothes:  Finally caved and bought some maternity jeans and work pants last weekend and I cannot believe I didn’t do it sooner! They are so comfortable, I may never go back to regular jeans again (just kidding..kind of).

Sleep: I can actually go the whole night without waking up to pee now, which is nice (even if it is short-lived) but now I wake up in the middle of the night with hip pain.  My hips feel  tingly and numb and it’s weirdly painful.  Not fun.

Food  cravings or  aversions: I have a soft spots for sweets still, but for the most part my cravings have subsided.  I find that I’m not a big fan of chicken anymore.  I wouldn’t call it an aversion necessarily but I’d rather not eat it. lol

Gender (and/or when you will  find out if  not already  listed): Ultrasound is next Friday and we find out next Saturday.  Can’t wait!

Movement: I’m pretty sure I’ve felt it a few times here and there but this past Friday I felt it on and off all day.  It was so cool πŸ™‚

Diet: I find I have to eat something small every 2 hours or so, otherwise I’ll feel sick or get a headache.  I do try to eat healthy *most of the time*

What I’m loving: How soon it is until we find out the gender!  

What I’m  not loving: I agree with being gassy and burping.  I will burp all day, every day no matter what I eat. It’s really uncomfortable.

What I  miss: I miss getting a good nights sleep. I do miss the idea of being able to have a drink/glass of wine (although the thought makes me kinda quesy. aversion maybe?). 

Favourite moment this week: feeling the baby move, ordering our gender cake.


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Hi Bee’s! I am FINALLY joining you on this board – I have been stopping in every now and again to read topics etc, but am now finally ready to join…hope that’s okay πŸ™‚

EDD: September 29th, Hubby and I didn’t tell a sole until last weekend (14wks) over the Easter holiday so it is still surreal to me!

How far along:    15 wks 1day
Total weight gain/loss:  5 pounds
Stretch marks:   No new ones  lol
Maternity clothes: Haven’t given in to buying any yet!
Sleep: Pretty good! I am a stomach sleeper normally, so I think I will have to buy a body pillow sooner than later.
Food cravings or aversions: Nothing really.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): We plan on finding out, I have an appt tomorrow with my midwife, so I am hoping to book an ultrasound soon. Our 1st wedding anniversary is coming up in May, so I am hoping to ask the technican to write the gender down, put it in an envelope and we will open together on anniversary day! (keeping fingers crossed we are able to find out in time) 
What I’m loving:  I have been feeling like my normal self the past couple of weeks, and it’s almost hard to believe I’m actually pregnant, anyone else feel like this?!
What I’m not loving: People  giving me negative opinions about being pregnant in the summer…just find it annoying haha.
What I miss: Certain foods, deli meat, casual drinks.
Favourite moment this week: I think I’m starting feel a bump, but not sure if it’s in my head.

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Roll Call!
How far along: 16 w 5 d measuring a week ahead   
Total weight gain/loss:  2 lb weight gain

stretch marks: none yet!   
Maternity clothes: 
yes! my regular pants are SO uncomfortable around my mid section
leep: eh, I an not used to sleeping on my side, but the pregnancy pillow helps a bit. I’m having a rough time falling back asleep when I wake up in the night
Food cravings or aversions: I want fruit all the time, and salt & vinegar chips. Not too many aversions.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): baby GIRL! 
Movement: I’m pretty sure I’m feeling her now! Not very often, but every once in a while I get a very suble what was that? feeling.

Diet:  Still doing pretty well, though I am having a harder time watching what I eat now that I’m not sick! Doctor seems happy with my weight and Bridal Party though, so all is fine. 
What I’m loving: No more MS! I’m also loving looking pregnant! 
What I’m not loving:  Random sharp pains that I know are normal, but freak me out.
What I miss: Beer and sushi.
Favourite moment this week: I had an integrated screening, which takes an additional blood draw 4 weeks after the NT scan and initial draw to determine trisomy risks. It’s supposed to be a bit more reliable. After the initial scan, my doctor said everything looked great and not to worry. Well, I just got the results of the blood work, and my odds of downs/trisomy 18 are very low risk! Yay! 

Sorry about the awkward spacing… weirdo weddingbee.

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How far along: 16 weeks, 4 days!

Total weight gain/loss: I havn’t been tracking, but I think I havn’t gained any??

Stretch marks: No new ones. Just the old growth ones from growing soo fast.

Maternity clothes: I caved and bought a few jeans and a pair of work pants. LOVE! I also bought one shirt and a few dresses at target. Only rocked the pants and shirt once and they were sooo comfortable!

Sleep: Still not sleeping well πŸ™ I think I need to invest in the snoogle or whatever everyone raves about. I just toss and turn and can’t stay comfortable. I’ve also moaned a little in my sleep acording to my DH.

Food cravings or aversions:  Last week I craved a sloppy joe, and we didn;t have any in the can to make, so my DH made it from scratch and I totally licked the plate it was that good. I ate it for leftovers the next day and just went without bread and straight for the sloppiness. MMMMM sloppy joes….nom nom nom. As for aversions, there’s a certin brand of chicken wings in my freezer that will NOT enter my mouth. The smell just revolts me.

Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): Ultrasound is May 1st.. 23 days and counting.  CAN NOT WAIT!  

Movement: Nothing so far. I think I have too much “padding” to feel anything yet.

Diet: I havn’t adjusted a thing. I eat when I’m hungry, but this week I’m going to attempt to eat more fruits…

What I’m loving: This sounds weird to say, but I’m loving the attention from my family and close friends we’ve told. πŸ™‚

What I’m not loving: The fact that I think I have a small bump but it still totally looks like the ackward fat stage still. Nervous to tell my boss….Not sure when I’ll do it. I already told my HR Manager (ohh wait, that’s me LOL) Not sure how he’ll take it.

What I miss: Sushi- mainly my favorite roll, the “Mango Dancing Roll” I tried substitting it with cooked fish, but not even close to being the same. I could totally go for a tall glass of sangria right now!

Favourite moment this week: Getting pedicures with my DH yesterday. LOL!

Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/september-2013-babies-part-6#ixzz2Ptulazi1

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here are some responses from  thread 5 – can’t believe how fast we are moving on! 

@angelicwink: super cute bump!

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@mtnhoney:  haha, isn’t the fake bump super weird?! That is so cool that you met a couple of other lesbian couples at your class…on another board I am on there is a woman who is carrying with her partner’s eggs as well. I love that idea for a future baby, but since we are both going to (try to) carry not sure if it makes sense money wise for us. We’ll have to wait and see. Yay for starting your registry – people have been asking me when we’re starting ours, I have a feeling we’ll wait a little bit.

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@MrsQuickFox:  a friend gave me the baby bargains book and it has been SO helpful in figuring out what brands are best/what things you can save on/what things aren’t safe, etc – I would definitely recommend checking that book out 

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