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Roll call

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 20/6

Ovulation Date: 8/20

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: 26-27 days.  Probably labor day. (Insert drum beats and cymbals for bad joke)

Cycles Trying: 4 (DH says 3 since paragard removed a week before ovulation on 1st cycle and I had run a half marathon 2 weeks prior and had MAJOR stress so he says there was no real chance)

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): We did every other day starting at day 10. Did ovulation strips but missed a few days. Hips in air after BD. Circle and bloom mediations intermittently. I had been doing acupuncture, pineapple, and DHEA but got frustrated after AF came this month.

Link to Chart, if any


What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC?

DH and I are going white water rafting and to California. 



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Roll call

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD29/10DPO

Ovulation Date: August 17th

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Expecting AF on September 1, will POAS Sept 2 if AF is late!

Cycles Trying: Too many to count.  3rd cycle on Clomid

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): EOD, Clomid

Link to Chart, if any<a href=”http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/454420″>My Ovulation Chart</a>

and for fun –

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC? Going to the beach with DH and my familiy!

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@runningcali:  Thank you for setting this up!!  and good luck to the rest of my fellow september POASers




Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 2

Ovulation Date: My phone cacluculator says Sept 12 – so we will go with that

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: I am going to try and hold out til September 25.  Lately it has been about 33 days – since getting off the pill

Cycles Trying: This will be our 3rd

BFP Plan (BD Timing, supplements,etc.): Prenatal vitamins , using my period tracker on my phone, BD every other day during fertile window

Link to Chart, if any: None

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC? finally getting my floors and shower fixed in my house and enjoying the peace and quiet before the crazy holiday season sets in!




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@runningcali:  Thanks for putting up the list. Just realised I never gave a date and gave ymy more work ๐Ÿ™

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Well, Fiance decided he doesn’t want to TTA until after the wedding. So we’re back to TTC!! I’m nervous but excited. I’m trying to be pretty relaxed about it for a few months. I don’t really want to be in my third trimester during the wedding. But it will be what it will be!

Roll call

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD2

Ovulation Date: estimated 9/9

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: 9/23 / 28 days

Cycles Trying: this is cycle 8 (MC cycle 5 at 8 weeks)

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Just BD around mid cycle, I might start temping this month but up until now just have been charting symptoms. Just started thyroid meds for hypothyroid, and taking pre-natal vitamins. Eating super healthy and exercising.

Link to Chart, if anyhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/jny1179

and for fun –

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC?

I LOVE September. Fall is my favorite time of year. We have a friend’s wedding on the 7th so that should be fun. Otherwise, just getting outside and enjoying the early fall weather!! 

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Blushing bee

Roll call

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 1

Ovulation Date: ~ sept 10 still trying to regulate!

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: September 24

Cycles Trying: 2

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements,  etc.): Timing, charting and suplements. Trying to be a little better with charting this month and we got married and went on honeymoon last month which led to a major lack of accuracy!

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from  TTC? We are moving this weekend into our first home so hopefully decorating! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Roll call

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 13

Ovulation Date: 8/29

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: 27-28

Cycles Trying: #4

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Pre-natal, charting, temping

Link to Chart, if any

and for fun –

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC? bKitchen island gets installed this month ๐Ÿ™‚ plus we are in the process of remodeling our master bedroom. And fall in general is my favorite time of the year!

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Roll call

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD10

Ovulation Date: CD17/Sept. 3

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: CD31/Sept. 17

Cycles Trying: This is #6

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements,  etc.): I am going to focus on healthy eating, exercising, vitamins and focus less on temping, BDing, OPKs etc… It is going to be a busy month so I don’t want to drive myself crazy.

Link to Chart, if any: Feeling lazy and don’t want to go find the link… ๐Ÿ™

and for fun –

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from  TTC? I have a huge project at work the 9th-12th.  Otherwise I want to enjoy the last bites of summer… want to spend time outside, do some grilling, clean out my house, etc…

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Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 15

Ovulation Date: expecting to Ovulate around Sat, Aug 31

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Sept 13, usual cycle 31 days (who are we kidding, I will POAS before that I’m sure b/c I am impatient!)

Cycles Trying: 2nd cycle

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): prenatals, low dose asprin every day, Clearblue easy Ovulation test, charting, O-3 through O+1, only 1-2 drinks max during TWW, decreasing Caffeine to 1 cup coffee per day

Link to Chart, if any

<a href=”http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/47184e/”>My Ovulation Chart</a> || <a href=”http://www.fertilityfriend.com&#8221; style=”font-size:smaller;” >Ovulation Calendar</a>

and for fun –

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC? 
Working on getting back into running more consistently, enjoying drinking nice wine if AF comes, focusing on work too

Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/september-poas-1#ixzz2dHVQagYN

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Bumble Beekeeper

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 13

Ovulation Date: August 30th

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: September 18th/ 32 days

Cycles Trying: First time! We just started TTC last night and I’m so excited and anxious and just praying that we don’t have complications.

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): I have been taking prenatals and fish oil supplements for about eight months or so. Stopped BCP over a year ago. Excercise 5-6 days a week (minimum 45 minutes Crossfit), eat healthy fresh and relatively clean.

Using a ovulation and period tracker on my Ipad and phone.

What are you going to do to ENJOY this month aside from TTC?
There is a wedding this month and I am looking forward to seeing literally my entire family. I miss them so much!

This is also my favorite time of year; bring on the fall colors, crisp weather and boots!


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I posted this in the August poas part 2 thread but I’m going to also post it here because I suspect the audience for that other thread is waning…

So, I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but… is 12dpo too early to test if my luteal phase is typically 16ish days long? Currently 11dpo and getting itchy to test. I was trying to wait til 14dpo (which still technically could be too early), but it’s so hard to wait and I’ve been thinking about trying tomorrow instead… and I guess I’m looking to be talked out of likely wasting a test.  Thoughts?

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