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szainy :  I love the story about how you told your hubby!  Congrats πŸ™‚ 




How old are you and partner?  30 and 35

How far along are you?  4w 5d

Estimated Due Date?  Sept 3rd

What baby # is this?  1

How many cycles trying?  1 – complete shock it didn’t take longer.  I was still getting to know my cylces after being on the pill for a decade.  I was temping and knew we had good timing but never would have guessed!  

When did you get your BFP?  I personally think I had a verrrrrrrry very faint line on 12/22 (10DPO) but my husband was not at all convinced, lol.  So to prevent daily confusion, I waited 3 days till Christmas day and then it was very obvious πŸ™‚

Who have you told?  My parents and brother (they came down for Christmas dinner on the 26th so I couldn’t help myself since they all live farther away and I don’t get to see them much), and 5 of my super close girlfriends who I share everything with.  One actually has 2 kids so she’s been a wealth of knowledge to me!  I plan on telling the last 2 closest girl friends today (one of which is 14w pregnant so she’ll be excited!) and then my lips are sealed until I’m much further along.  I just couldn’t imagine not sharing this big news with these girls and also couldn’t imagine going through anything with the pregnancy without their support.

When do you plan to tell other people?  Everyone at work will find out over time as I work in an ICU and will have to avoid certain things, and if I get morning’s all over lol.  My coworkers are majority women of childbearing age and we’re all good friends so we all are extremely in tune to this kind of thing πŸ˜‰  Otherwise I’ll tell my coworkers and other friends, hubby’s family, etc sometime in the 8-12 week timeframe.  Facebook ‘announcement’ for the rest will probably be after anatomy scan once I make sure I’ve told nearly everyone I possibly can in person. 

How did you tell your partner?  He was home when I took the test. I dipped the test and immediately called him up ‘UMM!  I THINK ITS POSITIVE!’.  He ran up the stairs and was like ‘hmmm looks positive but thats a cheap one – take a real one [FRER] to confirm!’  and were both so suprised but so happy.

Any symptoms?  So far just daily (since 3w 6d) intermittent light period type cramping, sore nipples (lol, not the boobs, just the nipples??) for the past 2 days, and my eyes are really dry as of yesterday which I don’t usually have but it also just might be because of winter.

What are you most excited about?  Parenting with my hubby.  He is a sweetheart and loves kids so I am so excited to see him being a dad to our baby πŸ™‚

When is your first appointment?  8w exactly.  When I callled to make the appt, they said all that happens is paperwork and a pelvic exam so I am bummed I won’t get to see anything/get any confirmation that all is well, but maybe I can talk to them and see if I can get an US.

Are you planning on finding out the sex?  Definitely, I’m too much of a planner not to!  My mom and I already feel like it’s a boy (not sure why, lol, but I will be shocked if it’s a girl!).

Anything else?  I have been taking daily pregnancy tests for the past week now, lol, and I just decided to cut myself off today.  The risks of MC, ectopics, etc, makes me so nervous, but I am trying really hard to relax and be positive as I know nothing is really in my control.  I just really hope that at my 8w appointment my OB will be willing to offer me an early US to just ensure all is ok.

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szainy :  thanks so much, same to you, I am so glad to be here!  So cool your office just does them outright, I bet it saves them a lot of phone calls from stressed patients lol.  The tests – LOL.  The past three for me have been the same super darkness on the cheapies so I’m not sure what more I can expect so I officially quit tongue-out Plus if theres ever a difference with dilution or with like the hook effect, I will just worry like crazy so why induce further anxiety hahaha


I hope we get a bunch more bees on here over the next few weeks so maybe we can create a Sept babies facebook group!

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How old are you and partner?  30 and 29

How far along are you?  5w1d

Estimated Due Date?  Sept 1st

What baby # is this?  2

How many cycles trying?  9!

When did you get your BFP?  I swear I saw a very very faint line at 8dpo, but for sure saw something at 9dpo!

Who have you told?  Husband of course, a few friends who know we had been trying for awhile, and my sil and her husband!

When do you plan to tell other people?  A few more friends around 7 weeks, but not by choice. It is my friend’s baby shower and it’s a coed shower at a brewery and since I can’t drink it’ll be pretty obvious! We will tell our parents after our first scan at 8 weeks, which I am so excited for because my sil is pregnant and has a due date 10 days ahead of me so we are somehow going to do a double announcement to our husbands’ parents and it will be so fun! We will probably let everyone else know once in the second trimester  

How did you tell your partner?  We were staying at my parents house for Christmas and we had been trying for awhile so I had no chill and just ran into my bedroom holding the test in his face saying, “omg do you see it???”

Any symptoms?  None at all! I had a pretty easy pregnancy with my first so hoping this means it will be the same and I will just get fat and have heartburn sometimes haha

What are you most excited about? Everything!! Mostly the first ultrasound to know that all is well and then making it to the 2nd tri, getting a bump, feeling the movements. All of it, I loved being pregnant with my daughter!

When is your first appointment?  Jan 23rd at 8w2d! I have already had betas and progesterone checked twice, though. HCG at 14dpo was 297 and at 18dpo was 1104. It’s just under over a 48 hour doubling time so I was nervous to join this group in case things ended badly, but it’s a 49 hour doubling time so pretty damn close so I said f it, I’m joining!

Are you planning on finding out the sex?  100% yes!

