(Closed) September 2014 Mommas! The babies are coming!!!

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I’ll play! So much excitement in our FB group today! 


Baby Name(s): Caroline! We’ve had it picked out since before we even knew it was a girl, yet we’re stuck on a middle name. I have a feeling we won’t decide for sure until she’s born. 


How are you feeling? (List symptoms): Today (and most days honestly) I feel pretty crappy. I was diagnosed with a UTI this morning at my midwife appt after a long night of cramping and leaking all over the place. They don’t think it was my water breaking, so I’m just resting up with antibiotics and keeping an eye out for more cramps. Thank goodness I happened to have an appointment today! Other than that, just the usual debilitating hip/back pain, sleepless, and acid reflux πŸ™‚ 


Gestation/Due Date: 33+2, due September 17th! 47 days to go! 


Anything new?: The UTI was a bit of a scare this morning. Other than that, not much!


What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish?: I think we’re just about totally ready. Nursery is done, all major items have been purchased, laundry is washed, bags are packed. Just need to attend our baby care class next week, submit our pre-registration info to the hospital, and get our breast pump (insurance is processing the claim now). I’m really glad that we started preparations early on and were able to spread things out, because Darling Husband and I have both had some health issues lately that have taken up our time. Mentally/emotionally, I think we’re both ready too!


On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you?: Maybe like a 2? Honestly I don’t feel very nervous at all – just SUPER excited! It seems like the past few days, all I can think about is having her here soon. 

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Baby Name(s): Louis Jonathan (Lou-ee NOT Lou-iss…. yes I know I will be correcting people a lot! Like Louis Armstrong or Louis Vuitton!)


How are you feeling? (List symptoms): Just feeling like I am arriving in whale town. I feel huge. My knees and feet (soles of my feet, no swollen ankles) hurt from time to time because of the weight. Occasional trapped gas. Tired, no energy… I have no desire to think or concentrate on anything!

Gestation/Due Date: Due 09/22 but who knows? Originally I was due 09/11 but they changed it as my 1st ultrsound. I am counting on ANYTIME during September…. hopefully sooner rather than later!


Anything new?: Nope


What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish? Still have to: pack hospital bag, take stroller/car seat out of box, get bassinet, learn how to use breast pump, attend childbirth class (which I am doing bright and early tomorrow!)


On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you? 5… more excited than nervous! Actually anxious might be the best word.

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Yay! I’m glad this is back on WB!  I don’t use FB that often and was feeling left out =P


Baby Name(s): 

Dylan, Nicholas, or Theodore.  We don’t plan on deciding until we see what he looks like

How are you feeling? (List symptoms): 

Large and in charge! LOL some lower back and hip ache, feet are starting to swell, low energy.  Hungry, I always feel hungry…  

Gestation/Due Date:

9/13 – I think that makes me 33wks and 6 days?

Anything new?:

Not really, everything is going smooth.  Baby’s head is down.  I’m doing my best to stay active though I am getting short of breath and tired more easily. I did notice some new stretch marks on my hips.  None on my belly though, I always thought that would be the first to go.  Argh, oh well.  I also had to buy new shoes from what I consider ‘old lady/mom brands” like Crocs and Aerosoles, so was a little upset about that until I tried them on (in the next size up and WIDE).  Ahhhhh, relief!  I can’t even see my feet, so I don’t care anymore.  I think I’ve hit the ‘don’t give a shit anymore, I just need to make it thru the next few wks’ period in the pregnancy. 

What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish?

I started the baby room yesterday and washed my favorite robe to begin packing my hospital bag.  I need to organize his clothes and get a dresser and changing table.  I also have to start looking through disability paperwork for maternity leave.  I plan to wash some baby clothes later in Aug so they aren’t sitting around for over a month. 

On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you?

I’m surprisingly not nervous.  I’m still working full time, so haven’t had much time to marinate on the fact I will be giving birth soon.  I’m still in awe my husband and I made a little person that we will call our son soon!

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I’ll play πŸ™‚ 

Baby Name(s): We are keeping it a secret still. I’ve enjoyed keeping the name just between my husband and myself and I’ll look forward to announcing the name when she is born. 

 How are you feeling? (List symptoms): Oh god, I miss 2nd trimester! Swollen feet and hands, I get tired easily and I feel hot all the time. I have insomnia (the other night I couldn’t sleep until 4am). I try to limit my outside stress, otherwise my skin breaks out and I get nose bleeds as wierd as that sounds. I’m a whale – I broke a glass the other day with my belly because I miscalculated where I was, ha! With all of that said…it actually isn’t that bad and I’ve had a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy baby. I have two more weeks of work, but afterwards I’ll be happy to have the time to focus solely on the baby! I totally have baby brain! 

 Gestation/Due Date:  I live in France and they calculate your due date at 41 weeks, so I was told September 2nd. That puts me at 36w5d. Knowing my family history, I don’t think she’ll come early so my guess is I’ll end up with a September baby. 

