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maa105 :  hahha imposter pregnant lady totally sums it up! How is it that being pregnant is like CONSTANTLY on my thought but doesn’t even feel real right now. I also don’t feel that emotionally connected to baby yet. Hoping my first appointment and heart beat will kick that off. And it’s soooooo hard not to tell people!! I feel badly because my parents know and are keeping it quiet and I told all my girlfriends and told them to keep it quiet, but all hubby’s friends and family he doesn’t want to tell until we get the 8 week appointment done and visit them to tell them in person when I’ll be about 10 weeks. 

szainy :  wow! So interesting how the body works! We are going on vacation for our honeymoon in March and I’ll only be 12 weeks then and I’m praying I have a bump by then because otherwise to everyone I’ll just look fat… haha. Maybe if I wear tight shirts it will look prego? Sigh.. 

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I left the bee for a while but now I’m back to hop on this thread. Hoping this bean sticks!

How old are you and partner? 31 & 32

How far along are you? roughly 4+1

Estimated Due Date? 9/20

What baby # is this? 1st!

How many cycles trying? 2 years with 1 MMC in April ’18 and a CP in Oct. ’18

When did you get your BFP? Saturday 1/11

Who have you told? my husband and my parents. I talk to my mom every day and I wanted the support and prayers from her and my dad

When do you plan to tell other people? siblings after the first ultrasound and everyone else after the 1st trimester

How did you tell your partner? I came out of the bathroom crying holding my pee stick. He knew I was testing. 

Any symptoms? bad headaches and mild cramping. More of a constant pressure feeling. And sore boobs!

What are you most excited about? getting to meet him/her ๐Ÿ™‚

When is your first appointment? I have a phone appt next Monday the 20th but I called today to get it pushed up. 

Are you planning on finding out the sex? definitely 

Anything else? cautiously optimistic. Really hoping this is our rainbow!! 

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How old are you and partner? 26, 27

How far along are you? 4w, 4d

Estimated Due Date? Sept 19

What baby # is this? Our first

How many cycles trying? 2, we got very lucky!

When did you get your BFP? 3w, 6d

Who have you told? my husband and immediate families!

When do you plan to tell other people? it’s so hard not to tell anyone, but i am nervous about the experience. waiting to tell our best friends until after 6 week ultra sound. 

How did you tell your partner? I woke up at 5:30am and took the test with the first morning pee. woke up my husband by just saying “it said yes!”

Any symptoms? my face is very dry and itchy

What are you most excited about? holding and loving this little baby as he/she grows!

When is your first appointment? confirmed pregnancy appointment today! ultrasound next week, 

Are you planning on finding out the sex? absolutely.

Anything else? going to get my panels done today, nervous about the results. i think i’m still in shock that we’re pregnant!

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szainy :  great thanks! They do say it gets earlier and earlier with each pregnancy!  I’m 99% sure I won’t show for a long time because my torso is so long.. lots of room in there lol.

Newy02 :  sending you a PM!

mrsssb :  yes I can’t wait to actually see something!  We haven’t told his family or friends either.  I told my parents and closest girl friends.  I’m thinking within the next couple of weeks we’ll go visit his dad and tell him, and then tell his siblings from there (he’s one of 5) and within days his entire family will know (his dad is one of 9) whether we want them to or not lol.  So it’s probably better we wait a bit.  The joys of really big families!

tommywantwingy :  welcome!  FX for the stickiest baby!!

Lexington1 :  Congratulations!  You’re lucky you get such an early ultrasound – I hope all goes super well!!

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maa105 :  Yes definently a private one should be able to see you are a member.

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szainy :  

SO EXCITED TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!! I know the risk of miscarriages is highest in the first trimester but after looking at so many negatives tests, I am just so excited to even see a positive because I started to think it may never happen. I’m so excited and I just want to tell everyone around me (which is funny because when we first discussed it, I told Darling Husband that I don’t want anyone to know until after 3 months but all I want to do now is tell people). Darling Husband is still being cautious and wants to wait until the first ultrasound before telling family. 



How old are you and partner? 30/28

How far along are you? 5th week (it will be the 6th later this week)

Estimated Due Date? 9/16/2020

What baby # is this? 1

How many cycles trying? 3

When did you get your BFP? Yesterday! 12 DPO (1/12/2020)

Who have you told? All my teammates and 4 of my closest friends. 

When do you plan to tell other people? Will probably be telling parents after the first ultrasound and the rest of the family will probably get to know soon after (probably around Easter)

How did you tell your partner? I wanted to wait and do a cute announcement with a mug and a onesie. But I was just too excited and couldn’t hold it in so ended up blurting it out to him soon after I saw the test result.

