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  • poll: (if you drink) What will your first beverage be once you're "allowed" to drink again?
    Wine! : (14 votes)
    38 %
    Beer! : (8 votes)
    22 %
    A mixed drink! : (6 votes)
    16 %
    Give me a shot! : (0 votes)
    Margarita! : (5 votes)
    14 %
    I don't drink, but I like polls :) : (4 votes)
    11 %
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    X0JLYNN03:  Love your boy name, it’s my brothers middle name and my husbands name ๐Ÿ™‚

    BrookeClouser:  Love the name Hudson, it was one of my top boy picks, but Darling Husband didn’t like it…I also like Harper for a girl ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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    How far along are you? 17w6d (18w tomorrow!)

    How big is that baby now? (fruit/veggie-wise) sweet potato or bell pepper depending which one you look at

    Have you found out the gender yet? If not when will you (if at all) May 4, at our next ultrasound, if baby cooperates!

    Any closer to deciding on a name? Aria Suzanne if a girl and Xander Michael if a boy

    Any recent cravings? Salads! A lot of veggies – good thing it’s healthy!

    Any pictures you’d like to share? Nope!

    Your poll answer? I drink a glass of wine once per week, so the poll doesn’t really apply to me.

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    X0JLYNN03:  love your anniversary picture!!! You look great!!!

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    Turnip or pomegranate depending on the app…seems like these are quite different sizes though. 5in, 5oz!


    We can’t decide! Right now we are leaning toward Andrew (nn Drew) for DH’s grandpa. Middle name possibly Chris (DH middle name).

    Cravings: water (always thirsty!), ice cream/milkshakes, breakfast foods (sausage and eggs, breakfast burritos!)

    I have had a cold lately and haven’t felt like taking any pictures ๐Ÿ™

    Poll: I’m actually most looking forward to coffee again! I don’t have any problem drinking coffee while pregnant, it just hasn’t sounded good at all. I’m ready to want it again!!

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    21 weeks today!

    Ovia says Bok Choy…that’s a little weird for me so I say carrot, haha

    Sweet baby girl

    Her name is Lilah Mae, after my grandmother and I can’t picture her as anything else. I just ordered her a monogrammed quilt so no changing our minds! 

    The only real craving I have had is for milk. Plain or chocolate will do. Darling Husband loves telling people this for some reason like it’s odd which makes me laugh

    My vote would have to be for a hard cider. I’d love an ice cold Strongbow right now!

    Here is baby girl at our 20 week scan and my 20 week bump photo taken last week…..

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    Vsmart:  i feel like in the last week I’ve finally started to look pregnant instead of fat! At least if you know I’m pregnant… But I’m right there with you!

    X0JLYNN03:  so cute to have pictures at the same park where you got wedding pictures!

    daisybee90:  I’ve got a good friend named Jameson and I’ve always thought it was a great name!

    TogetherThroughLife:  I could eat hash browns at every meal!

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    A new thread, an updated calendar with lots of color! (especially blue)

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    How far along are you? 19w,2d

    How big is that baby now? (fruit/veggie-wise) Tomato

    Have you found out the gender yet? If not when will you (if at all) Yes! A boy!

    Any closer to deciding on a name? Kinda of, we have the nickname we want.

    Any recent cravings? Nope none!

    Any pictures you’d like to share? Here is one from our Gender Reveal Last Sunday. It was after we opened the box and looked at the pictures on bean’s little man parts.

    Your poll answer? A yummy mixed drink


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    I’m at work so don’t have time to type out all the questions but- I’m 18w6d, baby is the size of a sweet potato, and is a boy named Cameron Michael. My poll answer was wine (LOVE me some wine), and I don’t have any new pics as my anatomy scan is next week. I also don’t have any bump pics at the moment, the last few are on my husband’s phone and we’re both at work. Oh, and I crave sweets but rarely indulge as I’m trying to keep my weight gain to a minimum. Goes to show not all old wives’ tales are true since I’m having a boy!

    I’m so excited for my anatomy scan a week from today, but slightly nervous as I’m not totally convinced that I’ve felt baby. A few times I’m 90% sure I have. It’s always in the same spot but usually when I’m driving so I start to wonder if the movement of the car plays tricks on me! When did everyone feel baby for the first time and how often does it happen?

