(Closed) September 2013 Babies – Part 6

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i haven’t done any registering or baby shopping aside from the onesie and the clothes I got my mom and Mother-In-Law to let them know we’re having a boy. with all the birthday planning for DS and hospital planning/visiting with my mom i feel like i havent had any time to actually think about baby planning or baby names. i also just found out i probably will not be covered under my work insurance during my unpaid maternity leave (the company has less then 50 employees so my boss isnt under any obligation to pay my leave or provide insurance while im out) so I have to look into enrolling under Darling Husband insurance and making sure my ob and the hospital i’ll be having the baby takes his insurance and are in-network. its’ been making me so nervous thinking about the extra cost of adding not just baby but myself to Darling Husband insurance, trying to save up money for the months i’m out of work and for baby expenses, as well as helping to pay my mom’s hospital bills which we dont even know how much it will be yet…feeling stressed and overwhelmed πŸ™

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@PilotsGirl56:  congrats on the boy!

@clinique:  congrats on the girl!


We just had the 20 week ultrasound this morning. Still a boy! And everything looks great! πŸ™‚  I posted a pic to the facebook group, so feel free to check it out over there.  I’m too lazy to crop out my name to post here.  Sorry!

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@pmerr I agree with @DaisMay that you should keep them at both. That’s what we’re doing and it’s for the same reason because some people will only see one or the other because of where they are located.  We started registery a little bit ago for the big item because some people like Mother-In-Law and SIL want to get us a carseat/stroller. Now that we know the gender and my mom’s been talking about showers I’ve gotten a little happy with registering. 

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Sorry I’ve been MIA recently, May started out as a busy month. Here is my attempt to catch up:

@hamikay:  Congrats on the baby girl!…Hope you are feeling better!

@UK Bride:  There is a Baby Zara?! How did I not know. I got to look into it, thanks!…Congrats on the twin baby girls! All the more power to you for having twins!

@CircleFace:  Congrats on the baby boy! Those pics came out good! Btw, my Darling Husband was born 9/26 and I think he is an awesome guy. Wink I don’t know if you believe in the whole zodiac thing but I think Libra men are wonderful…. Great news about your mom!….Aww I’m sorry to hear about your insurance. Try not to stress though. It’ll fall into place just take it one step at a time.

@cowgirlace:  I know this is old news but aww the same thing happened to me last week when I sneezed. Thankfully, it wasn’t a lot at all (eventhough I swore it was) and it happened at home….Wow so much cute stuff! I’m impressed how little it all came out to be. I totally agree with you that there are too many wordy tees and clothes out there. I do like it sometimes but I prefer the baby clothes be mini adult outfits…. Both are great names. They seem original but at the same time not too unique that they will be hard to say or explain to others….I’ve been getting asked about the name too. We on the otherhand have no clue yet. A lot of names have been thrown out but none have really sunk in yet. I am intimidated making a choice since I don’t want the kid to blame me later on. Lol silly I know but its a lot of pressure in my mind. My bday and anniversary are coming up too. Wink

@tracylesq:  Aww what a cutie.

@PilotsGirl56:  Congrats on keeping the weight gain down. I have not been so good. Smh….I’m so sorry they told you. But congrats on the boy!

@MrsMaskatoBe:  Adorable baby clothes as well! I’m in love with all the chevron and stripes.

@Sunshine09:  Congrats on the baby boy!

@Max04092010:  Congrats on the baby girl!

@FloridaGatorBride:  Sounds like an awesome week for you! Happy anniversary!

@MrsRose:  LOL, I was going to ask what everyone’s themes are…Love the originality of yours. Are you on pinterest: Here is what I found doing a quick search: http://pinterest.com/pin/230950287113326121/

@paw:  Congrats on the halfway mark!

@MissKabers:  This week has been rough, swelling has definitely started in my hands and feet. Some of my shoes don’t fit anymore. Frown

@clinique:  Congrats on the girl!

@BeatlesFan629:  I’m excited for your 3d/4d! I’m still tempted to do it but haven’t decided.

Sorry for the long post.