Any symptoms? Increased appetite, Sensitive nipples, Increased CM, Occasional mild headaches, Mild cramps, and recently occasional Chest tightness (worried about it originally but looked it up to find it was normal and better posture should help with this).

What are you most excited about? All of it! The announcements, discussions, attending classes, daydreaming about the future baby, seeing the sonograms, buying cute baby stuff, decorating the nursery together, getting to see and hold the baby, etc.

When is your first appointment? Still researching obgyns, hope to finalize and call tomorrow to set up an appointment.

Are you planning on finding out the sex? Yes, but we don’t want to tell anyone until AFTER the baby shower (or during) to avoid being gifted gender-specific items.

Anything else? We plan to announce the name only after the baby is born. Want to do an unmedicated water birth (at the hospital) but am keeping my options open to whatever may need to be done at that time to deliver the baby safely. Anyone else considering a water birth and/or unmedicated birth?

I know it’s dumb and I don’t think that people without kids aren’t real adults but Darling Husband and I were talking about how we both feel like real adults now that we are going to be parents lol.

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And I totally relate to not “feeling” pregnant yet. I mean I definitely know I’m pregnant because of the symptoms, missed period, and positive pregnancy test. but it feels strange to not have a visible bump and be pregnant.

I also relate to all the bees worried something may go wrong but I do not want to let that prevent celebrating whatever progression has occured thus far ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying for sticky babies!

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anyone else getting bad headaches? I’ve had a mild-ish headache for 2 whole days now. From morning til I go to sleep. I hate that I can’t take anything for it! 

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How old are you and partner? I’m 32  and husband is 33 

How far along are you? just shy of 4 weeks (3 weeks 4 days i think?)

Estimated Due Date? Sept 24

What baby # is this? #2, I have an 18 month old

How many cycles trying? 1

When did you get your BFP? 9dpo

Who have you told? Just my husband so far, and my other mom group for my son

When do you plan to tell other people? I’ll more than likely tell our parents around 8 weeks (whenver we get to go in for an ultrasound)

How did you tell your partner? we were trying, and I just told him we were pregnant again ๐Ÿ˜€

Any symptoms? lots of peeing, some mild headaches.

What are you most excited about? to have a newborn in my arms again; for my son to be a sibling

When is your first appointment? havent scheduled it yet, but I’m guessing I will see my GP around 5-6 weeks and then my OB at 7-9 weeks

Are you planning on finding out the sex? yes!

Anything else?

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tommywantwingy :  I had a headache for 3 days starting at 8po and I tested positive for the first time at 9dpo. Headache went away finally the morning of 11dpo. I could tell it was hormone related because of how it felt. I did take Tylenol as I was told in small doses that was ok. It only helped for half a day and I gave up the meds completely. Mine went away I assume as the hormone rush calmed down and my body got used to it. Hang in there! I also had the full feeling and mild cramping but that went away on Friday and now I have almost zero symptoms. Probably until the next growth spurt I suspect. 

chillbee29 :  yeah the being pregnant but not feeling/ looking pregnant is actually starting to get to me. It feels really frustrating. I am fed up with all the waiting so far. TTC and waiting to test was awful and I feel like I’m still stuck in that loop waiting for baby to be an actual baby instead of a blob of cells smaller than a poppy seed ugh! I don’t know how I am going to get through the next few weeks until my first appointment. And glad to hear I’m not the only one with chest tightness, I had what felt like a stitch or cramp in my left upper ribs for 2 days on and off. It was awful and I ended up bruising the area around my boob because I kept pushing on the area to try and relax it. Glad that’s gone!

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tommywantwingy :  I’ve only had mild headaches so far and it’s only been when I’m hungry / thirsty and they go away when I eat / drink. In the past, most of my headaches have been due to dehydration. Is there a possibility you may be dehydrated? 

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mrsssb :  Haha I already feel like I have a baby. I read that the facial features form in week 5. Darling Husband still feels like it’s probably a blob lol. I think it’s hard for him to feel the baby is real until the first ultrasound but I keep feeling all these mild cramps and other symptoms that make it easier for me to feel that something is going on. 

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chillbee29 :  I had an unmedicated birth with my son, but not by choice. lol. I would love to try a water birth but the hospital my obgyn is affiliated with does not have tubs!

tommywantwingy :  I had headaches with my last pregnancy… Haven’t had any yet this time around, but taking magnesium can help!

cadillacbesos :  I have an 18 month old son, too! He looooves girl babies but seems to have some sort of jealousy with boy babies. I’m interested to see how he acts when it is his actual sibling!

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What kind of exercise regimen do you ladies intend to follow? Did you used to workout before? I used to do moderate strength training and cardio in the last but when I started to do the exercises in this video, I didn’t feel super comfortable and my mom started worrying about it as well so I became a little unsure –

Seems like walking / swimming would be the best way? 

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