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nycoleman :  Congratulations, just PM me your email and I can add you to the facebook group. 


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Hello ladies. Can’t wait to get to know you all I love these groups and growing with one another still talk weekly with my mom’s with January. 2017 babes.  Please add me to Facebook group!!! ROLL CALL  

How old are you and partner? 35 and 39

How far along are you? By my calcs…4w2d

Estimated Due Date? 9/30

What baby # is this? 3

How many cycles trying? This was the 2nd

When did you get your BFP? Last Thursday 1/23…I had a hcg draw that afternoon and was 25 then again Saturday and it was 74 so looking positive fingers and toes crossed

Who have you told? My husband, mom, and 2 of my friends since they thought it was strange I wasn’t drinking lol

When do you plan to tell other people? After my confirmation ultrasound at 7 weeks I’ll tell the rest of my family and close friends .. work and acquaintances after 12 weeks

How did you tell your partner? I was like do you see this and then we stared at it in disbelief because it was so faint… tested again the next day and def saw it

Any symptoms? Just tired.  Hope it stays that way I was lucky with my first 2 never had morning sickness

What are you most excited about? Feeling the Nugget kick, getting to see my boys with a new kiddo, watching all the cousins grow up together and lots of baby snuggles

When is your first appointment? Scheduling tomorrow they do confirmation ultrasound at 6 to 8 weeks at my OB

Are you planning on finding out the sex? For sure…I am too much of a planner

Anything else? Just so anxious and excited to be here. I have 2 boys Jake will be 5 in 2 weeks and Matt just turned 3.  I am surprised all this happened so quickly and am trying to imagine life with 3 kiddos but trying to take it slowly and just breathe!

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Anyone else experiencing This? I’m now 6 weeks. 

– feels like my deodorant suddenly stopped working. I now smell? Sigh… seriously? Lol. Anyone have deodorant suggestions or are going through this? I use dove and it’s just not cutting it now. 

Other symptoms are all the same, boobs hurt, headaches, nausea all day. How is everyone else doing with symptoms?

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mrsssb :  

My boobs hurt all the time haha. And I’m so tired I can barely get through my day without a nap! 

I have always had back problems and I want nothing more than to take a hot bath, but I read that hot baths and hot tubs aren’t good for the baby?! So now I’m suffering 😫

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mrsssb :  I don’t know if I’m experiencing that but I usually use men’s deodarants anyway. Have you tried men’s speed stick?

AFM, I’m mostly just feeling really low energy and tired. 

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chillbee29 :  funny enough I tried my husbands right guard and the smell of it was so strong I had to stop. Tried a more natural one he has and so far so good! My SIl said she had the same issue with her deodorant and that for her one armpit was worse than the other haha. Such an odd problem! 

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Hey everyone! I’m late to the party but I’d love to join! I still keep up with my August 2016 board members.



How old are you and partner? 32 and 34

How far along are you? 7w6d

Estimated Due Date? September 23rd

What baby # is this? 2

How many cycles trying? 0

When did you get your BFP? Around 5 weeks after I missed my period.

Who have you told? Our immediate families

When do you plan to tell other people? Around 12 weeks

How did you tell your partner? Just showed him the test.  😂 We were shocked.

Any symptoms? Breast tenderness, increased appetite, cravings

What are you most excited about? We’re having twins!!

When is your first appointment? It was last Thursday  

Are you planning on finding out the sex? Yes

Anything else? Nope

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dancindavinci :  Congrats and welcome! 


How is everyone doing with their first appointments and check ups? My first check up at 8 weeks went super well and we are right on target and got to see the heartbeat. That appointment was rough though ahha. Blood taken, flu shot, mammogram, pap smear, i feel like i got inspected from head to toe lol. 

Thank GOD my doctor told me about taking Unisom for nausea. That has SAVED MY LIFE lol. My quality of life went back up to almost normal so that was fantastic. I take one before bed and the whole next day I am nausea free. Going to work isn’t as much of a struggle. So grateful for that. 

Downsides are, i get crazy hungry but eating too much at once makes me feel bad for HOURS. The thing my doctor warned me was coming has arrived. yep constipation yay! lol. I am officially looking fat but no real bump, can’t wait to have an actual bump. 

Also dealing with the when to tell people we are pregnant thing. at almost 10 weeks we are pretty safe but we also don’t want to be too ahead of ourselves here. So most of my family knows, his family knows and most of our friends and coworkers. Thinking we will officially announce at 12 weeks. 

How is everyone else doing? Symptoms? first appointments? 

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mrsssb :  are you interested in joining our facebook group? We all talk pretty much daily in there. 

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