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UPDATED LIST! I updated so we can see where the teams fall. There are still some ladies who have been MIA for some time now. I would love to update the list fully πŸ˜‰

Team Blue!/EDD:

MrsMaskatoBe 9/1

HeyCorgi 9/2 

mtnhoney 9/9

mrsdomino 9/11

LuluH 9/14

PilotsGirl56 9/17

LuckyGir15 9/19   

cowgirlace 9/22 

JuneKallah 9/24

CircleFace 9/26 

sleepypanda 9/27

Sunshine09 9/29 

paw 9/30  


Team Pink!/EDD:

Mrs.DBee 9/1

Steinberg 9/2

BeatlesFan629 9/3

MrsQuickFox 9/3  

jdashiell17 9/4 

ForeverBlessed 9/8  

nhoh 9/12 

TeaAndToast 9/12  

angelicwink 9/15

MrsBoomBoom 9/16

mommytobe 9/16 

UK_Bride 9/17    

FloridaGatorBride 9/18

MrsRose 9/21

Max04092010 9/23 

hamikay 9/25   

clinique 9/29  

DaisyMay 9/30   


Team Green!/EDD:

MissKabers 9/8

pmerr 9/17

MrsSmokey 9/18

traceylesq 9/26

mrsjroo 9/28

LuceBrun 9/29


Team Will find out soon!/EDD, u/s date:

baliahi1029 9/13                     u/s:

calgarymommy2b 9/24             u/s:  5/1

BoraBora EDD?                         u/s:



Ksparki 9/5

Momma-B 9/7

Delovely 9/7

Sanola831 9/23

ArmyWife12 9/23

MissKemo 9/23


Please let me know if I have made any mistakes.


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So I’m going to continue to bombard the board and just fill you guys in quickly on the latest with me:

So after I hit 24 weeks, I’ve gotten a slew of new symptoms. So quick back story, but I flew down to Alabama/Florida for a wedding this past weekend and while down there I tried on my bikini before hoping into the pool (the pool was heavenly btw) and noticed I have started to get some varicose veins. AND not on my legs but near my groin. Frown Apparently, about 10% of women get them there. So sad. They look horrible. I read somewhere that they should go away after birth. I really hope so! They started hurting me today but thats because I was walking all over during work so I can see why they popped more.

Another new symptom is heartburn. It’s manageable (so far) but unpleasant.

My next new symptom is swollen hands and feet. I noticed how chubby my hands and feet are after the lady doing my manicure and pedicure kept saying she cant feel the bones and how cute my toes looked all plump. Smh. When I shook someone’s hand today at work, I noticed a huge difference. This summer might be rough.

Well ladies those are the latest developments with me…how are the rest of you all doing? Anything similar?

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@MrsQuickFox:  I’m only 22 weeks but I noticed after walking around the mall yesterday I have a few very small vericose veins on my legs which makes me sad and it seems everyday my heartburn gets worse.

On the plus side my little girl has pushed past my anterior placenta and has been kicking up a storm the past couple of days! I love feeling her and can’t wait until Darling Husband can too! I also tried painting my toenails last night and found out that it was very difficult and basically any bending over is no-go. Sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant and can’t stretch as far or get as close to the sink during dishes and I end up laughing at how ridiculous I look trying anyways.

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@MrsQuickFox:  I haven’t noticed veins yet at 22/23 weeks yet, but have had heartburn since the first tri. It’s not fun!

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@cowgirlace:  @pmerr:  Have you ladies tried drinking some milk for heartburn?  It always helps me.  Plus I love drinking it.  

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@tracylesq:  I haven’t. I really haven’t been able to stomach drinking milk. I haven’t tried recently but I don’t have any interest. I normally love it! I might try chocolate milk though. 

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@MrsQuickFox:  thanks for the updated list!! wow, we’re still girl-heavy (especially with UK’s two little ladies!!). Haven’t noticed veins yet, but haven’t looked for them either… perhaps it’s better if I don’t πŸ™‚

@MrsRose:  yay for feeling kicks πŸ™‚ It’s pretty cool, isn’t it! Unless you have gastro… that wasn’t so much fun for those few days…!

@pmerr:  ooh yeah, heartburn is my only bad symptom so far. My OB said I was getting it a bit earlier than normal, but gave me a prescription for some magic medication that works within seconds of taking it!! meant to take it twice a day, but finding once is enough.

@cowgirlace:  aww, sorry you’re struggling with body image changes, but I do feel a bit sorry for your hubby, sounds like he was just enjoying your new body!! Apparently some men are highly attracted to the pregnant shape πŸ™‚ hope you can embrace it! i’ve seen your ‘bump’ photos – you are one gorgeous mama!!

@tracylesq:  i’ve heard that, but I drink very little milk, no way I could do a glass!! maybe some yoghurt, though…


Thanks to those who sent well-wishes after my last post – had 3 days off work, and felt exhausted for the rest of the week, but much better now. Baby girl has been kicking harder and harder, so obviously she’s fine in there – hubby has started feeling her for the first time over the past few days πŸ™‚

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@MrsRose:  My veins are a mess and I have horrible heartburn. I had never had it before pregnancy – it’s terrible! Isn’t feeling baby kick the best? 

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