 Anything new?: Not really. Still a whale. 

 What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish?: We have pretty much have everything to get us started and if (knock on wood) she came today it would be ok. There are still some minor things I need to finish – buy a few little things here and there, a couple of loads of laundry a few things I still need to clean – but I’ll be done with it all in a week or two. 

 On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you?: I’m a 7. I’m excited for her to be here, but as this is going to be the biggest change of my life I’m not totally prepared mentally on what to expect. 

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Man! I haven’t logged on here in a longgggggg time! 

Baby Name(s):

 Dylan and Patrick are our top names. I’m thinking it’ll end up being Dylan.

How are you feeling? (List symptoms):

 Ok. My ribs are killing me. Acid reflux is horrible (actually on a rx for it). And my hands have been going numb just holding my phone! So far I’m doing ok.

Gestation/Due Date:

 33 weeks 3 day. Due September 17th!

Anything new?:

 Baby is breech, so hoping he flips soon! Ive been doing yoga and hot/cold packs to get him to switch. No luck yet. If he hasn’t moved by 36 weeks I’m going to try accupuncture. If that doesn’t work we’ll be scheduling a c-section I guess :/

What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish?

 The nursery is mostly done! We still have one more shower in two weeks so we still have lots of little things we need. But all the big items have been purchased! Birth class starts next week. We lined up daycare this week. Still need to add to our life insurance policies, pick a pediatrician, get the rest of the little items we need, and pack the hospital bag!

On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you?

8. I’m worried he won’t flip. Anxious that we still have stuff to buy but can’t buy it because of the upcoming shower. Nervous that in 6ish weeks I’ll be responsible for keeping a human alive!<br style=”box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; max-height: 1000000px;” /><br style=”box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; max-height: 1000000px;” />Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/september-2014-mommas-the-babies-are-coming/#ixzz39EkYt1Lt

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Baby Name(s): Team Green, but still undecided on both boy and girl name. We won’t decide until we meet our baby.


How are you feeling? (List symptoms): Oh, pregnancy is hard! Acid reflux/heartburn, some days are way worse than others (including the last few). Hip pain/butt pain which makes me uncomfortable almost all the time, especially when attempting to sleep. The peeing, especially at night. I’ve had sinus congestion the entire pregnancy which I am really hoping eases up once the baby is born! And the first trimester exhaustion is back (although, maybe it has to do with the fact that I am barely sleeping?) Although I don’t like pregnancy I am beyond excited to be a mom and cannot wait!!


Gestation/Due Date: 34+5 due September 8th


Anything new?: 


What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish? Nursery is not done, although walls are finally painted and crib is assembled. Luckily most of the big purchases are done and we are working on things, hoping for a burst of energy to get a bunch done in the next week or so? I have collected most things I need for my hospital bag, but still need to put it together. With the birth yesterday I might be motivated enough to finish that today!


On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you? Occationally I get nervous, like an 8. Most of the time I am super excited to go through birth and have my baby in my arms and only like a 1-2 on the nervous scale. Honestly, I am not even stressed about getting everything done if I get to snuggle my healthy little baby!


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Baby Name(s): Kaia (Not sure on the middle name – tossing around a few options, but Margaret is our top option right now after our grandmothers)


How are you feeling? (List symptoms): I want to say that overall I’m feeling pretty good, but it depends on the day. I have fairly consistent acid reflux and have to take Nexium for it. Sleeping is not very easy due to hip pain and the heat and humidity. But overall baby and I are healthy, so I don’t want to complain too much.


Gestation/Due Date: 34 weeks today! Due September 13.


Anything new?: Had an appt with my OB on Thursday – baby is head down as of right now, so that’s good news.


What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish? I’ve got a whole list of things I still need to accomplish, but we are basically set and would easily survive should we not get another thing done. Nursery is pretty much set, just need some decor items and a small bookcase. We need to finish tidying up the rest of our house as we’ve been on vacation for pretty much all of July and it’s a tad messy.


On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you? I think I’d have to say a 6 or 7. Part of me is really rational about it, and thinks there isn’t too much to be nervous about, women have been having babies with far less support, knowledge, etc. forever, but then I’m still nervous about all of the unknowns. πŸ™‚


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Yay! August mom here (not one of the 6 who have already had the baby) and I’m so glad you decided to do a thread back here. We mostly interact on FB as well, but I always loved reading other Weddingbee month moms’ stories so we decided to come back for the tail end, too. I’m due August 22 so in theory it’s possible I’ll be a September mom, but please, please, please NO. I’m so ready not to be pregnant anymore and my baby is measuring pretty much massive so the sooner the better.

I heard about the super surprise birth from the girl in your month – crazy!! I think I heard that everyone is happy and healthy so that’s so exciting. 

FruitBasket:  Haha to miscalculating where your belly is!! I was at the gym the other day and tried to squeeze through two side-by-side elliptical machines and it was absolutely, definitely not something that could physically work and I’m sure that was clear to everyone but me. I was so embarrassed.