    Other than that I have no reason to be worried besides my own paranoia and reading too many tragic stories on the bee. My belly is definitely growing and hard so no worries there!

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    How far along are you? 18 and 6

    How big is that baby now? (fruit/veggie-wise): No clue – the picture in my weekly book is getting crazy big and baby like

    Have you found out the gender yet? If not when will you (if at all) – Nope, we won’t find out until birth!

    Any closer to deciding on a name? We’re getting there. We’re both heavily leaning toward Oscar for a boy. It’s my greatgrandfather’s name, but we mostly just like it. Girls names have proved harder. Top contenders are Rosalind (after Rosalind Franklin), Stella (after my great-great grandmother), Minerva (we like Greek/Roman mythology), Helen (again with the Greek mythology), Millicent, Cecilia, and Lauren. I really like Holly and Calliope, but my husband doesn’t like either of those. He is really hung up on Marigold but that one’s not my favorite. So yeah, still lots of options we’re considering. 

    Any recent cravings? The only unusual thing I’ve requested from the grocery was chocolate chip cookie dough. I made cookies out of half and ate half raw!

    Any pictures you’d like to share? Not on this computer, I may add one later. But I feel like I’m finally starting to look pregnant!

    Your poll answer?  I’ve already let myself have a small glass of wine on a couple nights and it definitely makes you appreciate it more when you’re severely restricted! So, after I’ve given birth, I’ll probably look forward to a good mixed drink!

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    Kay1126:  I’m in the same boat.  My anatomy scan is tomorrow, luckily!  But I haven’t really felt baby in about a week.  Last week at 18 weeks I felt the baby kick in the same lower left hand side a few times 3 days in a row.  Then nothing from then till now.  I think I may have felt baby yesterday rolling around, and felt flutters/bubbles…but I was also a little gassy yesterday so maybe that’s all I was feeling ๐Ÿ™  I’ve been freaking myself out this past week b/c I haven’t felt pregnant or felt baby at all!  But like you I’m still growing, and have gained about a pound since last week…so hopefully that is a good sign! 

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    How far along are you? 19w2d

    How big is that baby now? (fruit/veggie-wise) Most apps say tomato

    Have you found out the gender yet? If not when will you (if at all) Not until birth!  We have our anatomy scan next Thursday and I am still paranoid someone will slip up or we will see something!

    Any closer to deciding on a name? Boy will definitely be Aiden.  Girl will most likely be Adeline or Addison.

    Any recent cravings? No real cravings, Darling Husband is waiting for it to happen!  Haha

    Any pictures you’d like to share? No recent ultrasound and I don’t have my recent bump on the computer yet.

    Your poll answer? WINE!!


    Kay1126:  kellynn323:  I’m with you both!  Still no definitive baby movements over here.  I would like to think what I have occasionally felt is baby (always the same feeling and in the same general spot) but it could be many other things as well!

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    I haven’t done one of these in forever! Hi everyone!

    How far along are you? 18w2d 

    How big is that baby now? (fruit/veggie-wise) I’ve seen both sweet potato & bell pepper, but a sweet potato sounds so big! I’m going with bell pepper. 

    Have you found out the gender yet? If not when will you (if at all) We have the ultrasound scheduled for May 7th, but we are going on a “gender reveal date” on May 8th after work ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t freaking wait!

    Any closer to deciding on a name? So far, we like Willow for a girl, and Leon for a boy. We decided we wouldn’t put too much thought into it until we find out the gender. I’m kind of hoping for a girl because I really like the name Willow. (Middle name undecided yet, I like Azure but I’m afraid that’s, I dunno, too unique. Any thoughts?) 

    Any recent cravings? You know, I haven’t really had any specific cravings! It’s really on a day by day basis. Definitely more sweets than I wanted pre-pregnancy. I’m kind of disappointed because I want that specific craving that I can laugh about haha. 

    Any pictures you’d like to share? Here’s me at 17w6d. I still hardly look pregnant at all. Waiting for the bump to pop! 

    17 Weeks

    Your poll answer? Oh man, there’s some cravings for ya. I want sangria, mojitos, hard cider, & Pimms Cup. I never really liked alcoholic drinks so much until I can’t have them haha. 



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    MrsFairyBee:  Oh yeah and it really doesn’t matter that much, but when I reveal my gender on here, can you change my due date to September 22nd? Not that I’ll give birth on that day anyway most likely haha, but just in case!

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