Anything else?  I’ve been kind of a nervous nelly this time around because I’ve had a loss before and we tried for longer this time than the other pregnancies we’ve had. Also was going to wait until after my first ultrasound in case they move my due date to an August date, but whatevs I will get cozy here in the September group because I don’t feel like waiting to join until I’m already 8 weeks in to pregnancy. πŸ™‚

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How old are you and partner? 35,35

How far along are you? 4 weeks 5 days

Estimated Due Date? 5 September

What baby # is this? 2

How many cycles trying? I stopped BC in October but we weren’t going to actively start trying to after Christmas however managed to BD at the right time this month here I am  πŸ™‚ 

When did you get your BFP? 30th December

Who have you told? Just Darling Husband

When do you plan to tell other people? I’m hoping I can wait till the end of the first trimester. I didnt tell anyone with my daughter till 14 weeks (not sure if my tummy will hide that long this time). 

How did you tell your partner? Told him my period hadnt arrived and I was going to test. Then came back and told him I was pregnant. 

Any symptoms? No Symptons – but I had none last time either. 

What are you most excited about? Making my little girl a big sister she loves Baby’s at the moment hopefully she keeps it up for 9 months

When is your first appointment? I am going to the Doctors on Saturday to get my bloods done, I need to book into my OB. I tried calling today but no answer I guess the receptionist wont be back until Monday, everyone is off work with the Christmas break. I’m parranoid I’m not going to be able to get in, he was new to Town when I had my first daughter but has become really popular over the past few years. 

Are you planning on finding out the sex?  Yes.

Anything else? My sister announced at Christmas she is due the end of July so i’m hoping this is a sticky bean as our babies will be only 6 weeks apart. 

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How old are you and partner? 30/32

How far along are you? 3W4D? (ish)

Estimated Due Date? 9/13/20

What baby # is this? 2

How many cycles trying? 1st after MC in October

When did you get your BFP? 1/1/20…Happy New Year to us!

Who have you told? Not a soul…. Telling Darling Husband tonight

When do you plan to tell other people? Probably not until 12-16 weeks.. Very cautious after my recent loss.

How did you tell your partner? Haven’t yet… Am I the only one who  likes having the secret of a new baby to myself for a day or two, or am I crazy?!

Any symptoms? Moody af, light cramping/tugging feeling

What are you most excited about? My son becoming a big brother!

When is your first appointment? haven’t made one yet, but likely early February at 8 weeks

Are you planning on finding out the sex? yes!

Anything else? Hoping this bean is sticky and hoping all of your beans are sticky too so we can have some fall babes!

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tm6173 :  that double announcement sounds too awesome!! and congrats on those betas, glad you decided to join us!!  

szainy :  bahahhaa I stopped peeing on all the things but can’t. stop. temping. hahaha. just feels so good to see those temps still high!  gonna be the longest BBT chart ever.

Newy02 :  FX for sticky baby, good bloodwork, and openings in your OBs schedule!  I somehow got right in at 8w exactly in a busy practice here so I bet they have slots saved for new OB appts πŸ™‚

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Oh my goodness! I just scrolled by and saw this board. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I joined the September 2019 mamas group! Wishing you ladies a wonderful, happy, healthy journey in your pregnancies! September is a great birth month (I’ve got two sept babies)! 

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szainy :  thank you! I’m excited for the double announcement, too. 

Newy02 :  welcome!! My daughter loves babies right now, too! She is turning 2 in February, how old is your daughter?

MrsChatham :  woooow so impressive, how do you keep it to yourself haha?! Teach me your ways. 

maa105 :  I totally peed on a stick this morning! But told myself it will be the last one so I am done! I considered continuing temping, but I don’t want to freak myself out so I quit like a day after I got my bfp. It’s hard to stop!

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Hi ladies. In total disbelief that I get to join one of these threads!


How old are you and partner? Both 35

How far along are you? 3w 6d

Estimated Due Date? Sept 13

What baby # is this? Our first

How many cycles trying? 12, over a 15-month period. It hasn’t been easy. We started fertility treatment a couple months ago (medicated and monitored cycles), and would have been escalating to IUI in the next month or two if this hadn’t worked. 

When did you get your BFP? Yesterday, at about 12 dpo

Who have you told? Only my husband. 

When do you plan to tell other people? I both would rather wait a bit and feel like I’m going to explode if I have to keep this to myself. I think I’ll tell my BFF in the next few days, my parents and a few other super-close friends around 8 weeks, and the wider world gradually once I’m past 12 weeks. 

How did you tell your partner? Nothing dramatic. Just came back to bed after POAS and said “umm, I think I just got a positive test”

Any symptoms? Maybe slightly more frequent peeing but I feel totally normal

What are you most excited about? Feeling my baby move and kick. Holding this tiny person in my arms for the first time. And a lifetime of sharing parenthood with my sweet husband. 

When is your first appointment? As I’ve been in the care of a fertility clinic, apparently they’ll follow me closely or the first few weeks of pregnancy before I transfer to a midwife, so I’m expecting something in the next week or so. 

Are you planning on finding out the sex? I think so

Anything else? Is anyone else just in total disbelief? I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that I get to be a mother, assuming this all goes well. I feel insanely lucky, and a bit overwhelmed at the crazy year we have ahead of us! 

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szainy :  Thanks so much. But I may have been premature in posting this/starting to believe in it. I had betas taken at the fertility clinic this morning, and my hcg levels came back low. I go in again on Monday to see if they’re doubling as they should or not, but the nurse didn’t sound incredibly optimistic.

If this is a chemical, it’s the first time we’ve gotten that far. So still progress, I guess. 

My husband’s reaction was one of caution, warning me not to get too excited until we’d gone a few weeks and had a sense if it looked sticky. Looks like he may have been right.

I’ll let you guys know what happens. 

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