I’ll be following this thread so I hope you do update when the births happen! And I hope your August 1 mama comes to tell some of her story, too :).

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Baby Name(s): Everett John. Both are family names and we’ve had it picked out before we even knew we were having a boy. 

How are you feeling? (List symptoms): Other than feeling like a whale, for the most part I am feeling fine. Although I do have the usual swollen feet and fatigue. I am sleeping well and my heartburn has been on the decline. 

Gestation/Due Date: I am 35wk2d / Due Sept. 4 but hoping to keep him in there until Sept 9.  

Anything new?: I have developed signs/symptoms of pre-eclampsia (rapid weght gain, swelling, elevating blood pressures). The doctor ordered some lab tests and I should know more when I see her on Monday morning. Hoping it’s not pre e so I don’t have to worry about being induced and can go into labor on my own. 

What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish? The nursery is pretty much ready to go. We have all the necessary furniture and it’s set up but we still need a few small things. We don’t have our car seat or stroller yet but our registry shows someone has gotten them. My Mother-In-Law mentioned getting it for us and since it hasn’t shown up yet I assume it was her and we will get it at the shower she is throwing in a few weeks.  

On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you? About a 5. I’m nervous because my husband and I don’t have alot of experience with infants but on the other hand everyone else is telling me everuthing will be fine and it “will just come natural”

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kate02121:  Yeah, I’m not a fan of my spaciness during pregnancy! It wasn’t even my glass…we were on our babymoon at the vacation rental my ILs own, and I broke one of their glasses which was a set of six πŸ™ I need to tell them the next time I see them in person and offer to replace it somehow, and I’m so not looking forward to that conversation –  that I’m so big I’m breaking their things! :-p 

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Baby names:  We haven’t decided, but we like Oliver, Thomas, Henry, Andrew, Gregory, and Evan.  Middle name will be James, and I feel like all of our names flow well with it.  We will probably narrow it down to a top 2 or 3 before going into labor, but waiting until we meet him to make a final decision.

How are you feeling?:  I’m feeling ok, but I’m having a lot of SI joint & pubic symphysis pain.  A little heartburn of course, and I’m starting to get more fatigued, but that’s all par for the course at this point!

Due date:  9/22!  7 weeks away πŸ™‚

Anything new?:  No not really.  Just hanging out, chasing a toddler, waiting for this baby to bake as long as he needs to.

What have you accomplished/have yet to accomplish?:  We were Team Green last time, so there was nothing that we really needed to do to prepare for this baby.  We have spent most of our time and energy getting Dirty Delete ready for the transition… like switching from a high chair to a booster seat in a regular chair (it still has straps and stuff and a tray) and evicting her from her crib and starting her in a ‘big girl room’ ahead of time so she doesn’t have quite so many changes hitting her all at once with the new baby and all.  So far, so good.  Our last big thing to do was to start putting her to bed in her room and we did that last week.  It went better than I could have hoped, and I feel like she’s doing really well with the adjustment.

On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you? Like a 2.  I had a very straightforward birth last time so I’m definitely not afraid of labor or birth.  I’m a little nervous this baby will be bigger than Dirty Delete (who was over 8lbs anyway) but I do know that movement during labor and pushing in all-fours or squatting will help open my pelvis enough to allow even a bigger baby to pass through.  I’m getting a little anxious about going early as well- I get a lot of crampy contractions when running around all weekend after a 15 month old, so I’ve been working hard at not lifting her up as often and staying hydrated.  <br /><br />I think I’m most nervous about taking care of two very small children.  DD is still too young to understand what is happening, so I worry that the transition will be harder on her than it is on me.  I’m sure it will all work out, so I’m not stressing about it, but the worry is kind of hanging around in the back of my mind anyway.

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Baby Name(s): It’s a secret πŸ™‚  I have mentioned it once on the facebook group but don’t want to share on here.

How are you feeling? (List symptoms): Ugh..well I’m currently in the hospital for pain control due to a degenerating fibroid, which was excuciating, but I’m going home this evening.  Terrible heart burn and I’m on two prescription meds for it.  I have heart palipitations and episodes of dizzyness several times a day.  My latest symptom is joint pain at night such that I can’t make a fist to open doors or grab onto the sheets in the middle of the night.

Gestation/Due Date:  35w3d, due September 5th

Anything new?: See above…

What have you accomplished, or have yet to accomplish?  I feel like I’m behind a lot of the other ladies in our group, but we did put together our crib, glider and bookcase and are starting to work on decor for the nursery.  We have almost everything we need, but a lot of it is stacked in our dining room where it has been since my shower two weeks ago.   

On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you? A 2?  I’m mostly really excited and being in the hospital, first in labor and deliery and now on postpartum makes me want the day to get here even sooner.  I heard a baby crying in labor and delivery, which I assume was its first cry and I teared up a little.


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